Sunday, July 31, 2016

If we ‘destroyed the whole world,’ who’s making the complaint?

Cold War. Collapse of the Soviet Union. End of Cold War.

Pravda headline: ‘The West has raped, killed and destroyed the whole world’

The story must be accurate; it’s the editor of Pravda Ru being interviewed by “a Russian journalist.”

The attack in Nice was an NATO operation, carried out to make fascist groups rise up and kill Muslims and give NATO an excuse to invade Russia. Or something.

Democrats want dead people

“Dead babies, dead old people that are in the way, dead military people, dead cops, dead disabled. Party of (D) is Party of Death."

The quote is in “Reduction of the innocent” column. It’s a long way down, but it’s there.

The old women were doing what?

Police reports. My kind of town

8:05 a.m. A concerned Bigfork resident reported that the neighbor has created some sort of “firework bomb” with several propane tanks. Apparently, he plans to set it off tonight.

8:22 a.m. Someone saw two elderly women drag a bear off of Highway 2 East.

9:42 a.m. A local man reported that his missing iPad notified him that it had made its way to Florida.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

‘Christian’ deemed offensive word in TN newspaper ad department

Knoxville News Sentinel blames a “system failure, which resulted in a classified ad for Cedar Springs getting hung up in our front end system.”

The ad paid for was for Cedar Springs Christian Store, and the newspaper can’t even say “Christian” in its explanation.

A good guess for what happened: Somebody in the classified ad department doesn’t like Christians, so she/he did not set the ad.

The store’s Facebook page has a good response from a supporter:

“Don't be offended Cedar Springs Christian Stores... Nobody has read the Knoxville News Sentinel in over a decade anyway. Spend your advertising dollars elsewhere.”

Two foreigners in the Caucasus know their ideas are better

I came, I saw, I quit

“I was often accused online through my work in the Armenian LGBT community of ‘railroading’ my ‘Western ideals’ into a foreign culture. And this, I suppose, would be true if you were to consider tolerence (sic) and diversity as uniquely Western values.”

(His definition of tolerance and diversity are Western values, as witnessed by African leaders who told President Obama to keep his homosexual rights ideas in the United States and not tell others how to spend their lives.)

The road to change

“Volunteering is not just about the volunteer. It is, or at least should be, about the cause. Changing the world, to put it in more simple words.”

(And then she uses the remainder of her allotted space telling why she is so good at “Changing the world” in Georgia.)

It is a sad state, if the rest of the world has as many do-gooder Western NGO organizations and people interfering in local towns and governments.

‘Separatism Boomerang: Why Kosovo Can But The Caucasus Cannot?’

A long article. Here is my summation: Russia.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Volunteers needed to serve on the USS Harvey Milk

Come on, guys. Uh, sailors. SECNAV has decreed the John Lewis class of ships will be named after civil rights leaders, so we expect minority, homosexual, lesbian, transgender, non-specific gender and now-and-then gender sailors to volunteer.

No takers? Okay. You, you, you …

“Naming a ship after Milk, ‘will further send a green light to all the brave men and women who serve our nation that honesty, acceptance and authenticity are held up among the highest ideals of our military,’ said Milk’s nephew Stuart Milk in a statement to San Diego LGBT Weekly in 2012.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Give it a rest with the PTSD already

Well-meaning people make things worse.

“Tellerino said they would love to begin a public outcry about the struggle of veterans both mentally and emotionally who are lost in an ineffective support system. ‘The VA would like to keep the tragedy of untreated PTSD the best-kept secret in town -- and we're going to do everything we can to expose it for what it is. This wall will help bring recognition to that cause, as well as alert these guys who are coming home to seek help for PTSD.’"

“…they would love …” Who the hell is this “they”? People bring it up and bring it up and want to “dialogue” and “make the public aware” and other conscience-assuaging bullshit.

“The people behind the project also hope it will bring closure to the many families mourning their fallen heroes.”

I know people who died. You know how many would call themselves “heroes”? None. Not one.

So stop with the memorials to suicides and stop calling every dead soldier, Marine, airman, sailor and Coast Guardsman a hero.

And that “lost to PTSD” business is bullshit, too. I am sorry some people can’t handle whatever it was that caused them to leave this mortal coil. But I do not have to think them “heroes.”

What really pisses me off about all this stuff is the people who have no fucking idea what they are talking about.

Nomad Games

In Kyrgyzstan, Sept. 3-8.

Traditional nomad sports – archery, wrestling, horse racing. No mention of caravan raids or village sacking

I did something Russian auto scanners like

Some word or phrase or search has set the Russian trollers to this site.

This week: 1,462 hits from Russia. Today: 312. In the last month: 1,629.

I don’t know what I wrote or linked to. Maybe Caucasus news, bank cards in Turkmenistan?

It’s not like I’m part of the Democratic National Committee.

‘The world is officially crazy’

That is my wife’s announcement. What brought about her conclusion:

“You won’t believe this,” I said after reading a news story. “Well, maybe you will, since it happened at the Democratic National Convention.”

She said, “What have they done now?”

“At a panel discussion, people debated on whether men who identify as women have access to reproductive rights.”

She didn’t say anything for several seconds. Then: “You mean they think trans-women should have access to abortions?”

“That’s what they were talking about.”

She said, “Have they all gone crazy? Do they think men can get pregnant?” I shrugged. She said, “You can cut off the penis or fold it inside, but it does not become a womb. There are no eggs.”

Then after a sigh of exasperation: “The world is officially crazy.”

Here is the story:

The Possum Lodge is wrong.

The Red Green Show always ended with Possum Lodge members saying the Lodge pledge: “I’m a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.”
Unlike the Canadians, I ain’t changing.

How’s prison life, Stubby?

If you ever, ever, thought about robbing somebody, consider this:

“Last week in Hartford, Connecticut, Derick Sarra, 20 and Joel Matias, 23, pleaded guilty to their invasion of the home of local grocer Juan Martinez. They came up behind Martinez as he arrived home and forced him into the house. Martinez then pulled out his own gun and shot the pair. Matias’ guilty plea was from the wheelchair he still occupies as a result of the encounter. According to the article, Martinez shot Matias’ dick off.”

Whole story:

How’s prison life, Stubby?

Eat the doughnut

“In the food industry, it's not unusual for patrons to ask the staff what is particularly tasty on a menu. Staff at most eateries are at least encouraged to taste everything the restaurant offers. So it shouldn't be particularly alarming that being able to eat the restaurant's food might be something establishments would look at when hiring staff.

“However, according to social justice warriors, doing so is an outrage:

"A popular Portland mini doughnut shop has found itself in the midst of a hiring flap after including a prohibition against dietary restrictions in its help-wanted ad."

