Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Zip Code 71666 -- Rohwer or McGehee? FEMA camp in the future?

Arkansas Home Town Locater says Rohwer is the preferred town linked to that Zip. McGehee is an accepted alternative, but Duce and Possum Fork are not acceptable.

I am confused. Seems like a town small town ought to have a Zip Code and Zip Code ought to cover one town or part of one. How does a letter carrier know whether someone lives in Rohwer or McGehee, if both have the same Zip Code?

Rohwer is an unincorporated area in Desha County, southwest Arkansas. During World War II, the U.S. government built a camp and put several hundred citizens of Japanese ancestry behind the barbed wire fences. The U.S. government had experience in relocating citizens, having moved thousands from poor farms and towns into government-built towns during the Depression. The federal Resettlement Administration designed communal farms until Congress put a stop to the idea. By F.D. Roosevelt’s best and brightest, poor Americans would happily work in communal fields of corn or cotton and sing the praises of the Northeast Liberals, who were smarter than any other geographical/political/social group in the whole wide world.

Believers in FEMA future roundup camps list the Rohwer site on web pages. says Rohwer’s current population is Zero, as in 0. That is 79 less than the 2000 census population. There were 31 households, averaging 2.55 persons. Of those 79, 73 were white and 3 were black. (It’s government math.)

McGehee, the acceptable alternative for Rohwer, had a population of 4,219 in the 2010 census. Demographic breakdown for 2000 show 56.72% white, 41.51% black. McGehee’s largest population was at the 1980 census, 5,671.

When dealing with Google or the U.S. government, everything is a case of take your chances.


Eleven days, four hotels, one family reunion, one reunion of the 11th Armored Cavalry Veterans of Vietnam and Cambodia, from Florida to Alabama to Mississippi to Louisiana to Texas and return, several restaurants.

Willie’s Duck Diner – West Monroe, La. My wife had Miss Kay’s meat loaf, Miss Kay’s macaroni and cheese and standard turnip greens. You should know my wife makes the best-ever meat loaf and macaroni & cheese. We both decided she should send her recipes to Miss Kay. I had the seafood gumbo. The seafood consisted of shrimp and sausage. It was OK. Overall, the food was good, as was the service, but we will not be going out of our way to eat there again.

Cattleman’s Steakhouse – Texarkana, Ark. I think I ate there in 1969. My father talked about the place, but his ideas were more along the line that a steak house called Cattleman’s had something to do with real cattlemen. The restaurant does not have T-bone steak. The restaurant is across the street from Texas, but it does not serve T-bone steak. My wife and I had ribeye. The steaks were on the downside of warm. We shall not again grace the establishment with our presence.

Walburg German Restaurant – Walburg, Texas. You have to want to go there, and the drive is worth it. If you don’t know anything about German communities in Central Texas, do a search. The restaurant stocks many brands of beer, German and Texan-German. Food was good; service was excellent. Priscilla and I stayed to hear six songwriters perform. Each played amplified acoustic guitar; none was too loud. Go there.

Salt Lick BBQ – Driftwood, Texas. Great place. Go there. Simple seating, some outdoors under oak trees. The restaurant is several miles west of I-35, down a winding, two-lane highway. Much scenery, many new housing additions dotting the countryside. Pork ribs were great.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Grand Hyatt Hotel -- San Antonio, Texas. The restaurant proves some chains do things right. Steak very good, service very good. The hotel is a couple of blocks from the Alamo; the restaurant has outdoor seating near the Riverwalk.

The best food was at brother Bill and sister-in-law Teresa's house -- chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans; dessert Italian cream cake (from scratch) by sister Carolyn and World's best banana pudding from my wife.

Eleven days, around 2,500 miles. The good eats were very good.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Your gun-totin’ government at work

In his 2008 campaign, candidate Obama promised to develop a civilian agency with the same budget and power of the Defense Department.

That had already started, but was spread over much of the Federal Government:

“Former U.S. Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) … points out that, ‘In the nine years until 2014, we found 67 agencies unaffiliated with the Defense Department bought $1.48 billion in weapons and ammunition. Of this total, $335.1 million was spent by agencies traditionally viewed as regulatory or administrative, such as the Smithsonian Institution and the US Mint.’”

Back in 08, somebody in the Obama administration truly believed in the need of a "civilian" agency as armed and as numerous as the Defense Department.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Didn’t see Si anywhere

After a struggle with Google and the layout of West Monroe, La., my wife and I found Duck Diner. Of the 510 Trip Advisor online reviews, 193 rated the place excellent, 130 said it was very good, and 39 people don’t like the Robertsons or West Monroe or were Democrats and rated the restaurant and food terrible.

