Saturday, June 30, 2018

So the Russian army sent unmanned tanks to Syria

“(T)he Uran-9 complex is not capable of performing the tasks assigned to it. In particular, in carrying out of combat missions, the average range of sustainable management from the advanced control point was 300-500 m in the conditions of the settlement with low-rise buildings, while also were recorded 17 cases of short-term (up to 1 min) and 2 cases of long (up to 1.5 hours) loss of Uran-9 control.

“The low reliability of the running gear elements – supporting and guiding rollers, suspension springs is revealed. The chassis of the Uran-9 cannot be used in ground close-combat roles for a long time and requires field repair.

“During a study of reconnaissance capabilities, it was revealed that the electro-optic stations allow reconnaissance and identification of targets at a range of no more than 2 km. The OCH-4 optical station does not allow detecting optical observation and targeting devices of the enemy and gives out multiple interferences on the ground and in the airspace in the surveillance sector.

“There were also cases of unstable operation of the 30mm 2A72 automatic cannon – 6 delays and failure. The UGV provides fire only from the site, which significantly reduces its combat capabilities (armament, sighting and reconnaissance devices are not stabilized).

“As a result, it was concluded that the modern Russian combat UGVs are not able to perform the assigned tasks in the classical types of combat operations.”

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However: “Uran-9’s combat experience in Syria revealed serious problems with the system. That having been said, the UGV was not a vital part of the fighting and the whole point of sending the systems to a combat zone was to expose flaws that might not show up in peacetime. Uran-9 might be a failure, but the concept itself is promising. If Russia’s defense industry can fix the problems Moscow could have a dependable, lethal robot on its hands and a real threat to NATO forces.”

The best place to test a war machine is in a war, particularly a war that does not involve a large part of your military.

Friday, June 29, 2018

CNN finishes behind the Food Network

Makes sense. “The Most Trusted Name in News” has been getting its lunch eaten for several years now.

“CNN continues to struggle with its ratings, failing to crack the top five in both total day and primetime cable ratings last week.


“CNN, meanwhile, trailed far behind both of its news competitors, ranking 13th in primetime and 7th in total day. In primetime, CNN lost to HGTV, Investigation Discovery, the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and the Food Network.”

Hmm. MSNBC is missing. Must be an also-ran.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Trump Derangement in the EU

Old Order in Old World incapable of facing reality. Or maybe they are afraid of the near future.

“The old world order has not worked for decades, it had become a cosy cartel for globalists; lobbyists; the old boys / girls network of career politicians, Bilderberg and common purpose, all to keep them and their friends in well-paid positions to wield power.”

“…globalists; lobbyists; the old boys/girls network of politicians…” Sounds like the occupants of the D.C. swamp.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A movie not worth watching

A waste of time and money. Unknown Origin. As bad as 2001, A Space Oddyssey. More gaggy ending than 2001. Now on Bob's Worst Movie list. Katee Sackhoff must have had some overdue bills to make this turkey.

EU politicians want to swamp Albania with ‘refugees’

Wealthy EU countries see bullying as par for the course.

“After a number of European politicians mulled setting up migrant processing camps in Albania, Prime Minister Edi Rama has told the German newspaper Bild he would never consider accepting the idea, even in exchange for faster EU integration.”

Message from Germany and France to smaller countries: “Just shut up and do as you are told.”

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

85% of world's 1 billion guns in civilian hands

“At the end of 2017, there were approximately 1 billion firearms in over 230 countries around the globe, 84.6 percent of which were held by civilians, 13.1 percent by state militaries, and 2.2 percent by law enforcement agencies - with Americans the dominant owners, according to a study released Monday.”

An interesting (and not explained) finding: “After the American-led interventions in the Middle East and the 2008 financial crisis, citizens of the world have been rushing to stockpile guns. This alarming trend was significantly noted in the United States as civilian gun ownership soared from 2007 to 2017.”

“Anna Alvazzi del Frate, the institute’s program director, said that ‘the countries with the highest level of firearm violence — they don’t rank high in terms of ownership per person.’