The owner said PETA-types can go suck a carrot.

“’After receiving as much hate email as we have in the last two days, I'm more steadfast and sure of our position than ever,’ Snell wrote in a lengthy Facebook comment. ‘I'd rather have the freedom to run my business in a way that is both lawful and representative of my own hard-earned right of choice than capitulate to bullying, fear tactics and intimidation.’"

Link at

Indeed. And so do Democratic Progressives

“Commies may not believe in God, but they believe they can do his job.”

‘My Problem With Atheists’

Of course Democrats think they can do God’s job. That’s why their programs will end: unemployment, poverty, hunger and war. Their programs will give free college education to anybody who will sit still in classrooms for four years. Grades? We don’t need no stinkin grades. Grades are white and patriarchal.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

‘Either we kill Islamism or it will kill us again and again’

Marion Marechal Le Pen, who also announced she is joining France’s military reserves following murder of Catholics by Islamists.

“You are with us and against Islamism, or you are against us and for Islamism… Those who choose the status quo become complicit with our enemies.”

“In the West as in the East, Christians must stand up to resist Islam!”

Zuckerberg on my Facebook

Last week Mark Zuckerberg’s face showed up on my Facebook page, probably yours as well. I think I was expected to click as a Follower and join 72.4 million others.

Today, he’s baacck! Now, Zuckerman has 73.8 million followers. Darn.

If I follow now, will Mark know I did not take advantage of his original generous offer and become somewhere after 72.4 million? It would be so not good to now be one of almost 74 million. Oh, well. A lost chance.

Philadelphia sports flags of all 49 states

There were 50, but, ya know, some people were offended by Mississippi’s flag, so it was made to go away.

Maybe people in Mississippi might say, “If that’s the way you feel, we will just cancel our membership in the US of A club.”

Oh. Mississippi tried that before? And it didn’t work?

That Dem who was afraid Guam might tip over calls Israeli settlers ‘termites’

“PHILADELPHIA—A Democratic member of the House Armed Services Committee compared Jewish Israeli settlers to termites on Monday while speaking at an event sponsored by an anti-Israel organization that supports boycotts of the Jewish state.

“Rep. Hank Johnson (D., Ga.) launched into a tirade against Israel and its policies toward the Palestinians, comparing Jewish people who live in disputed territories to ‘termites’ that destroy homes. Johnson also compared Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, a remark that drew vocal agreement from those in the room.

Link at

Search of truck turns up 10,000 illegal cans

Man charged with “one count of beverage return of nonrefundable bottles.”

“Nonrefundable” in the state where the nefarious criminal was apprehended.

The reporter uses “cans” and “bottles” interchangeably. But, hey, it’s an English newspaper. Police said the driver was 12 miles over the speed limit. MEMO TO THIEVES: DON’T SPEED! No mention of whether the arresting officer noted “the odor of used cans” as he approached the vehicle.

Link at

Can’t wait until those people are running the country

“We are diverse, with many different life experiences, also shaped by colonization, U.S. and Western imperialism, neo-liberal politics, and oppression under racist, sexist, classist, heteronormative and homophobic, trans*phobic, queerphobic, ableist, nationalistic, xenophobic systems, which perpetuate conquest, genocide of indigenous peoples, and pervasive system inequities.”

Oh, sisters and ungendered! What must we do to be saved?

“Protesters demanded a new curriculum that ‘Decentralizes Whiteness and has a critical focus on the evolution of systems of oppression such as racism, capitalism, colonialism, etc.,’ that would only be ‘taught by prepared staff from marginalized backgrounds, especially professors of color and queer professors.’”

Link at

All this because a teacher recommended Dick Gregory’s autobiography to a … sensitive does not even begin to describe the student. Ignorant, perhaps. Ill-educated, certainly. Protected, most likely.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Robber screws up, gets shot when keeping Pokeman player from goal

“LAS VEGAS (AP) — A gunman and his underage driver tried to rob a group of people playing the popular Pokemon Go game, triggering a shootout after one of the players pulled out his own weapon at a Las Vegas park that has become a hot spot for virtual creature hunting.

“The incident early Monday marked the latest illustration of unintended consequences in everyday life due to the booming popularity of the GPS-powered "augmented reality" game.

“Las Vegas police spokeswoman Laura Meltzer said the shooting left a Pokemon player and the would-be armed robber hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. Charges are expected against both that suspect and the juvenile who was driving the SUV.”

“Shortly after 4 a.m., a group of six people were at a public park east of downtown playing the popular smartphone game, which sends players to physical locations to "catch" virtual Pokemon characters.

“Police said an armed man and the young driver drove up to the group in an SUV and demanded their possessions at gunpoint. One of the Pokemon players who has a concealed weapons permit drew his own gun and the two sides exchanged fire.”

Link at

TV/movie things I am proud of

I never watched a single episode of Seinfeld.

I have not seen Animal House or that golf movie with a gopher.

Virginia gov has a pen and will ignore supreme court ruling; uses Soviet language in announcement

Virginia court says governor does not have constitutional authority to give blanket voting rights to 200,000 felons, so McAullife says he will sign individual executive orders. Yep. The gov will take pen in hand and personally sign 200,000 pieces of paper.

Or maybe he’ll have a minion run that many orders through an automatic signing machine.

The commonwealth’s legislature should appoint special witnesses to the signings.

The gov calls it a “struggle for civil rights.” Everything is a “struggle” for Progressive/Socialist/Democrats. Read old Soviet propaganda. Everything was a “struggle against imperialism” or a “struggle against world capitalism” or a “struggle against fascism.” Times don’t change all that much, even though I don’t think Soviet officials would have “restored voting rights” to felons.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

MLB considers limiting relief pitchers to speed up game


“You know the problem with relief pitchers is that they’re so good. I’ve got nothing against relief pitchers, but they do two things to the game: The pitching changes themselves slow the game down, and our relief pitchers have become so dominant at the back end that they actually rob action out of the end of the game, the last few innings of the game. So relief pitchers is a topic that is under active consideration. We’re talking about that a lot internally.”

There have been a number of dumb MLB decisions the last few years, but setting a limit on the number of relief pitchers is the dumbest. Relief pitchers are so good that they eliminate action at the end of a game. Make everybody equal. Pitchers are too good, so equalize out everything for batters by having tired pitchers at the end of games.

Speed up the game? Eliminate warmup pitches on the field. Pitchers get warmed up in the bullpen, throwing more pitches on the game mound must waste five minutes every inning.

Speed up the game? Stop instant replay. Stop having umpires with headsets talking to another umpire in NYC, who will make a decision on what really happened three feet from an umpire in Kansas City.