The seafood gumbo was okay. Seafood included shrimp and sausage. My wife had Miss Kay’s meat loaf, with macaroni and cheese and turnip greens. The macaroni and cheese was not as good as my wife’s recipe. She said the meat loaf was good, but not as good as hers.

For the record, my wife makes the best-ever meat loaf, macaroni and cheese, and banana pudding.

Service was better than what we get in Florida.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Better hope there aren’t any big bumps

Seen in Pensacola, Fla., this afternoon, a man and a woman on a Harley, the man wearing sandals and shorts and a T-shirt, the woman in cutoff jeans and T-shirt, not a helmet** anywhere.

The weird thing: The woman was sitting on the rear fender. Not on an extended seat – On the fender. And she was a hefty woman.

My wife said, “They just went over a bump, and she bounced.”

Then: “He must really love her, as much as he’s making sure she’s safe.”

(**Yeah, yeah. To helmet or not to helmet is a personal choice, and: “The gub’mnt’s got no bizness tellin me I got to wear a helmet.” OK. I have never ridden a motor cycle. Fortunately, when I really considered the things, I didn’t have any money to buy one, nor did I have the mechanical abilities necessary to keep the thing running. And by the time I did have the money to buy one, I no longer wanted to.)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

What happens when she’s taken all their money?

“I’ll tell you how we’re going to pay for it,” she said Tuesday in Pennsylvania, referring specifically to her economic agenda. “We’re going where the money is.”

“We are going after the super wealthy, we are going after corporations, we are going after Wall Street so they pay their fair share.”

Link at

All those claimed Republicans who demand defeat of Trump will, if Mrs. Clinton wins, say, “We don’t agree with what she is doing.”

What?? The prisoners cheated? I am shocked!

“The helmets produced contained serious ‘deformities,’ according to the report, including ‘ballistic failures,’ ‘blisters’ and ‘expired paint.’ They were also manufactured with ‘unauthorized methods.’

“’A surprise inspection by the [inspector general’s office] and military personnel uncovered inmates … openly using improvised tools on the helmets, which damaged the helmets’ ballistic material, and created the potential for the tools’ use as weapons in the prison,’ the report found.

“The inspector general also discovered ‘testing and quality control’ problems, as FPI ‘pre-selected helmets for inspection,’ violating the terms of a Defense Department contract that called for random testing.”

Every inspection should be “Surprise! We’re here!” But, no. Advance notice and the manufacturers cheated? Shock!

Prisoners who ignored standards -- 10 lashes. Company officials and inspectors who cheated -- hang 'em high.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Internet motivational poster

(I think.)

“Pag walang sinabing bawal, Hindi maisip gawin. Pag sinabi namang bawal ginagawa. – Andrew A.

Carrier landing formula: SAC = PFX10

When SAC is Snapped Arresting Cable, PF is Pucker Factor and 10 represents E2C.

(Fox News is wrong. The aircraft did not fall off the carrier.)

Link at

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The poster said something about maladroit

It was all in French, and “maladroit” was the only word I immediately recognized, and even it was spelled Frenchily. I decided to find examples. I searched “maladroit.” I got screen after screen of “Definition of maladroit.” Okay; let’s try “maladroit examples.” After two screens of definitions, I went to screen 10 and found this:

“Today I recieved an email querying me about the missing in my jetty+django+jython post, and upon looking for it, i was suprised I could not find it. I linked to it, and I assume I would have copy+pasted the link from a browser's address bar, but it does not show in the commit history in github, or on my old work repository. I assume I've done something bizzare with the repository and overwritten it with a different one after moving the code around and forgot about it.”

The link doesn’t matter. That’s all in English, but unless there is a program writer joke, I don’t know why “maladroit examples” hit.

Okay, now I see. I was looking for content. The title of the site is “total maladroit.” Don’t see any, but writing on a machine is the totality of my computer abilities.

Or, how about this, as written?

“I think so it's good to lie unsell when you're at stake for examples when you do something stupid like to lose the engagement ring of your mother, or to soil and to make holes in your clothes,and when you arrive in you home then your mother see you with her bigs eyes and says what's that?.And for to protect you say : ‘It happened at the break we were playing rugby in the ground, we were knocking over by the olders , and were stamping with their shoes full of mud just for score their team:’But in reality,you're fighting with a idiot boy and you didn't want her yelled.

“Everybody know this sentence :’there is just the verity who hurt’, so it's natural and human (well I think) to lie sometimes for don't hurt a person, for example when you are with your friend and she says:’Did you have notice what I've gained weight? and you ask: Noo at all, you say anything!’ But in reality she was really and you didn't admit that for didn't hurt.”