“’So what we see is that there is no direct correlation at the global level between firearm ownership and violence,’ she said.”

Some charts and stuff.

Link at

19th century photographs of Karachais

Almost all Karachais were deported to Central Asia by Stalin order.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Sacrificial temple opens in Mexico City

“In total, the remains of 32 individuals were discovered at the site, including children and adolescents who are believed to have been sacrificed to Ehécatl-Quetzalcóatl. Ehécatl was the rain-bringer and according to early Spanish chroniclers, the amount of rain that fell was determined by the number of tears shed by the sacrificial victims.”

Only 32 sets of remains, including children and adolescents? It's too bad those white European Christian Spanish men under Cortes, put an end to the indigenous Aztec religion.

Two days in U.S., man shot while breaking into house

From Goochland County, Virginia:

Just two days after arriving in the United States, a New Zealand man was shot after attempting to break into a Goochland home, according to investigators, according to CBS 6.

Deputies with the Goochland County Sheriff’s Office says the incident happened Friday at approximately 4:30 p.m. on Steeplechase Parkway in the central part of the county.

After receiving an initial call for a shooting at the location, deputies also received a call from a man who said his wife called him about an intruder trying to break into their home.

An investigation determined that a suspect, identified as 25-year-old Troy George Skinner, of New Zealand, attempted to break into a home occupied by a mother and two teenage daughters.

Deputies say Skinner attempted to break into the basement of the home with a brick, when the mother told him that see was calling police and that she was armed with a handgun.

After the break-in attempt was unsuccessful, deputies say Skinner went on the deck and broke the glass door with a concrete stone.

“After repeated warning by the mother, Skinner smashed the glass on the door and reached through to unlatch it. As he reached through the door, the mother shot twice at Skinner with a .22 caliber handgun,” according to a sheriff’s office spokesperson.

Skinner suffered a gunshot wound to the neck and stumbled onto the front yard next-door while trying to flee the scene.

When deputies arrived, aid was given to Skinner, who was transported to VCU Medical Center via Med-flight. There is no word on his condition at this time.

Investigators say Skinner came into the United States through the Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday, June 20.

Wait, wait! New Zealand? Did the man not know that a Southern women will shoot you if you try to break into her house? And, she will shoot you as many times as necessary.

The Civil War was hard on my wife’s family

Seven men who went off to fight did not come home.

Martin Johnston lived in Parker County in early 1862 when he enlisted in the 10th Texas Infantry at age 41. After training in Gonzalez, Texas, the 10th Texas walked to Shreveport, La., boarded a paddle wheeler, went down the Red River, up the Mississippi River and the Arkansas River, disembarking at Little Rock. In September of that year, Pvt. Johnston died from pneumonia.

Levi Raley was 19 when he enlisted in the 26th Arkansas Infantry on 3 May 1862. Pvt. Raley died on 13 September 1862 from a respiratory infection. He is buried in the Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery in Austin, Ark.

Two other Raleys from the Monticello, Ark., area enlisted in the 26th Arkansas on 3 May 1862. Less than a month later, one was dead at a training camp in Tennessee, from an outbreak of mumps. The other died in 1863 while serving at an island fort in the Mississippi region. I had the names at one time, but an older computer lost them.

More than 1,500 Confederate soldiers died from disease in Arkansas in mid-1862.

My wife's great-grandmother Sarah Elizabeth McLain Johnston, from west of Fort Worth, had three older brothers who “went off to fight in the War Between the States…and never returned.”

Until a year or so ago, historians said about 620,000 soldiers died during the war. That number now is reckoned at nearer 1 million.

Historian J. David Hacker:

“If you go with that total for a minute—620,000—the number of men dying in the Civil War is more than in all other American wars from the American Revolution through the Korean War combined. And consider that the American population in 1860 was about 31 million people, about one-tenth the size it is today. If the war were fought today, the number of deaths would total 6.2 million.”

But if Hacker’s research is correct, the modern figure would be between 7.5 million and 10 million.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Back off on gun control, Czechs tell EU

“By Jack Mongomery

“Czech president Miloš Zeman has put his name to a petition opposing an EU diktat which would clamp down on legal gun-owners and backed a constitutional amendment which would guarantee citizens’ right to keep arms for self-defence and protection of the homeland.