Speed up the game? Limit the time of advertising between half innings and innings.

Speed up the game? Return to the 19th century rule of no substitutions unless a player is injured. If a manager needs a relief pitcher, he would have to bring a position player to the mound.

Speed up the game? Develop strong arms. Develop pitchers such as Old Hoss Radbourn or John Clarkson, pitchers who threw 500 or 600 innings and whose complete games statistics run around 90 percent. Not only did Old Hoss win 309 games in 11 years, he also batted .230 and played 150 games at other positions.

A standard rule in crime, politics and sports decisions is: Follow the money. So, who in baseball will benefit from limiting the number of relief pitchers in a game? The players? Not likely. Owners? Advertisers?

And who decided games are too long?

All you want to know about how we got to here, now

Diversity vs. Meritocracy

The most intelligent, based on tests, are ill-served by diversity.

“To measure the absence of meritocracy, we examine one of the few places it still exists. Take the example of the admissions test that get you admitted (or not) to New York City’s better high schools… like Stuyvesant High School. One notes-- as one has occasionally-- that the breakdown of the entering class at Stuyvesant is something like 70% Chinese (or Asian), 20% white, 6% Hispanic, 4% black.”

“If women cannot compete with men in the military, we change the rules. If women cannot complete the entrance examination for firefighters, we change the tests. If minority candidates do not measure up, we throw away the measuring rods. If women do not work as hard as men because they choose to spend more time with their children, we invent a specious notion like work/life balance to persuade men to work less. And then we insist that women who work less than men and who have less ambition than men receive the same compensation.

“Of course, this can only happen when the diversity bureaucrats take over the labor market. It is no longer a question of who works harder, longer and better but of whether the proportions are politically correct.

“If the disparities are clear, the cause must be a culture that shows white and Asian men succeeding more than others.”

“People hold jobs as sinecures. If they belong to the right group they do not need to accomplish anything at all. Hillary Clinton would be nowhere without her gender and her husband. And yet, people keep saying, shamelessly, that she is eminently qualified to be president of the United States. It's magical thinking.”

He didn't ask for the job

I was thinking the other day, wondering about Moses and his attitude toward his job.

His job consisted of several parts: (1) Convince the Israelites they must leave Egypt; (2) convince Pharaoh to “Let my people go”; (3) get free of Egypt; (4) keep the Israelites alive during the trip across the desert; and, (5) all other duties and responsibilities as assigned by God.

The last should have been the easiest, since if people complained too much, Moses could say, “You will do it because God said so.”

What I really wondered was, what did Moses say every morning when he woke up? Did he wash his hands and face and then just sit back on his sheepskin bed and think: “Oh, Lord, what will they hit me with today? More of that why did I bring them out here to die? Or, let’s go back to Egypt, to our leeks and onions and water? Or, who made me leader, anyway? Sometimes I think I should just tell Joshua and Caleb to pull their swords and lay into the complainers. ‘We’re hungry. We’re thirsty. My clothes are worn out. Are we there yet?’”

Or did he jump out of bed, wash his hands and face, and say, “Well, Lord. Shall we get on with it? We’ve got a lot to do today.”

Push-button modernity, or New stuff that doesn't work

I was sitting in the car at a Publix parking lot while my wife was inside, getting a cake for fellowship Sunday at her church. Ever other fellowship Sunday since we moved here, she cooked something, but everybody is allowed a store-bought food item now and then.

Across the way, I noticed a woman getting into a car that had the hood raised. She sat and kept the door open and got out her cell phone. I thought, “Probably I can’t do anything to fix whatever her problem is, and Priscilla will be back soon with the cake and we’ll need to go.” By then the woman had finished her phone call and was looking at the owner’s manual. “On the other hand,” I thought, “if I don’t go over and at least see what the problem is, I’ll be forever telling myself I should have, and there’s the possibility it’s something minor I might be able to help with.”

As I got near the car, I heard a click-click-click noise. I asked the woman, “What’s it not doing?”

She replied, “Yesterday it wouldn’t shut off, and now it won’t start.”

I said that the not shutting off was most likely a fuel problem, a fuel-sensing problem these days.

She got out and we walked to the front of the car. The engine compartment was clean and new enough you can’t see anything that matters; everything has a bolted-down cover, either to hide the magic from non-guild members, or hidden so you’ll know not to mess with it, lest you call down wrath of falling wrenches.

The click-click-click continued at the backside of the engine. (It might have been set in sideways.)

The woman said, “It’s trying to start.” She said, “I mashed the brake and pushed the button, but nothing happened.”

I said, “It doesn’t have an ignition key.”

“No,” she said. “You mash the brake and push the button.”

“That is way too modern for me,” I said. “You got anybody you can call?” She said she had called her husband. I said, “Well, I’m sorry I couldn’t help any.”

“Thank you for asking,” she said.

I went back to my wife’s car and sat down and turned on the engine and air conditioner. In a few minutes, a small gray car pulled up beside the woman’s car. A man got out. He and the woman talked and then he opened the hatch on his car and took out what looked like a small tool box.

My wife arrived then with the cake. When we left, the man had his head in the engine compartment. My guess was, with a push-button car, he would wind up calling a dealership or a tow company. On a Sunday morning.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

OK, here’s a good one

The #1 song on the day you were born.

Link at

Mine was "Symphony," by Freddy Martin and His Orchestra. Never heard of it.

‘Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true’

Francis Bacon.

Researchers in science often begin studies with a belief in mind and discount findings that discount their belief.

Failure to replicate challenges studies.

“A report on the issue, published in Nature this May, found that about 90% of some 1,576 researchers surveyed now believe there is a reproducibility crisis in science.”

Link at

The failures particularly in biology, psychology and medicine.

Psychology is not a science, any more than is politics. A degree in “political science” means a degree in the history of politics and studies in particular areas of politics. “How political systems work” is not a science.

Dollars measured in billions go to downright false ideas.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Why does ESPN continue losing viewers?

Could it be – “On Thursday’s “First Take” on ESPN2, ESPN’s Marly Rivera responded to former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz comments at the Republican National Convention where he called the high number of immigrants an “invasion” and said immigrants should learn and speak English.

“According to Rivera, immigrants have their own cultures and Holtz has to respect them.”


“You have to respect my culture!” You know what that means. “I can say whatever I want about you racist white pigs, and you just STFU!”

Reasons not to vote for Mrs. Clinton

Tweets from Hollywood Twits.

From Rosie:

white racist sexist americans - he is your voice - and how tragic - billionaire baby - a national disgrace - #TRUMPSUCKS
10:43 PM - 21 Jul 2016

Mark Cuban:

Dear world. Please ignore what the loud guy in the suit is saying. Americans are nothing like him. We love our country and are proud of it

Kal Penn:

This is so upsetting. Embarrassing. Horrifying. How do so many people in the US support this amount of hate and stupidity?