Those who don’t know old acronyms, should

Just a little too close.

“Those who choose to keep money in foreign banks may need to file a Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts Report (FBAR). The FBAR is a tool used by the federal government to identify persons who may be using foreign financial accounts and services to circumvent income tax reporting.”

Or, maybe it’s the government’s way of saying tax cheats will be FuBARed if caught not complying.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Been there, saw that; didn’t write the message, though

“Dear Girl in Walmart. Yes it is summer but your shirt and shorts are way too small and you look like a half opened can of biscuits. Sincerely. The guy behind you clawing out his eyeballs.”

(And the girl mentioned, reading that, would say to a friend: “Uh-huh. Uh-huh. I saw a girl just like that my last trip to Walmarx. I tell you what, some girls don’t care they look like sluts.”)

‘The rich people got all that money and they not trying to give us any’

So we steal and burn stuff. It’s not our fault.

Ten-second video at

Below W.J. Clinton lying about something.

Action by U-9 wasn’t ‘the gentleman’s way,’ you see

“’The loss of nearly 60 officers and 1400 men would not have been grudged if it had been brought about by gunfire in an open action, but it is peculiarly distressing under the conditions which prevailed.’ While praising the courage and discipline of crews, the Admiralty lamented ‘the absence of any of the ardor and excitement of an engagement.’”

Well, yes, of course. Officers and men did not see the weapon which destroyed their ships and took their lives. Going broadside to broadside would be in keeping with naval traditions, concomitant with grapeshot, solid shot and massive wooden splinters piercing human flesh.

Modern war, then, taught sailors the lesson known by many a dirt dog soldier – Death can take you at any time and at any place, at any range.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Get it right, people!*

NEW YORK, NY—GLAAD announced Wednesday an updated initialism which should be used moving forward to refer to the world’s expanding list non-hetero communities. Weighing in at 30 characters, the new title has surpassed the English alphabet in length and now includes alphanumeric characters and symbols.

“Whereas before, people would refer to ‘LGBT,’ ‘LGBTQ,’ ‘LGTBIQ,’ ‘LGBTTQQIAAP,’ or various other collections of letters, we now advise exclusive the use of the umbrella acronym LGBTTQQFAIPBGD7@bRs?PLWb+2Z9A2,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD in a press statement.

“We owe it to the LGBTTQQFAIPBGD7@bRs?PLWb+2Z9A2 community not to be belittling or patronizing, which is why we strongly urge the memorization and widespread adoption of this new term in all written and voice communications, effective immediately.”

Wrapping up the announcement, Ellis disclosed that GLAAD had taken the first steps toward changing their organization’s name to LGBTTQQFAIPBGD7@bRs?PLWb+2Z9A2AAD.

*Is that right? Can I say “people?” I don’t want to offend any non-human readers. Can I say “human?” I know “dudes” and “ladies” and “guys” are all improper, because some persons (?) do not consider themselves man or woman. Here’s what we can do: Anybody offended by those pronouns, I’ll just call you “pussy.” Is that OK? Thanks.

Kyrgyzstan president: ‘Women in MiniSkirts Don’t Become Suicide Bombers’

And: "If you do not like Kyrgyzstan you can leave our country and go wherever you want. We can pay your travel expenses, even to Syria," the president said - an apparent reference to his government's claim that around 350 Kyrgyz citizens are fighting with jihadi groups in Syria and Iraq.

Link at

What the establishment ‘conservative’ thinks

(1) Sometime between now and election day, Ronald Reagan will rise from the grave and be a qualified candidate in every State and territory.


(2) Hillary Clinton will defeat Donald Trump, and the establishment types can say, “See? We told you so. Now, let us get back to work cementing our positions in government, and just do as we say.”

Was a time I read “conservative” news and opinion sites with a view of knowing what the Progressive/Democrats were up to in taking away my God-given rights or further undermining long-held traditions of what keeps a people free.

Now, those same sites are intent only in seeing Trump defeated in November. If that defeat happens, those establishment “conservatives” will disclaim any responsibility in the election of Hillary Clinton.

Charlatans, knaves, liars, interested only in themselves.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

New word

Rob on the staff at The Melting Pot in St. Petersberg when setting menu items on the table: “And for your delicification …” I don’t remember what the item was because I was taken by “delicification.”

(FIX, 1009, 14Aug16. I originally had "St. Petersberg," but spellcheck said, "That's wrong, dufus. The real spelling is "St. Petersburg." Spellcheck was wrong. I apologize for not checking.)A

Friday, August 12, 2016

Aliens played for both sides

And lost.