“The directive on tightening control of firearms under the guise of counter-terrorism was approved by the European Parliament in mid-March, and would see the Czech Republic — which combines comparatively liberal gun rights with low levels of crime and extremely low levels of terrorism — forced to impose new restrictions or face sanctions from Brussels.

“President Zeman added: ‘What can we do against international criminality? Invest in the police, invest in the army, and have the courage to invest in our own guns.

“’My wife has a pistol. Of course, she passed all necessary tests, but now I am guarded by my wife, and not only by bodyguards,’ he smiled.”

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Something you never want to read in an aircraft accident report

“At the time of the accident, the presence of the passenger on board was illegal and both occupants were intoxicated.”

The aircraft was a PZL-Mielec AN-2R operated by Kamyshinskaya Novopokrovskoye, Saratov Oblast, Russia, June 30, 2016.

Investigation concluded: “The pilot was engaged in a spraying mission with a load of herbicides on board, and he decided to embark a passenger in the early morning. While completing his seventh low pass and while turning to the left, the pilot lost control of the aircraft that hit the ground and disintegrated on impact. Both occupants were killed and the aircraft was destroyed by impact forces and a post crash fire.”

The AN-2 is a very good aircraft, with more than 18,000 produced 1947-2001.

And the crash of a Douglas C-47 on Jan. 13, 1945, also in Saratov Oblast:

“Wrong decision on part of the crew who decided to continue the approach in below minima conditions and failed to return to Kuybyshev for a safe landing. Poor flight organisation by the operations and inadequate information transmitted to the crew concerning the weather forecast which did not reflect the truth.” (Same link.)

They have a lot of money to throw around

“The Gates Foundation has spent about $200 million since 2010—in addition to other sources who kicked in about $400 million—on an education initiative designed to increase student performance:

“The school sites agreed to design new teacher-evaluation systems that incorporated classroom-observation rubrics and a measure of growth in student achievement. They also agreed to offer individualized professional development based on teachers’ evaluation results, and to revamp recruitment, hiring, and placement. Schools also implemented new career pathways for effective teachers and awarded teachers with bonuses for good performance.

“They helped out all teachers; fired bad teachers; promoted good teachers; and paid bonuses to effective teachers. So how did it work out?...

“Long story short, there was no improvement at all in student achievement, despite the fact that funding was far greater than it would be in any real-life reform of this nature. There may have been some other successes in this program, but if the ultimate goal is better students, it was a complete failure. Whatever the answer is, rewarding good teachers and firing bad ones sure doesn’t seem to be it.”

You know what? Mr. and Mrs. Gates probably feel real good about their efforts, as in “Look how much money we’ve spent to help the children, because, as we all know, children are our future.”

Kids who grow up to be white men, though … Well, they're not going to get anything from Mrs. Gates.

Friday, June 22, 2018

'International community' fiction...

... is so obvious, this would be redundant if not for the need for the telling.

“The international community lies at the center of the Obama foreign policy. Unfortunately, it is a fiction. There is no such thing. Different countries have different histories, geographies, necessities, and interests. There’s no natural, inherent, or enduring international community.” – Charles Krauthammer.


My wife’s bachelor uncle lived in a two-room cabin in western Arkansas. When he died in 2005, we decided to find his guns, rather than leave them in the cabin. After searching most of a day, we found them wrapped in a shower curtain in the loft of the tractor shed/carpentry shop. Normal rural Arkansas – 16-gauge dbl bbl, .410 single shot, .22 single shot, Winchester 74. Food-on-the-table weapons. From my wife’s grandfather, a .32 S&W nickel plated (sort of) and a .32 rimfire Remington Rolling Block. The grandfather grew up in west Arkansas/east Oklahoma in late 19th century. Also found a S&W K Frame, 4” barrel, we didn’t know her uncle had. Right alongside an unopened quart of Jack Daniels. Still got all the guns.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Don’t drop the money when fleeing a robbery

“The man had just come from the Northwest Savings Bank in Sewickley around noon Monday.