Kal Penn? Who is he?

Diversity in Viking movies

“Just because the character was blonde and white in the comic book.* That doesn’t matter. That’s not what [that character] is about.”

"There’s so many beautiful cultures everywhere," he added, "I think you should use them."

Link at

*Comic book? That’s your source for Viking history? Tell you what. You want diversity, get some white actor to play Frederick Douglass, or maybe a white dude as Chicken George or even Kunta Kinte in the next remake of Roots.

Let’s hear it for the older shooter

“In San Antonio, Texas, an intruder broke the doorknob off while he was breaking into an elderly couple’s home – the 70-year-old put one round center mass. The criminal was DRT (dead right there) when police arrived.”

(I say “older” rather than “old” because I am 70, and that’s not as old as it used to be.)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Arctic ice deniers trapped by … Well, you know

“A group of adventurers, sailors, pilots and climate scientists that recently started a journey around the North Pole in an effort to show the lack of ice, has been blocked from further travels by ice.

“The Polar Ocean Challenge is taking a two month journey that will see them go from Bristol, Alaska, to Norway, then to Russia through the North East passage, back to Alaska through the North West passage, to Greenland and then ultimately back to Bristol. Their objective, as laid out by their website, was to demonstrate “that the Arctic sea ice coverage shrinks back so far now in the summer months that sea that was permanently locked up now can allow passage through.”

“There has been one small hiccup thus-far though: they are currently stuck inMurmansk, Russia because there is too much ice blocking the North East passage the team said didn’t exist in summer months, according to Real Climate Science.

“Real Climate Science also provides a graph showing that current Arctic temperatures — despite alarmist claims of the Arctic being hotter than ever — is actually below normal.

“The Polar Ocean Challenge team is not the first global warming expedition to be faced with icy troubles. In 2013, an Antarctic research vessel named Akademik Shokalskiy became trapped in the ice, the problem was so severe that they actually had to rescue the 52 crew members.”

Link at

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Religion of peace practitioner stabs woman and three daughters

The girls – 8, 12 and 14 – and their mother wore shorts and T-shirts.

”Amaury Navarranne from the regional council said: ‘The religious motive of the attack is in no doubt.’”

Link at

You get what you pay for

99-cent Nook book. Maybe the author’s Vietnam was a different Vietnam with different helicopters.

He writes of a LRRP insertion through a hole in triple-canopy, a chase ship drops a smoke grenade into the hole, marking insertion; pilot lowers UH-1H into hole, crew chief and door gunner calling out distance from main rotor and tail rotor from trees. Then, NVA open up with AKs and machine guns, bullets ripping into the Huey, door gunners open up with “tripod-mounted M60s.” Pilot cannot pull up because he would run out of left pedal, lose directional control and spin the Huey into the trees. The only thing to do was descend through the fire until reaching an altitude to allow LRRPs to jump, thereby reducing weight, and the pilot could then ascend through the fire again. LRRPs were told to make their way “without being seen” to PZ about five clicks away.

As night duty officer, the warrant officer pilor was responsible for perimeter security. On the perimeter were “guard shacks” with two soldiers and two M60 machine guns. In No Man’s Land were Claymore mines, “usually flat, round and half buried.” NVA sappers with knife in teeth turned mines around, so when a ground attack began the detonated Claymores would blow away a guard shack and make a hole in the perimeter.

Miners caught in middle of fight between company, Kyrgyz government

“The average Kumtor employee ‘is probably a 40-year old husband with three children and a wife that doesn’t work. Many have a higher education degree and earn an average of 60,000 soms (nearly $1,000) [per month],’ (mine union president Eldar) Tajibayev told ‘More than 70 percent of them are mortgage holders paying roughly 20,000 soms in monthly payments while supporting other family members. Everything is on the line for these people.’”

Kumtor gold field produces 12 percent of GDP, government wants more with leftists in parliament favoring nationalization.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

So this guy yells ‘Allah Akbar!’ on a train in Germany …

… right before he starts hacking and stabbing other passengers.

“As many as 19 passengers needed hospital treatment while two victims are fighting for their lives after being attacked with 'cutting and stabbing weapons'.

“An eyewitness said the train, which had been carrying around 25 people, looked 'like a slaughterhouse' after the attack, with blood covering the floor.”

Whole story:

Link at

Had the attack been in the U.S., news people would have found Obama people who wondered, “What was the attacker’s motivation?” Others would say, “We must not jump to conclusions.” Yadda, yadda, etc. and etc.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Bad Muslim -- Not what we think

The legacy media have made much of the fact that Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the “suddenly radicalized” mujahid who massacred at least 84 people in Nice with a truck, was a “bad Muslim”. He was non-observant — drank alcohol, ate pork, and consorted intimately with infidels of both sexes. Focusing on Mr. Bouhlel’s non-Islamic behavior buttresses the Nothing-To-Do-With-Islam meme, which is crucial to the media’s mission, even more crucial than all the weepy photos of candles and flowers and teddy bears.

The Orlando killer Omar Mateen was also noted to be a “lapsed” Muslim who was fond of an occasional tipple. And then there were the 9-11 hijackers, who engaged the services of prostitutes and lap-dancers during a pub crawl the night before they crashed their plane into the World Trade Center.

To the Western mind, this bad behavior by men who go on to martyr themselves killing kuffar for Allah seems contradictory. But it isn’t, really — it accords with a precise Islamic formula for how one may enter Paradise. It makes complete sense; it’s just totally alien to a Western mind.

Back in 2011 Russkiy wrote an essay about how “bad” Muslims make themselves “good”. It’s worth reproducing here in its entirety.

The “Bad” Muslims
by Russkiy

Shortly after the 9/11 events I became friends with one fellow at the university gym. I didn’t realize at first that he was a Muslim or an Arab. He was from Morocco, as I found out later.

He seemed very normal, always wore Hawaiian T-shirts, was a gym junkie and loved to go clubbing, although he never drank. He was always a sober driver for those of us who were drinking.

Other than his strange behaviour in night clubs (he never drank but seemed the least in control of his behaviour with the opposite sex — he used to whistle and say inappropriate things to women; he was embarrassing for those of us who were drunk) he seemed very normal and friendly until one day when we started discussing some political issues. The conversation revolved around the 9/11 attacks, concerning which he expressed his views as follows: “Osama Bin Laden is a great, brave man, a good Muslim. If all Muslims were like him, the Islamic world wouldn’t be such a s***hole. I wish I was a better Muslim, and brave enough to sacrifice my life in the great Jihad.”