Ancient Aliens is some kind of program on History (which used to be The History Channel, but maybe changing the name was supposed to give the TV channel more bona fides as real history or something).

The program has been on (The) History (Channel) since 2010, but not in any program have any “ancient astronaut theorists” given anything other than speculation. (Which, before I forget, if these extra-terrestrials are so advanced, why is all their work only in rock or scratches on rocks? Didn’t they have any plastic?)

Several episodes (of which I have not watched more than 10-15 minutes) focus on alien technology used by Nazis during the 12-year reign of the Thousand-Year-Old Reich. You know – rockets and such.

One program in tonight’s loooong lineup reportedly will show “ancient astronaut theorists” proof that aliens aided Communists in taking Russia.

Hmm. Helped Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s. Helped Communists in 1917-1921.

Didn’t work, did it?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

UC Davis recommends ‘Hey, y’all’ as proper greeting

Yes. The University of California at Davis says students, faculty, probably even visitors and delivery persons not say “Hey, guys” or “Hey, ladies” or any other possible gender misidentification.

Because, you know, like words hurt.

“Y’all.” All those years of Southern ignorantizing, and suddenly "Youse guys” is genderist.

Link at

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Don’t you just get tired of this stuff?

“So, after the parades and speechifying, less than a third of the apartment in ‘Veterans’ Village’ went to veterans – veterans that applied for the apartments, were left hanging waiting for word on their new homes.”

“Different layers of public funding come with strings attached. Two-thirds of the units in Veteran Village have already been promised to other categories of residents to comply with government set-asides.

“’We have strict criteria we have to meet with different layers of funding,’ said Vazquez-Rowland in an interview. ‘We do have a vet preference, but we don’t have a guarantee for veterans.’”

“’Our caseworker just told us all to give up on it and look for something else,’ Fernandes said. The site’s website says the project is no longer accepting applications.”

Entire story:

Monday, August 8, 2016

‘Tajikistan Mulls Prosecuting Rude Russian Reporter’

How rude.

“Tajikistan’s General Prosecutor is considering prosecution for a Russian journalist for ‘inciting ethnic hatred’ over an article that mocked the country and its president.

“Sergei Ponomaryov’s piece in Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda about a visit to Tajikistan was published last month and featured numerous crude stereotypes. The article has already led to the shuttering of the local edition of the newspaper, which had a circulation of 5,000 in Tajikistan.”

Kazakh businesses need to 'cut costs and stimulate productivity’

Translation: We will do away with some jobs.

Translation plus reality: We will hire younger people for the jobs suddenly reinstated.

“In 2005, the government estimated that 83,000 individuals of retirement age or above were still in the workforce, but by 2015, that number had ballooned to 210,000.”

“Experts” believe older people are working longer because of uncertain economy and because pension systems have been reorganized, perform poorly and money is missing.

So, the Kazakh government will help older workers by giving businesses the power to arbitrarily sack them. pushing for Mrs. Clinton

The web site proclaims itself as: “Another Right-Wing Web Aggregator and Purveyor of Unpopular Opinions.”

Since the “He’s not one of us” Donald Trump began to get lots and lots of votes in Republican primaries and more TV time than any other candidate, the “Right-Wing” site has more anti-Trump writings than anti-Mrs. Clinton and her Socialist/Progressive fascist notions and lies.

To wit, today’s edition:

“Trump Pledges to Replace Constitution With Ferengi Rules of Acquisition.”

“Last Days of the ‘He Can Pivot’ Fantasy,” with this lead:

“Jonah Goldberg looks on sadly as some Republicans continue to delude themselves with the fantasy that Trump can stop the insane, embarrassing, election-losing behavior and become presidential.”

(For the reality of Jonah Goldberg, see archives of )

“Every Responsible Republican Ought to Have Stood in Trump’s Way”

Mona Charen: “Every single Republican with influence, from the local sheriff to the speaker of the House, at every stage of this process, should have stood up on his hind legs and denounced this fraud.”

(Reminds one of Ronald Reagan’s message: I did not leave the Democratic Party; the Democratic Party left me. Or in now words: The people we elected as Republicans turned their backs on us and turned their coats on principles.)

“The Week Trump Proved He’s Crazy’

“Some Awful Truths”

By Steve Hayward, including: “If Republicans had nominated one of their conventional candidates, that nominee would be running 10 points ahead of Hillary.”

(More of that “He isn’t one of us knowledgeable people.”)

And one (1) column against Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy to be the leader of just another somewhat powerful country: “Poor Hillary!”