“The suspect, Stephen Mattie, was allegedly running down the street with a bandana covering his face.

“He was reportedly dropping money as he ran down Locust Street before being stopped by a boxing coach who happened to be walking by.

“’He was fumbling money all over the place,’ said Jaryd Boyer. ‘I see some guy just coming down, masked up.’

“Boyer and his friend stopped him.

“’Just went up to him, grabbed him and my boy came up behind me and made sure he didn’t have a gun,’ Boyer said.

“Moments later, police arrived and arrested Mattie, who is facing robbery and terrorism charges.”

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Attitude, attitude, attitude

My first job after Vietnam was at an Army ammunition plant, making 2.75” warheads and 81mm mortar rounds. After a couple of weeks, the foreman came up and said his boss said he had a good worker in me. “Fact of the matter is,” the foreman said, “you’re working too hard. It makes everybody else look bad. You need to walk outside, take a break now and then.” I just looked at him. His supervisory attitude was why one man working “made everybody else look bad.”

Mystery animal not Bigfoot, lab says

By CAITLIN O'KANE CBS NEWS June 18, 2018, 3:32 PM

“In May, a large wolf-like creature was shot by a rancher in Montana, and its identity puzzled local experts and social media users around the nation. Was it a wolf? An unusual bear? Some even started speculating about Bigfoot or a real-life dire wolf from 'Game of Thrones.' A DNA test was ordered up to determine the animal's true identity -- and the results may be a disappointment for Bigfoot-hunters.”

Well, now, hold on just a minute. The creature was tested at a federal lab. A Fish and Wildlife lab, to be precise. Now, does Fish and Wildlife want some unknown creatures wandering around federal lands? That would lead to too many questions about other strange goings-on. Then, too, the animal is identified as a “non-lactating female.” But it weighed 84.5 pounds. A female gray wolf weighs almost 85 pounds? That is on the very high end of weight for a female gray wolf – 79-85 pounds.

No accusation of conspiracy. Just saying.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

For the best in internet reading

Every Tuesday.

"Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better.

"When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity.

"To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One's standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control.

"I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to."

-- Theodore Dalrymple

A simple rule of life: Play nice, but refuse to be silenced. (That's from me.)

Armored vehicle screw ups

Around 5 minutes is an armored bridge vehicle doing neutral steer on pavement, also known as a big-ass pothole maker.

Here is a rule for automobile drivers: Keep away from armored vehicles. Keep far away.

Some of the clips show armored vehicles operated properly on public highways.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Swedes doing jobs Norse won’t do

“Young Norwegians are so spoilt that most no longer consider jobs in cafés or restaurants now staffed largely by Swedes, the head of Norway’s national business lobby group has complained.

"’We have started to see it as quite natural that there are Swedes serving beer and food our restaurants and Eastern Europeans painting our houses and picking the strawberries we eat,’ Stein Lier-Hansen, chief executive of the Federation of Norwegian Industries, told the Verdens Gang newspaper.”

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Adams, Okla., elevator leans sideways and has a twist

Adams is in eastern Texas County in the Oklahoma Panhandle. Texas County is one of three counties between the Texas Panhandle and Kansas.

At one time, the Republic of Texas laid claim on what is now the Oklahoma Panhandle, as well as quite a bit of New Mexico and a big chunk of Colorado. The Rio Grande begins in Colorado, and the Republic of Texas figured since the big river was the southern border between Texas and Mexico, it might as well be the western and northwestern border as well. The Republic gave up that claim when the United States agreed to pay all the government’s bills if Texas would enter the Union.

The grain elevator was built in 1926. It is made of wood and sheet metal. At 25 feet square and 70 feet high, the elevator is a big wooden structure.

“In 2017, a news story reported that the old grain elevator has developed a noticeable lean toward the north, because of the prairie wind. Apparently this has occurred since the 1980s, when the Rock Island removed its track and a grain truck fell through the elevator floor. The structure is officially condemned as of 2017.”


Adams’ population in 2000 was 182.