He also said a lot of other things but the above statement summarises his general attitude. From that day onwards I was very suspicious of people who referred to themselves as “bad” Muslims — they were people who generally had a non-observant or not fully observant (Islamic) lifestyle but still referred to themselves as Muslims and defended Islam.

I have recently found out how they could justify their behaviour. Muslims on the day of resurrection are judged according to their good Islamic deeds (hasana) or bad (non-Islamic) deeds. Some Muslims try to keep track of their bad and good deeds. So if they decide to go drinking one night for example, they should go and pray a bit more, read the Quran, or kill lizards (one of the ways to score additional points. If you kill a lizard with one hit you get 100 hasanat; with two hits you get 50, and so on).

So all Muslims can once in a while lapse and do a few non-compliant (Islamically speaking) deeds as long as they compensate for that. The thing about the “bad” Muslims is that they lose track of how many bad deeds they have done. This means that they either have to leave Islam, as there is no longer any hope of salvation for them in Islam, become very, very observant in ways such as growing a beard (a hasana) and other things like that and hope that this will suffice to get them into Paradise, or become a jihadi and hope for a martyr’s death, which will guarantee entrance into Paradise.

So from this logic it can be seen that most bad Muslims would either become an atheist, join some other religion, or become Wahhabi, or even worse, a suicide bomber. Most of them don’t care about politics in Afghanistan or Somalia; they just know that there is a Jihad going on, and therefore a good chance for them to die as a martyr. A good example of this mentality is someone like Ayman al-Zarqawi, or those London bombers, all of whom used to be non-observant until one day something clicked and they suddenly became the most fanatical of all.

People like Osama or any other Muslim who were observant throughout their lives don’t have to become suicide bombers; they can participate in a Jihad, but not as fervently as some of the former “bad” Muslims.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Flame Delhi, baseball pitcher

Or so people say. Delhi pitched in one game for the Chicago White Sox, April 16, 1912. He pitched three innings, gave up six runs, three earned, for an ERA of 9.00. Delhi faced 20 batters, gave up seven hits, walked three and struck out two. He was 19 years old.

Delhi was born Nov. 5, 1892, in Harqua Hala (or Harquahala), Ariz. The town no longer exists.

“Harquahala's post office was established March 5, 1891 and discontinued December 31, 1932. The Bonanza and Gold Eagle veins that were responsible for Harquahala's existence were discovered in November 1888. Harqua Hala sprang into existence immediately and even sported its own newspaper, the "Harquahala Miner". A 20 stamp mill was erected and gold was cast into 400 lb ingots. This proved to be a problem as they sometimes broke through the transport wagon's floor unbeknownst to the drivers. There was rumored to be a lot of high grading in Harquahala. Children would sing loudly while their fathers scrapped the arrastra beds for residual gold. Today there are only a few ruins left.”

A pitcher named “Flame,” born in a town that no longer is … He might be a candidate for Baseball Players Who Arrived by UFO.

Stuff ain’t what it used to be, or, pickups and politics

In 1981 I bought a 2-year-old Chevrolet pickup. The pickup was white and had a few dents and dings, products of work-related bumps. The truck did not have a headliner; it never had. Standard stuff included a small eight-cylinder engine, automatic transmission, AM radio, vinyl bench seat, air conditioner and two outside mirrors. The odometer read just shy of 65,000 miles. I paid around $2,100.

The truck stayed with me for almost 15 years. It made several trips to Fort Hood and back; countless trips to Camp Maxey, Texas, and back; one trip to Fort Sam Houston and back; and one trip to Fort Benning, Ga., and back. The truck carried soldiers to field training sites, as well as military equipment and training aids. The odometer broke at somewhere over 85,000 miles, so I don’t know how many miles I put on it before it gave up in 1995.

In 1999, I bought a new Dodge pickup. The sticker claimed the color was sandalwood, but no self-respecting Texas man will drive a pickup colored sandalwood, so I called it gray. Equipment included cruise control, AM/FM radio with tape player, front and rear speakers, cloth bucket seats, a center console, air conditioning, two large outside mirrors, four cup holders, V-6 engine and five-speed floor shift. The truck had around 50 miles on the odometer. It had a headliner. I paid around $15,000 for the truck.

When I went to the dealer, I wanted a simple work truck, something like the Chevrolet I bought 18 years earlier. I found out nobody made a simple work truck. AM/FM/tape, standard. Headliner, standard. Cloth seats, standard, unless I wanted to pay for leather, and if so, the truck came with a whole lot of other fancies I didn’t care about.

My wife and I were talking about work trucks just a couple of days ago. People I knew who drove pickups as a work tool in Northeast Texas, especially people involved with cattle, wanted something they could turn a water hose on and clean the cab. That doesn’t mean you want to spray too much water on the AM radio, but everything else was sprayable. You get mud and blood, cow and horse droppings on your boots and sometimes on your jeans and shirt, you want a vinyl seat so you can spray and scrub. You don’t want floor carpet, either.

Somewhere along the line, the truck industry went all European auto design on us. American pickups still have solid construction and performance, but U.S. truck makers have a different sales philosophy: This is what you get.

Like American politics. And we take it.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Turkmenistan cracking down on real money

Government wants businesses to “contribute” $100,000. Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs will not guarantee return of revenue or future tax breaks.

Banks to monitor wired cash from outside country and issue Turkmen tanat and not dollars. Official rate is 3.5 tanat to the dollar; unofficial local market rate is 5.6-6 tanat to the dollar.

“Starting last August, citizens were limited to exchanging $1,000 each month per person. Tellers at cash exchange points plugged passport details into a computer database to ensure against repeat attempts to change money elsewhere. The $1,000 exchange limit remained in place until November, when it was reduced to a mix of $450 and 500 euros per month.

“The government then introduced a ticket system, whereby people hoping to change their cash were obliged to get onto a waiting list before they could hope to be served.”

Show me the money

Where the wealthiest people live. And everybody else.

Colorado seems the most covered.

The map says LaSalle County is the place for millionaires in Texas. Poverty rate for the county (2000 census) shows per capita income $9,692; with 28.2% of families, 29.8% of total population and 24.8% 65 or older living under poverty rate. Wikipedia says La Salle is one of the poorest counties in the U.S., based on per capita income.

Another search shows 10-acre plots selling around $84,000. That much an acre in a sparsely populated county is s heck of a lot of money.

Link at maggiesfarm.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

DPD Chief knows more than U.S. Senator about government

In a news conference a few days ago, Dallas Police Chief David Brown talked about his high school civics class. Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill should try and remember lessons in how the U.S. operates.

“Well, part of the problem is that our framers were a little maniacal in that if you look at other democracies around the world, when one party wins the congressional branch, they take the executive branch,” McCaskill said. “Not in our country.”