“Hillary is getting sick and tired of being accused of all the things she has done.”

Here’s what the establishment, in-the-know Republicans do not understand: We are sick and tired of being given bags of promises that turn out to be bags of shit when opened.

Those Republicans are incapable of understanding that simple “We are tired” fact because they are not tired of holding their high offices or occupying high-paying jobs. We are tired of the monkeys demanding more and more bananas.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Solitaire Zip Code 72546 – Ida, Arkansas

Or, maybe not. says Ida; says the Zip is Tumbling Shoals.

Maybe there will be a knock-down, drag-out as sometimes was when people in two towns competed to see which would be county seat, and people from one town stole all the county records and said, “We are it,” people from the other town said, “Not so fast there, Pilgrim,” and stole the records back or appealed to the state government. It sometimes happened, back in 19th century U.S.

Other sites have Tumbling Shoals Zip as 72581. Both it and Ida are in Cleburne County. We will go with Ida.

Ida is north of Tumbling Shoals and has a median household income almost $11,000 higher, but average household income of $25,000 less. Of all Ida households, 0.0% are considered “high income,” while 4.4% of Tumbling Shoals households are in that category. Information is from the Census Bureau’s American Community Service survey of 2014-15. (I did not complete that form, although the form said completion was REQUIRED BY LAW!!! Well, Federal Government, you can … Now, now. Settle down. OK.) Incomebyzipcode does not define “high income.”

Wikipedia says Ida has a hair salon and a convenience store. says there are no marijuana stores or head shops near Ida. I would modify that statement with “nowhere near,” but people shopping for weed can find all they need in the Ida area, or anywhere else in Arkansas. It is not “The Natural State” for nothing.

If you search for Ida and not the zip code, 95% of the hits will be for Mount Ida, which is not even in the neighborhood. has the population of Ida at 181.

Five years ago, Post Office officials met with several Ida residents concerning a proposal to close the post office. Residents were not impressed. See letter and statements here:

Here is a piece on post offices in the South. The story has an interior shot of the Ida post office.

Pangburn, Arkansas

Pangburn is in White County, which pretty much is – 93.52 percent white by 2000 census figures; 3.56 percent “Black or African-American;” and 1.88 percent “Hispanic or Latino of any race.”

In the same census, Pangburn’s population was 654 – 98.78 percent White; 0.15 percent “Black or African-American;” and 1.53 percent “Hispanic or Latino of any race.”

The 2010 census showed a decrease of 53 people.

(What is Federal difference between “Hispanic” and “Latino?” Here is an explanation, but it might not be official government policy:

(“Even though both terms are used interchangeably, there is a difference between Hispanic and Latino. Hispanic is a term that originally denoted a relationship to ancient Hispania (Iberian Peninsula). Now it relates to the contemporary nation of Spain, its history, and culture; a native of Spain residing in the United States is a Hispanic. Latino refers more exclusively to persons or communities of Latin American origin. While there is a significant overlap between the groups, Brazilians are a good example of Latinos who are not Hispanic. Both terms were meant to refer to ethnicity, not race; however, in the U.S., they are often used haphazardly to refer to race as well.”)

(At an Army National Guard formation in Dallas one Sunday, the company first sergeant lamented that soldiers were no longer just soldiers, but were considered White or Caucasian, Black of African-American, Hispanic or Latino. “I can’t say Mexican any more,” the first sergeant said. From the ranks, a voice said, “I prefer Latino, myself,” followed by, “Not me. I’m Hispanic.” Both soldiers were born in Dallas.)

A Titan II launch silo fire five miles southeast of Pangburn on Aug. 9, 1965, killed 53 men. “The fire was later determined to have been caused by the ignition of flammable hydraulic fluid inside a high-pressure line that was accidentally struck by a welding rod.”

Pangburn has Southern Girls Barbecue, a Pizza Plus, Willie’s Fish House, Country Kitchen and Pizza Palace. So Yelp says.

‘The “Allahu Akhbar” factor has already been acknowledged'

“Medical professionals now understand this phrase to be a cry for help from a mentally ill young person who has been marginalized and bullied after experiencing racism and discrimination at the hands of European society.”

Man with machete attacks two police officers in Belgium. The attacker shouted “Allahu Akhbar” before he was shot.

(I blame Black Lives Matter, in part. Attacking a police officer is part of the struggle against racism, imperialism, colonialism and the continued occupation of Palestine by Crusader-backed Zionists.)


British tabloid blasts Navy for spending millions on a 5-inch gun, “which is the length of a toothbrush.”