Overall, Texas County has five wooden grain elevators on the National Register of Historical Places.

Ready to walk away part of making a deal

Before he became president, Donald Trump learned negotiation with the big boys of NYC. He is always ready to walk away. Clinton-type people do not understand that.

“Dennis Ross, who mediated the negotiations between Israel and the PLO that led directly to the largest Palestinian terrorism campaign against Israel in history, and Wendy Sherman, who negotiated Bill Clinton’s horrible nuclear deal with North Korea in 1994 and Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal with Iran in 2015, as well as all their esteemed colleagues have taken up their pens and stood before the cameras and clucked about how Trump’s Singapore show is amateur hour.

“But what we actually saw in Singapore, for the first time since Ronald Reagan went to Reykjavik, was a US president who actually knew how to negotiate with America’s enemies.”

A good read.

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Why you sometimes have to laugh at headlines

‘Aging and Inexperienced: Why Russia’s World Cup Squad is Doomed’

Subhead: ‘Critics say the team is drawn from the worst generation in the history of Russian football’

--The Moscow Times, 1006, June 14, 2018.

Ten hours later:

‘Russia Dominates Saudi Arabia 5-0 in First World Cup Game’ – The Moscow Times, 2006, June 14, 2018.

“…the worst generation in the history of football.” Hmm.

Federal labor camps

The New Deal by FDR’s best and brightest slapped Americans with new ways. The Resettlement Administration took farm families from what the federals decided was poor land and moved the people to new towns, where all would participate in communal farming.

The Farm Security Administration ran labor camps, with farm families working to grow food for the war. Here is a link to a photograph of children of farm workers from West Virginia at a labor camp in Batavia, N.Y.

And a map of migratory labor camps occupied or under construction in California.

She doesn’t look Nigerian

Capt. Sharon A. Gallagher found some many millions of U.S. dollars in Afghanistan and needs a place to hide the money.

Reportedly, the pictures are of a real U.S. soldier.

Gallagher's obviously fake ID says she is an O5 captain.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Lessons Europe must learn from President Trump

German politicians believe Europe belongs to them, with EU-Brussels doing as the Deutsch say. Trump knows Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Italy now have governments whose job is to protect their own citizens.

What to do when a rabid bobcat attacks

Simple answer: Kill it.

Easier said than done.

Hart county grandmother kills rabid bobcat with bare hands

By Wayne Ford
Posted Jun 15, 2018 at 6:00 AM

A rabid bobcat recently attacked a Hart County grandmother in her yard, spurring a furious battle that ended with the cat’s strangulation death.

“I thought, ‘Not today.’ There was no way I was going to die,” DeDe Phillips said Thursday as she recalled the attack that occurred June 7 at her home off Liberty Church Road.

Phillips has begun a round of rabies shots at Northeast Georgia Medical Center. She also has a broken finger, and numerous bite and claw wounds to her hands, arms, chest and legs.

“I’m very lucky,” the 46-year-old woman said.

The unprovoked attack occurred about 6 p.m. She had been working on her truck that afternoon and posted a bumper sticker that read: “Women who behave rarely make history.” She planned to photograph the sticker and send it to her husband.

She walked out of the house with her cell phone.

“My neighbor’s dog was barking and it drew my attention,” she said. “I saw the cat and I took a picture. The cat took two steps and was on top of me. ... It came for my face.”

Phillips grew up in the country, where her father-in-law was once a trapper of bobcats. As a result, she knew something about the animal’s behavior.

“They go for your jugular ... because when they can get the vein you’re dead in a couple of minutes,” she said.

This bobcat did go for her upper body.

“It caught me slightly on my face, but I got him before he could do much damage there,” she said. “I took it straight to the ground and started inching my hands up to its throat. I knew that was the only way I was getting out of this.”

With both hands around the bobcat’s neck she began squeezing, but she never shouted for help because her 5-year-old granddaughter was in the house.

“I was scared if I screamed for help that my granddaughter would come out and I didn’t want that to happen,” she said.

“Once I got him where he wasn’t moving I started screaming for my daughter-in-law to call 911,” she said. Phillips’ son was also called after the 911 call and he showed up with a gun.