She might also take remedial courses in American history to remind her why we don’t do things the European way.

Link at

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Subsequent headlines that make you go, 'Do what?'

From The Paris News, Paris, Texas.

July 11, 2016:

‘A dozen attend open carry rally’

‘Handgun reported stolen to police’

July 12, 2016

‘Paris woman wins ride in hot air balloon’

‘Balloon causes power outage’

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Scary headline

‘Clinton camp vetting former NATO leader for running mate’

First thought: Wesley Clark? Second thought: Surely she’s not that stupid.

Oh, and maybe the former secretary of state wasn’t sophisticated enough to understand the illegality of U.S. tax dollars going to an anti-Netanyahu group.

There was an e-mail, but it got deleted.

Why does the Republican establishment want to elect Hillary Clinton?

For years, the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy opinion blogs and sites ruled Conservative opinion, cross-posting each other’s writings and interviewing Republican Congress persons.

RedState, NewsBusters, HotAir, FloppingAces and the like not only informed readers what Conservative meant, but also demanded a specific flavor and color of Kool-Aid. Anyone who talked about a different color or flavor faced lambasts and downright ousting.

Then came Donald Trump. People flocked to Trump rallies. Trump talked. People listened. Trump ran in primaries. People voted in great numbers.

Burt Trump committed a grave faux paus. He did not ask approval from the leaders of Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy sites. No. Trump did not “reach out” (in liberal-media terminology) to the self-appointed definers and guardians of things Conservative. He did not climb any metaphorical mountain and ask the gurus: “What should I do?”

He did none of those.

Trump spoke his mind. Trump talked about his thoughts, his ideas, his political and economic philosophies. At times, his ideas were not the same as the self-appointed guardians of Conservativism.

For the layers-on-of-hands, that would not do. Trump must not be the Republican Party nominee for President of the United States of America.

Came the cry, Men and brothers, what must we do? We must not vote for Trump, was the reply.

With that decision firmly planted by RedSate, HotAir, et al, so do their sites deride speeches and announcements by Trump.

And if those people ensure the election of Hillary Clinton, how will they celebrate their victory?

Monday, July 11, 2016

First the Air Force came for the A-10

Now Army airborne is an encumbrance to Wild Blue.

“The May training gap, in which the Air Force supported less than half of the training requirements, was shrunk with help from other aviators, officials said. More than 1,250 paratrooper drops were supported by Army helicopters and a visiting German C-160.”

Wild Blue’s response? We feel your pain. Snort, snort.

"The Air Force remains fully committed to offering tactical airlift support for our Army partners at Fort Bragg, now and in the future," said 1st Lt. Elias J. Small, a spokesman for Air Mobility Command based at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. "The requests we receive each month are fluid and rarely reach the 10,000 chute target, but we continue to partner with the Army to provide support for requirements we receive."

"Looking to the future, we rely on regular dialog directly with 18th Airborne Corps to remain responsive to their needs and maximize our support," Small said.

The Army needs to grow its own wings. Scrap that 1966 agreement on rotary/fixed wing ownership and usage.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Why only Sulu?

In the new Star Trek movie, Sulu comes out of the queer closet.

But since the movie is set in a more progressive, diverse future, why isn’t, oh, say 20 percent of the Enterprise crew queer? Or 25 percent? Why not 33 1/3 percent?

Surely by 2266 queers will have enough influence so as to convince or pressure an even larger percentage of people into homosexuality.

Shouldn’t Kirk be queer? Zachary Quinto, the guy playing Spock is queer, so why isn’t Spock? Some kind of non-logic said, “Since George Takei is homosexual, and he was the original Sulu, shouldn’t all subsequent Sulus be homosexual?” And somebody else in the room said, “Hey, sounds good to me.” Ergo, not only is Takei queer, but every actor who plays that character must be queer, too.

And where are the transgendered and bisexual Enterprise crew members? Don’t they get a fair shot?

In 1966, the first year of the first Star Trek, the cast was the most ethnically diverse group of actors on television, with even non-humans represented.

But no one on the Enterprise was queer or lesbian or confused about his/her sex, because in the Dark Ages, parts were parts. People played the hand dealt at birth.

Of course, we know the world of 2016 is so much more peaceful, with no conflicts over race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. The answer, to reach 2266 utopia, is to have more queers.

Friday, July 8, 2016

In Tajikistan, use plastic money or pay a fine

“A National Bank decree that came into effect on July 1 reminds businesses that under a law adopted in December 2014, shops covering an area larger than 40 square meters need to have card processing terminals installed.

“Entities liable to be fined have until next January to come into line with the rules.

“At a press conference back in January, National Bank official Lola Salimova said that that more than 60-70 percent of transactions in Tajikistan are done in cash, which she described as a high-risk position. Salimova said the intense reliance on hard cash left the country vulnerable to the unbridled development of a shadow economy and that it was difficult for the authorities to know how much money is in circulation. That is exactly how most people prefer it, however, given that extortion by government officials is the order of the day.”

Yes, the government needs some control over money, but if extortion is part of the government, citizens might be just a little concerned. The situation sounds like citizens are fighting back.

British writer would be pilloried in the U.S.

'Spare me the “sisterhood” talk: our politicians shouldn't be judged by the contents of their underwear’

In four months’ time, it is likely “three of the world’s top five economies will most likely be run by women,” who intend to “clean up the mess created by men.”

“If, in five years’ time, May, Merkel, Clinton et al screw up, will we be crying ‘let’s bring on the boys to sort out the girls' mess!’ Of course not: only a sexist fool would do that. Yet that is what is happening in reverse today.”

(Mrs. Clinton cannot make a mess of anything. She might not be sophisticated enough to understand document classification, and she might be a liar of her husband’s league, but anything that happens is always someone else’s fault. Like those bimbo trailer trash sluts who went after Gov. Bill in Arkansas.)

RAF daylight attacks

Generally, we hear about night bombings, but here are attacks on: U-Boat officers at breakfast in a castle; SS officers in a chateau; German ships; and other targets.

Lancasters are in a loose formation. Very loose.

Link at

This is so ***** up it’s unbelievable

‘Fighting The White Man With Native Feminist Time Traveling Dogs’

A “study” by Angie Morrill, Ph.D., Ethnic Studies, University of Oregon.