One comment: “Honestly, the low-calibre of journalism graduates these days,”

Link at

Saturday, August 6, 2016

What do you call a sports network that lost 4 million subscribers?

The View (without the balls), or ESPN.

Hardcore Social Justice Warrior Advocacy Channel With Occasional Highlight Reels of Home Runs Hemmorhaging Subscribers, For Some Reason


ESPN -- Your one stop shop for listening to a morbidly fat white sportscaster, who looks like if you threw him a ball his instinct would tell him to cover it in cheese sauce and cookie crumbles and then eat it and then poop his pants, lecture you that you shouldn't body-shame Lena Dunham.

They lost four (4) million (000,0000) subscribers last year.

And I guess that's just among the cable networks that allow you to de-subscribe.

Gee I wonder why men are no longer watching?

I think men have an inborn sexist impulse. I really do. Hear me out.

I think that at some point in a boy's life, say from age 11 to 13, he starts tuning out his mother's voice.

Oh, it's not because he doesn't love his mom. All good boys love their mom. But boys get sick of being told what to do, and it's their mothers (being the primary care-givers) who do most of the telling them what to do.

Plus, when Dad tells you what to do, it's occasional, and it's serious. Dad brings the threat of a belting.

But mom? She's always telling you what to do, and she's also less violent, so it's safer to ignore her.

Anyway, men start tuning out the "do this, do that" coming from women's voices.

Alas, I think this does carry over to later years, and I do think this sort of rebellion-against-mom (which is really not a rebellion against mom per se, but a stab at actual "adult" autonomy) carries over and men get kind of annoyed listening to women nag at them.

But not just women. Men might be particularly sensitive to a female voice nagging at them, but what they learned, in a psycho-social reaction at age 11-13, was to rebel from anyone nagging at them in that hectoring, lecturing, You Must be a Good Boy voice.

Men don't like hearing this bullshit from men, either. In fact, we might actually hate it more, because men are the same animals as we are. Women are different animals. When the same animal as you attempts to assert his dominance by putting you lower on the social pecking order by asserting his primacy by lecturing you as if you were a child and he were your daddy, men rebel and tune out -- innately, sometimes counterproductively (Because seriously, we really need to listen sometimes -- don't we, ladies? But we can't.)

Why the fuck does ESPN think men are tuning in to hear their priests-with-no-gods sermonizing?

How long do they think that real men -- rebellious, cantankerous, belligerently autonomous men -- will put up with this Atheist Sunday School bullshit for?

I tuned out my mom's nagging, and I loved her.

Why the fuck would I put up with it from Fat Chris Berman?

Hey Chris -- instead of lecturing me on gun violence, how about you put that energy into something productive, like squats?

You big fat flappy mouthed dum-dum.

Old Wisdom: ESPN is just Dungeons and Dragons for guys who used to beat up guys who played Dungeons and Dragons.

New Wisdom: ESPN is Bravo for guys who find all that hammer-swinging and beam-cutting on house-flipping shows to be reductively masculine

By the way: Tonight begins the Olympics, also known as the Sports Pageant For People Who Don't Actually Like Sports (TM).

It'll be on NBC, because, of course, it Must be.

Shouting! Is! High! Energy! Programming!

34 There is some ESPN show that comes on at 5:00 that has a round robin format that is absolutely some of the most obnoxious crap on TV.
What is with the fcking bells? And yelling?
Posted by: nip sip
42 I hate just imagining it.
My idea for an ESPN "high energy sports debate show" would be sixteen people on screen, lots of wacky sound effects and intrusive graphics, and where everyone has a strict 3-second countdown to speak, and if they go over it they get THE AIRHORN and a PUNCH IN THE BALLS FROM A MIDGET REFEREE

Posted by: ace

My comments:

ESPN got rid of Ditka, got rid of Schilling, and put some college softball-playing bimbo in the booth to explain how men play baseball. If she was any good, she would have been an MLB player.

MLB Network has writers (men) who did not play in The Show, but those writers do not explain to anybody how to hit a baseball.

How does John Kruk stay with that network?

Screaming birds suddenly silent

A (what I took to be) green parrot with a black head sat on a top branch in a crape myrtle in the back yard. The bird made a couple of screams and ate some berries.

Priscilla had commented on another parrot a couple of days ago, one sitting in the same crape myrtle. “We wondered what they ate,” she said. "Now we know."

Two flights stay here for a month or so this time of the year. The birds are noisy -- screaming when taking off from the big oak trees, screaming while flying, screaming when landing, screaming while sitting in the trees. Maybe the birds scream, “I’m here! I’m here!” so the others will know nobody has become lost or eaten, or maybe the birds scream, “That’s my place! Don’t you even think about landing in my place!” The tone and volume of the screams sound like the latter, but I don’t speak Bird.