But Phillips would not release her grip on the crazed animal as she feared it might not truly be dead.

She didn’t want her son to fire the gun because she was so close, so he pulled a knife.

“My son stabbed it four or five times, but it never budged so I knew it was completely dead,” she said.

After Hart County deputies and an ambulance arrived, Phillips drove herself to a hospital. She learned the next day the bobcat was rabid.

Phillips lives in a rural area near the Elbert County line and said she learned only recently a rabid skunk and rabid fox were found in the same area.

Phillips’ cousin Amy Leann Mize has set up an account in to raise money for Phillips medical expenses as the first round of rabies shots already have cost her $10,000. She also faces expenses for treatments to her wounds.

Find the account at this web address:

Link at

A headline you won’t see in the US

‘Five gangsters gunned down in war on crime’

The story is from Kenya and almost 20 months old, but interesting, nonetheless.

Researchers bugger up intact Roman tomb

By Jason Daley
June 13, 2018

“It’s a rare day when archaeologists come across an ancient burial that hasn’t been destroyed by natural processes, ravaged by war or looted by artifact hunters. It’s why King Tut’s untouched tomb was so significant and why archaeologists are going gaga over the tomb of a Greek warrior discovered in Pylos. Add another to the list; several weeks ago, archaeologists in Rome uncovered an untouched Roman tomb that they’re calling the Tomb of the Athlete, the Local Italy reports.

“The tomb was discovered in the Case Rosse area west of the center of Rome by an earthmover working to extend an aqueduct about 6 feet underground. Inside lay the undisturbed remains of four people, including a man in his 30s, a man in his 50s, a man between the age of 35 to 45, and a woman of undetermined age.

“Francesco Prosperetti, who oversees archaeology in Rome, tells Elisabetta Povoledo at The New York Times that finding the tomb was sheer luck. ‘Had the machine dug just four inches to the left, we would have never found the tomb,’ he says.”

Well the tomb is not intact now, is it. Not after academia got involved.

Link at

Thursday, June 14, 2018

90% of Earth’s animals appeared at the same time

Landmark new research that involves analyzing millions of DNA barcodes has debunked much about what we know today about the evolution of species.

In a massive genetic study, senior research associate at the Program for the Human Environment at Rockefeller University Mark Stoeckle and University of Basel geneticist David Thaler discovered that virtually 90 percent of all animals on Earth appeared at right around the same time.

More specifically, they found out that 9 out of 10 animal species on the planet came to being at the same time as humans did some 100,000 to 200,000 years ago.

"This conclusion is very surprising," says Thaler, "and I fought against it as hard as I could."

Link at

Note the educated man said he fought the fact-based conclusion “as hard as I could.”

Net deforestation has ‘almost ceased’

And: “The world’s richest regions, such as North America and Europe, are not only increasing their forest area. They have more forests than they did prior to industrialization. The United Kingdom, for example, has more than tripled its forest area since 1919. The UK will soon reach forest levels equal to those registered in the Domesday Book, almost a thousand years ago.”

“A recent study from the University of Helsinki highlights that between 1990 and 2015, annual forest area grew in high and mid-income nations by 1.31 per cent and 0.5 per cent respectively, while decreasing by 0.72 per cent in 22 low income countries.”

Link at

Workers find MiG-3 shot down in 1941

Construction workers discovered the wreckage and the remains of its pilot near St. Petersburg.

Many photographs here:

The pilot was Senior Lieutenant Vasily Petrovich Bukhreev.

The MiG-3 was accepted by the Soviet air force in early 1941. Regiments receiving the new fighter lodged complaints about poor quality. Investigation showed negligence by the Air Force Scientific Test Institute. “A number of senior managers were demoted, and the head of the institute, Major General A.I. Filin, was summarily executed.”

At altitude, the MiG-3 was outclassed by the German Bf 109 and later FW 190. More than 3,400 were built between 1941 and 1945.

This is CNN

Headline on CNN: Source: Senior WH official--Trump Doctrine is "This is America, bitch!"