“In this article, I analyze a painting by Modoc/Klamath artist Peggy Ball through a Native feminist reading methodology. The painting, Vanport, is named after a city that disappeared in a flood in 1948. The artist survived that flood, and displacement as did thousands of others. The painting is a rememory map of dislocations and hauntings and disappearances. The painting remaps gentrified dislocations, telling stories that focus on the relationship of the present to the past and the past to the future. The painting itself is a Native feminist practice. The travel to places gone, to places that will reappear again; by people gone as well as by people presently alive; into times that existed, that never existed, that will exist again; to times made contemporaneous by time traveling dogs; with people co-present through desire—at the heart of all this time travel is recognition and survivance.”

Was a time such “rememory” was lodged in the Science Fiction/Fantasy category.

More ‘You can’t make up this stuff’

Jessica Mahmoud is a student at Montclair State University, New Jersey. She (an assumption, given her first name, gender-identist of me to presume so) majors in journalism, with a minor in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer studies.

Miss/Ms/Zhou Mahmoud finds racist, sexist, genderist, ableist, whitish all people who say “you guys,” “boyfriend and girlfriend,” “she and he,” “boy and girl,” and “step up, step back,” the latter because people who cannot step might be offended.

Link at

Miss/Ms Mahmoud’s narrow-mindedness is assailable on many different levels, but were I, a man, to argue with her (assumed) I would be accused of sexual harassment or assault or something. So, now her (maybe) thoughts are laid out so anyone who reads this can determine the level of stupidity.

(Oh, my! Can I say "laid?")

Defending what’s mine

More armed and/or PO'd citizens.

“Bobo sends us our first story this morning from Stafford, Virginia where Marcel Brannum, 27 was confronted by a homeowner when Brannum was trying to liberate the homeowner’s $2000 bicycle. The resident called the police and held the criminal at gun point, until the police showed up and the thief dashed. Another local saw him hiding and the police rolled up on him.

“In Middletown, Ohio, Rob LaPine came home from the gym and found scrawny little Zachery Harper in his home and his TV was gone. So Rob dragged him outside and started pounding on him. Rob tossed Zach around his backyard for a while and then took him to the neighbors in a headlock to call the police. They found Rob’s TV at Zach’s house, so…slam goes the cell door.

“There is an update to the story from earlier this week which happened in Palos, Illinois. Four men planned to rob a homeowner, two of them were shot, one DRT and the other made it to the hospital. Well, 19-year-old Brandy Marshall, her sister, Paige Marshall, 20, Sarah Risner, 20, and Tyler Gulli, 23 were all charged with the murder of Anthony Dalton, 19 when it was discovered that Brandy had hatched the plot to rob the victim with help from the others after she had sex with him.

“SSG E sends us another update, from Colerain Township, Ohio 82-year-old Claude Carmical shot an inebriated Erwin Cardenas when the sot tried to force his way into Claude’s house when he mistook it for his uncle’s house. According to the prosecutor, Claude is not facing charges.”

Here’s the long story (with F-You mug shots) on Brandy had sex with homeowner and came back later with friends to rob the dude, but one got dead:

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Immediate Sudden Local Asymmetrical Mortality

“People keep dying in violent and terrible ways, and nobody seems to know why. Following the recent slaughter of 44 people at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, US secretary of state John Kerry told a press conference: ‘We're still trying to ascertain what happened and who did it.’

"One day, many years from now, with the assistance of global police networks, we might have an answer. At US news outlet MSNBC, this post-Istanbul question was asked: ‘Is there a pattern to recent terror attacks?’

“Again, nobody has a clue. It's a complete mystery. What on earth might be the common factor linking mass killings in Paris, Brussels, Orlando, London, Madrid, Bali, Israel, Libya Somalia, Cameroon, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, the Philippines, Russia, Burkina Faso, Kenya and now Istanbul? What pattern might there be?

“Over in Germany, which coincidentally has lately taken in some million or so claimed refugees, one police spokesman suggested overcrowding may be the big issue.

“Announcing that Munich would spend nearly $4.5 million more on security during this year's Oktoberfest, spokesman Marcus da Gloria Martins said that the huge cost increase was to do with something other than terrorism and its completely unknown cause.

"’For me the general problem of crowding at Oktoberfest is more worrisome than a terrorist attack,’ he said, which is presumably why it makes sense to hire an additional 100 security personnel, install an emergency multi-language loudspeaker system and conduct bag checks at every single entrance.

“All of these measures are obviously about overcrowding and not any other thing that might happen at random, somehow causing people to spontaneously die. Obviously.”

Regarding Marietta is not exactly like the internet says

That is a good thing.

More of those self-defense things that don’t happen …

… according to gun-grabbers, or if an armed citizen attempts to defend himself and his from a bad guy, said bad guy takes citizen’s gun and shoots citizen. Taking of gun and shooting owner happens almost all the time when a peaceful citizen takes on a bottom-feeder, so the Deemocratic/Progressive/Socialists say.

Anyway, stories of good guys stopping bad guys from This Ain’t Hell:

“In Palos County, Illinois, four criminals forced their way into a home where they encountered the armed resident. One was DRT (dead right there), another left a trail of body fluids for the police to find him at the local hospital. Two others were arrested later in their getaway car.

“In Huron Township, Michigan, John A. Wysocki, 19 and Ryoji R. Patton, 22 broke into a home and awakened the resident who lit out after them with his legal, licensed handgun and he caught Wysocki hiding under a car and held him at gun point until the police arrived. Patton captured later.

“In Atlanta, Georgia, a robber pointed a gun at the owner of a jewelry store and demanded that the owner load his wares into a sack. The owner’s son pulled out his own gun and shot the thief three times. The criminal exited the store and collapsed on the sidewalk outside, DRT (dead right there) with a bullet to his neck.

“A thief in Carl Jr’s in Covina, California tried to rob a fellow inside the restaurant with a gun, the intended victim happened to be an off-duty LA police officer who promptly shot the thief DRT (dead right there).”

As mentioned before, This Ain't Hell has one to six accounts every day of armed citizens protecting themselves, family or property from bad guys.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Marietta is not exactly like the internet says

Marietta, Texas, is a few miles northeast from where I grew up. The 2010 census has Marietta’s population as 134, an increase of 22 from the 2000 census.

You might think people who live in Marietta don’t have a whole lot to do. And you would think right.

A search on Marietta returns some surprising results, though.

For example, says you can “save on hotels and more” by visiting the site and accessing ads. You probably could, if Marietta had a hotel. The town probably had a place for travelers a century and more ago. Most small towns did have a hotel or boarding house, and historical society people are glad to talk about hotels and grist mills and cotton gins and show pictures, and, truth be told, some people might even yearn for prosperity brought by, oh, say, a cotton gin. But a lot of other things go along with cotton, and most of Texas has outgrown those other things. Texans generally leave those kinds of things for Northerners to worry about. Texans are too busy in the here and now.