The parrot this morning ate a couple of berries and just sat on the branch. Then, another landed and ate a berry. I looked closer and saw another I had not seen, and then another and another … Altogether, there were six birds in the crape myrtle, their green blending with the leaves.

One bird flew to another crape myrtle, about 10 feet away. Soon, more birds flew in and landed in the second tree. The birds were not screaming; very unusual. Maybe there’s a bird rule: No screaming while eating.

I focused on the first tree and counted seven birds. The second tree had five. A dozen black-headed green parrots, and not one was screaming.

That couldn’t last. And it didn’t.

Something startled a bird, and all fifteen took flight – the dozen I had seen, and the three hidden in the second tree.

The birds are about 12 inches long and have a wing span of around 23 inches. And, I found with a simple search, they are black-headed parakeets, not parrots.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Light, Arkansas, Zip Code 72439. Is it really there?

Light is in the northeast part of Arkansas, Green County, 23.3 km west of Paragould. Light should not be confused with Delight, which is in Pike County, in southwest Arkansas.

Light has a humid subtropical climate. The highest average high is 92 degrees Fahrenheit in July; the lowest average low is 27, in January.

Wikipedia has more listings for Gurdon Lights than for the community of Light. And, Delight is known as the home place of Glenn Campbell, singer, and the man who butchered the role of LaBeouf in True Grit. It’s a wonder Rooster Cogburn didn’t take a quirt to him. says Light has no people, but does have four businesses. says Light has no streets and no houses. says 72439 is not currently assigned anywhere. says David Pratt Equipment has the address of P.O. Box 1 in Light.

Maybe all those “doesn’t exist” mentions are because of the UFO report in Light earlier this year.

Shape: Circle - Duration: 20 seconds

Light, Arkansas - 04-21-16

Bright white sphere witnessed while eastbound on Hwy. 412.

On the night of 04/21/2016, at 23:40, I was driving east bound on Hwy. 412. While driving, I witnessed a very bright flash behind my vehicle which was followed by the appearance of a bright white orb in my rear view mirror. The object disappeared from my mirror shortly after appearing there.

The object, or one with the same appearance, became visible again to the left of my vehicle 2-3 seconds after disappearing from my mirror. The object moved in a straight line until it was visible in front of me and to the left.

The object seemed to pulse once (the light the object was emitting seemed to get brighter and expand momentarily) and then shot forward leaving a bluish white trail that faded quickly.

The object flashed again and disappeared. The entire episode lasted approximately 20 seconds.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the witness, just minutes after the reported event had occurred, and he seemed to us to be quite sober-minded. Also, he was quite eloquent, and described the event in very object, measured terms. We strongly suspect that he is highly reliable witness. A twenty second long sighting rules out a sighting of a meteor, even an unusually long-duration meteor, we believe. PD))

A community in Northeast Arkansas, not far from Missouri, the state of the James Gang; a community that might or might not have: a Zip Code, people, houses; yet does have a UFO sighting ... What better locale for a hidden space alien base?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Damn! We need to stop enlisting Southerners and go get some Yankees

The U.S. military “is a safe refuge for Southern sympathizers.”

How can this be? Didn’t the anti-South win the Civil War, to the tune of around 1 million dead?

Well … “The tradition of Southern military service ensures that a large proportion of the US military comes from the South. According to the Department of Defense’s 2014 report on population breakdown within the department it shows that almost 45% of all new enlisted acessions (recruits) come from the Southern states, a steady increase over the past few decades, while ascessions from other regions of the country have declined. As the conclusion of the report notes:

“’Geographically, the military continues to obtain its proportional share of AC accessions from the West and Midwest, but accessions from the South are overrepresented, and accessions from the Northeast are underrepresented.’”

‘Winning the Civil War, Finally’

Now, in keeping with Democratic/Progressive ideals, if a group is underrepresented, the Federal Government must do something to increase representation. The quoted study shows a lack of diversity. Therefore, the U.S. military must – must – do more to recruit Northeasterners. But how to do that, when, obviously, persons from the Northeast are not proportionally interested in military service? Should the government pay NE enlistees more than those from other parts of the country? No, that would be against “equal pay for equal work.” Same for promising increased benefits.

The only answer that fits legally is to levy, conscript, draft more persons from the NE until the numbers reach proportionality.

No wonder Balkan people are always fighting

Or maybe if Google could figure out where stuff is.

A zip code from solitaire was 74473. There is no U.S. town or area with the number, but it is assigned to Donja Dubica, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Search for Donja Dubica (or DD, as we will term it) got many hits. But the hits don’t match.