"Source" drives CNN these days. No, that's not accurate. Hatred of Trump drives CNN. "Source" is all CNN needs as proof Trump has done some evil deed that pisses off leftists, progressives and Democrats.

I support the Trump Doctrine. This is America, bitch.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

German murder of Mountain Jews

“On 20 September 1942, the German authorities informed the Jews of Bogdanovka that they were going to be taken away, because the war front was too close. They were all executed outside the village. According to the Red Army’s archives, the Jews were all rounded up into a club house. Then the men had to dig a pit and then wait in a group and finally bury the dead before their turn came. Women and children were killed afterwards. Some 450 Jews were executed on this occasion. The dispatching of the Jews of Menjinskoye was carried out on 19 October 1942. They were taken on carts to the village of Kurskaya twelve miles away. Several families managed to escape during the transfer. The Germans and the local police executed 180 Jews. A number of Jews were hidden by their neighbours. According to Kiril Feferman, 850 people were killed in those two kolkhozes. The executioners were probably the EK 12 or Wehrmacht troops.”

Mountain Jews had lived in the Caucasus region since Israel's capture by the Assyrians, 722 BCE.

Paul Simon’s advice for the President

If I was President
And the Congress call my name
I'd say "who do
Who do you think you're fooling?"
I've got the Presidential Seal
I'm up on the Presidential Podium

“Loves Me Like A Rock,” © Paul Simon

Monday, June 11, 2018

Man who screwed up Democratic Party meets with 2020 hopefuls


06/11/2018 05:02 AM EDT

Barack Obama has in recent months met with at least nine prospective 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Deval Patrick, pulling them in for one-on-one sessions at his Washington office.

All the meetings were arranged quietly, without even some close advisers to the people involved being told of the conversations, in part because of how much Obama bristles at his private meetings becoming public knowledge. All have been confirmed to POLITICO by multiple people who have been briefed on the secretive sit-downs.

Link at

Democrats: Please listen to Obama. Do everything he says. Let your party speedily meet its fate as dust in the wind.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

‘Immigrants’ attacking Germans in record numbers

By Voice of Europe

A report of the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) shows that over 100 German citizens each day are victims of crimes commit by migrants, The Epoch Times reports.

According to the BKA study, 39,096 German victims of immigrant crime were registered in 2017, a new high. The number is 23.7 percent higher than in the previous year (31,597).

This means that every single day around 107 German citizens were and will become victims of crimes with at least one migrant as a suspect, and the trend is rising.

Particularly shocking is that more than one hundred Germans were the victims of an attempted or actual murder by immigrants in 2017.

“On the crimes of murder, manslaughter and hired killings, 112 Germans fell victim to a criminal offence where at least one suspect involved was an immigrant. Thirteen victims were killed, the statistics show.”

The BKA report also warns that many terrorists have been smuggled in amongst the refugees; and that there is a danger that refugees will be radicalised in Europe by terrorist organisations for the “holy war”.

“Due to the refugee situation, it has become possible for terrorist organisations to smuggle possible assassins or supporters into Germany.”

“In addition, there may be individuals among the refugees who become radicalised during their stay in Germany due to a variety of factors, in particular due to professional propaganda and targeted internet activities by members of terrorist organisations,” the report warns.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Scientist tells what’s happening with Kilauea volcano

They’re not sure.

Here it is in sciency talk:

“It’s possible that new explosions will blast through the rubble at the bottom of the vent, and these may or may not be larger than previous explosions,” said USGS geophysicist Kyle Anderson. “It’s also possible that the vent could become permanently blocked, ending the explosions entirely.”

Key words: “It’s possible…”, “may or may not,” “It’s also possible…”

Yep “We don’t know.”

Before today’s TV news coverage, Hawaii had never had a volcanic eruption.

God knew you from the beginning

Psalm 139: 13-16

139:13 For it was you who formed my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother's womb.

139:14 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; that I know very well.

139:15 My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth.