Some other surprising results come under the “searches related to” category, such as links to “outback steakhouse marietta,” “applebees marietta,” “olive garden marietta” and “chilis marietta.” If you click on those, you’ll discover the links refer to restaurants in or near that other Marietta, the one near Atlanta.

Ironical, in that Atlanta, Texas, is a few miles southeast, on Texas Highway 77.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


As European countries become overrun by Muslim "immigrants," will the US see more applications by Christians, Jews and etc.? And what will be the response as true Western Civilization folks want to come here?

Apologizing for ‘confusion’ means PBS got caught

PBS used footage of previous Independence Day fireworks, then apologized for “any confusion this may have caused.”

You want not to cause confusion: (1) announce what you are going to do and why; or, (2) show live fireworks even if skies are overcast.

Typical DC decision, figuring flyover folks won’t notice, or if they do, just say something like “We apologize if you were confused.”

Aviation pioneers

Former President Clinton visited Attorney General Lynch on the AG’s airplane ‘cause the ex-president’s airplane just happened to be next to hers. They had a talk about golf and grandchildren – Move along; nothing to see here. A couple of days later, Mrs. Clinton hops a ride on Air Force One, with AG Lynch’s boss, present President Obama. Reckon they talked about grandkids? Mrs. Clinton has one, so maybe she gave pointers to the president on the best ways of raising the next-next generation.

Move along; nothing to see here.

Except Don Corleone and Duena Corleone stopped by to make sure the help understand their place.

Monday, July 4, 2016

USMC won’t change PT standards to help women. Well …

Since a previous test made “it impossible for women to succeed,” the Corps is changing the test. Again.

“In 2012, the Corps announced it was doing away with the female flexed-arm hang in favor of pull-ups, with a minimum of three. Those plans were delayed multiple times, and in 2014, Marine officials admitted that half of women tested in boot camp couldn't meet the three-pull-up minimum.”

So, now women and men Marines may choose to do pullups, or pushups. The Corps had not used pushups in its PT test, so max score on that is now 70, but pullups has a max 100. Must be some kind of USMC math.

“Notably, all of the new standards will keep in place a gender-normed scoring system, which scores men and women differently on the same exercises in acknowledgment of different physical ability thresholds.”

So … The Corps recognizes physical differences between men and women, but still has to juggle stuff to make everybody appear equal.


Headline below this one until a few seconds ago: Conservation on the tarmac.

Conversation, conversation, conversation.

Conversation on the tarmac

Don William J. enters the restaurant, surprising two gruffs with guns, who work for Miss Loretta, the restaurant owner. WJ has his own gruffs with guns. Suspicion eyes suspicious. Miss Loretta is at the cash register. She is surprised. “Don William!” -- WJ laughs, makes kissie cheek with Miss Loretta, says, “I was just in the neighborhood, thought ‘Ya know, I oughta go see Miss Loretta, see how’s her business doin.’ So, Miss Loretta, how’s business?” -- Miss L: “It’s good, Don William. It’s good.” – WJ (laughing): “I’m glad to hear that, Miss Loretta.” Gets serious look. “Ya know, I’ve heard you got a problem with customers maybe having a hard time keeping secrets about meetings here.” – Miss L: “I don’t know anything about that, Don William.” – WJ: “Well, I heard that rumor. I know there was a misunderstanding with Barry H., but he and I got that all taken care of. He understood the importance of having my wife in a position of authority.” – Miss L: “That’s what I was told, Don William. And now everything is good.” – WJ: “I’m glad to know you agree, Miss Loretta. And I’m sure those rumors did not come from your employees.” – Miss L: “Oh, no, Don William! My people do not hear anything!” – WJ (nodding): “I’m glad to hear that, Miss Loretta. Oh, by the way. How are your grandbabies?”

Dependent's Day

My wife said while looking at yesterday’s mail today: “The government wastes a lot of money.”

I agreed, and asked, “How so this time?”

She held up a couple of envelopes and several pieces of paper, six as she counted.

“These six pages are invoices for two prescriptions,” she said. The invoices were from the Tricare-paid insurance company. The two three-page invoices arrived in separate envelopes. “Here, we have two window envelopes. One for each invoice.”

I said, “You don’t owe anything on the prescriptions, do you?”

“The invoices are for zero,” she said. “Two separate invoices in two separate envelopes, both for zero.”

What really got her going, though, were the two window envelopes. My wife has managed offices for two different non-profit organizations, one in Texas and one in Arkansas. She has done statewide contracts for IT, printing and office supplies and equipment; supervised six separate offices; managed multi-million-dollar budgets and done a whole lot of other stuff. She knows how much things cost, and she recognizes inefficiency and excess.

“These window envelopes cost 10 to 15 cents each,” she said. “And when you add in the postage … Of course, there won’t be any postage payment, because we won’t send zero payment. How many are there of these? How many zero invoices go out each month? You and I get around five. How many more are there? Five million? Every month?”

“Probably more,” I said.

“They could program all the zero invoices not to receive a window envelope,” she said. “It wouldn’t be that hard. Who’s it going to cost? Maybe the people who print the envelopes.”

Independence Day

This morning, I greeted a neighbor with “Happy Fourth.” She replied the same. Later, two other neighbor ladies said “Happy Fourth” to me. I responded, “And to you.”

Sudden realization moment: No. We should not greet others with “Happy Fourth,” but with “Happy Independence Day.”

On that day in 1776, the US was engaged in a war to decide the future of its citizens. Today, we are engaged in a more insidious kind of struggle, with an enemy whose existence many of our citizens deny. Here is truth about what that enemy intends:

Five true things we know about Sharia law

Link at

Sunday, July 3, 2016

What is wrong with these people?

Former labor secretary Robert Reich warns against “exclusive patriotism,” pushes “willingness to pay taxes” as “inclusive patriotism.”

Reich labels as bad patriotism “a unique and superior ‘Americanism’ that’s determined to exclude others beyond our borders.” Complains that the U.S. has let in only 3,127 of the 4 million Syrians who left their country because of a war backed by our inclusive president and his party.

‘Cause, you know, there’s no time for preaching hellfire and brimstone like Independence Day. Repent, you patriots of exclusivity!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Buckshot & deer slugs, aka Home Protection

“John Joshua Kitchen, 28 and Raymon Sydeck Pierce, 22 forced their way into a home in Walterboro, South Carolina and they were met inside by an armed homeowner who fired buckshot and deer slugs from his shotgun. Both criminal ended up at the hospital after leaving the residence at a high rate of speed and they’re looking at some pretty extensive surgery. Both are reportedly in critical condition.”

As stated before, TAH has one to six home defense stories daily, but Progressive/Socialist/Democratic/Gluten Free gun-grabbing advocates will tell you these events don’t often happen .