The first result from Wikipedia has “Dubica.” Sounded like maybe. But that Dubica is Kozarska Dubica, a town of 23,000. Kozarska Dubica is administratively part of the Republika Srpska. Wikipedia also says: “The town is originally known as "Kozarska Dubica" (Kozarska Dubica) but was renamed "Kozarska Dubica" (Козарска Дубица in Serbian Cyrillic) by the authorities of the Republika Srpska following the Bosnian War as part of a policy to purge out Bosnian prefixes.”

Oh. The name was changed from “Kozarska Dubica” to “Kozarska Dubica.”

Another listing for a Donja Dubica shows only ethnicity of the town’s population: Hrvati, Srbi, Muslimani, Jugoslaveni, ostali i nepozanto and ukupno. has a DD, with a population of 3,489. The currency is Marka, and the dialing code is +387.

There are a few pictures as well.

Another hit lists a “Gornja Dubica.”

Then there is an account of the 1990s war:

war crimes by Croatians against Serbs. You might think, “Same old Balkans stuff,” but remember the Nazis formed an independent Croatia, and Croatian Ustashi aided the Germans against Yugoslav guerrillas.

“Djoko (Stevo) Goranic from Donja Dubica, 55 years of age, says the following in his statement referring to that time and those events:

"’Fake wedding motorcades passed through the village many times. Protruding from the passing column of cars were aggressive fingers showing a V for victory, or hands indicating the motions of throat slitting so as to openly threaten the people, checkered (Ustashi) flags were waved, and all kinds of abuse and threats were shouted from them. Ustashi slogans and Ustashi symbols were drawn on the village road. Rallying cries and symbols with the same meaning and message were written and drawn on traffic signs and on fences around Serbian houses. This was done mainly at night in order to intimidate the Serbs. The initiatives of the Serbs from Donja Dubica with the communal assembly in Odzak aimed at peace, and requesting that the authorities deal with these practices had no result whatsoever’".

Remember, too, Serbians harassed and killed by Muslims in the Yugoslav/Serbian province of Kosovo, and the U.S. leading NATO into a bombing campaign against Yugoslavia, and now Kosovo is a separate country.

Too much to think about right now.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Grammar check

As written:

Dawkins took back the list of names. “My deputy checked the headlights on the three cars. He said each one had a hole the size of a twenty-two.”

Grammar check hit on “hole.” I knew what it wanted to change to, but I checked anyway.

“Commonly confused words.

“Hole means an opening or a flaw.

“Whole means complete.”

A “whole the size of a twenty-two.” Maybe Grammar doesn’t know what a twenty-two is.

And we’re supposed to care, because …

Facebook headline: “Lea Michele: Actress Reveals Tattoo in Magazine Spread as Tribute to Late Boyfriend Cory Monteith.”

Who are those people? Maybe I’m becoming like Granny Clampett and waiting for the newest Tom Mix movie.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Lazy? Mommy not around to get you dressed?

You need a Suitsy! What is a Suitsy, you ask?

“The get-up features a button-down shirt, suit pants and jacket — all sewn together for your convenience. All a guy’s gotta do is step in and zip up.”

That’s right – Just step in and zip up, you are ready for whatever the world puts in your way.

Response from Ace of Spades HQ:

“One thing I think we all can agree on -- a non-controversial, pro-social position that can unite us all in an upbeat, positive way -- is that we should put all Millennials on Fun Trains which will in turn take them to special Togetherness Camps where they will be instructed in the fine art of mining hazardous radioactive materials and/or burying people who have died due to exposure to hazardous radioactive materials.”

Sandhill cranes

A solitary Sandhill Crane walked along the dam at the far end of the pond this morning.

Sandhills do not travel alone. Always there is a Daddy and a Mommy and in the right time of the year, a Baby. Earlier this year, Priscilla and I saw a family of four. It’s always good to see the babies. They grow up fast, though, and at the right time will take flight with their parents and go back to Nebraska and maybe Siberia. And then all will come back next year. At two years or so, the new adults will find that special other Sandhill and soon there will be more babies.

That’s the way things are supposed to be. Sandhills mate for life, so to see an adult alone is somewhat sad.

I went back to writing for a couple of minutes, and then looked up to check on the Sandhill. It was now near the end of the dam.

Behind the Sandhill was another crane, one I took as the same size, but white. I replaced my computer reading glasses with looking at real stuff glasses. The other crane looked white because of the sun’s angle. It was another Sandhill. Together, the two Sandhills walked from the dam and onto another grassy area.