139:16 Your eyes beheld my unformed substance. In your book were written all the days that were formed for me, when none of them as yet existed.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Man with too many guns thrown out of Chicago buy-back event

By John Boch
Jun 03, 2018

“Guns Save Life loves Chicago’s gun buybacks. Three times in the past dozen years or so, the scrappy Illinois gun rights group has sold rusty junk to Chicago’s taxpayers, then used the proceeds to send young people to an NRA summer shooting camp. Saturday, GunsSave Life pulled it off again.

“Yes, we took our junk deep into the heart of Rahm’s Paradise by the Lake and brought home perfectly good cash cards. Not only that, but a Chicago Police Department sergeant banned me from ever again participating in a gun buyback.”

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Sunday, June 3, 2018

California AG: Don’t go to Oklahoma

Oklahoma: Who? What?

“California’s ban on state-funded travel grew to include a ninth state on Friday with Attorney General Xavier Becerra announcing new restrictions on public employees attending work-related events in Oklahoma.

“Since 2017, California has forbidden state employees from traveling to states with laws that California leaders perceive to be discriminatory against gay and transgender people.”

The other states “denied” official visits from California are Alabama, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas.

Suggestion: All the Oakie offspring should move to Oklahoma, taking with them bank and investment accounts and businesses.

So this husband asked his wife to go to the hardware store

“While installing a new door, I found that one of the hinges was missing. So, I asked my wife Mary if she would go to Home Depot and pick up a hinge. Mary agreed to go. While she was waiting for the Manager to finish serving a customer, her eye caught a beautiful bathroom faucet. When the Manager was finished, Mary asked him, ‘How much is that faucet?’ The Manager replied, ‘That's a gold plated faucet and the price is $5,000’. Mary exclaimed, ‘My goodness, that's an expensive faucet - certainly out of my price range.’ She then proceeded to describe the hinge that I had sent her to buy. The Manager said that he had them in stock and it was $3.49, then he went into the backroom to get one. From the backroom the Manager yelled ‘Ma'am, you wanna screw for the hinge?’ Mary shouted back, ‘No, but I will for the faucet.’"

Saturday, June 2, 2018

A spy with a sense of humor

When disguised as a Muslim while on missions in Central Asia, Arthur Conolly used the nom de guerre “Kalin Ali.” His success ended in 1841, when he was captured in Bukhara and ordered executed by the emir on June 24. Conolly was 34.

So glad to know Lauren Jauregui believes in love and all that

If the self-described “bi-sexual” did not proclaim her belief in “love and education and the support of one another," who knows what she might have called supporters of then-president-elect Donald Trump?

As an educated woman, Jauregui termed Trump supporters “racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, assholes…”

Before reading the story, I had never heard of Jauregui, nor am I again likely to hear of her.

She does sound like a Democrat, though. One of the “I believe in peace and love and all you a**holes can just go get f*****” Democrats.

Islam threatens European women

“In Holland I have seen well-meaning, principled people blinded by multiculturalism, overwhelmed by the imperative to be sensitive and respectful of immigrant culture, while ignoring criminal abuse of women and girls.” – Ayaan Hirst Ali

Carl Sagan said he found no compelling evidence for God

Rather an odd statement from such an ego, given that Sagan saw God each time he looked in a mirror. Much like Stephen Hawking. Except, of course, someone had to hold the mirror for Hawking.

Friday, June 1, 2018

How long will Europe put up with this?

“The net cost of the average ‘refugee’ will therefore be a total of 74,000 Swedish crowns (7,184 euros) per year.

“As 830,000 migrants came to Sweden as asylum seekers, the country pays 61.4 billion crowns (5.96 billion euros) every single year for them.”

Given European political parties’ predilection fondness for “refugees” and “migrants” and allowing more to enter, Europe soon will disappear.

Upon spying a Moonbtatmobile

“I got my pastry and my gluten-free, fair trade, fuck-you-pay-me-five-bucks coffee from the butch lesbian in a lumberjack’s plaid shirt that failed to contain her moobs and, not wanting to watch the gathered moonbats grind through their New York Times for a tasty morsel of Trump hate, I hit the bricks and headed toward the edge of town and a view of the ocean. I rounded the corner and this Moonbat mobile brought me to a halt.”