Friday, November 30, 2018

Why was this woman released from jail?

Woman arrested for reckless driving and resisting arrest, released, later arrested for stealing a car, released, and later allegedly killed another woman in a Family Dollar store.

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Just so people will know their ethnicity?

An ad for a musical group Black Violin was just on TV. As one might assume, the group is two black guys who play violin. A search shows the two are considered hip-hop.

You know, not once was Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys ever introduced as “That white band.”

And, ethnicity is an invention.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

‘What we do best is to stand there and look ugly’

Motorcycle club members protect people burned out by California fire.

“We’re like the wolves protecting the lambs. Sometimes it takes a wolf to protect people from the other wolves out there.”

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

If a Russian missile falls in a forest…

“People gone hunting and found a missile ‘We heard loud noise last night when we arrived, but didn’t pay attention very much. Today we went back to the forest and this is what we found lying here, just couple meters from the road you see it’s our car right there’
“And by the way you better never do it – the rocket fuel is a very toxic thing.”

Mars has water! Oh, wait.

22 NOV 2018
“We've arrived at a sad realisation. A handful of pixels in about 90 percent of the images taken by one of the major instruments on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter are showing things that just aren't there.

“Researchers uncovered the error after searching for better signs of moisture-absorbing materials on the Martian surface. Not only did they turn out to be a mirage, doubts have now been raised over the precise distribution of water across the planet.

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So, maybe yes? Maybe no?

Monday, November 26, 2018

More legal guns, less violent crime

NRA propaganda? Nope. Studies by the UN and our own Centers for Disease Control.

“Norway, Finland, Germany, France and Denmark, which have high rates of gun ownership, have low murder rates. On the other hand, in Luxembourg, where handguns are totally banned and ownership of any kind of gun is minimal, the murder rate is nine times higher than Germany. Their source of information? The United Nations' International Study on Firearms Regulation, published by the UN's Economic and Social Council and the United Nations Commission on Crime-Prevention and Criminal Justice.
“When Kates and Mauser compared England with the United States, they found ’a negative correlation,’ that is, ‘where firearms are most dense violent crime rates are lowest, and where guns are least dense, violent crime rates are highest.’ There is no consistent significant positive association between gun ownership levels and violence rates.”

A longish read, but worth the time.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

It's good, being a Texan

Q: Why did the University of Texas disband its water polo team? A: All the horses drowned. 

If God had not wanted Texans to ski, He wouldn't have given them New Mexico and

Jeff Foxworthy: If someone in a Lowe’s store offers you assistance, but doesn’t work there, you might be in Texas.

John Cusack: Texas women have an amazing sense of purpose when they lose it. They’re the best girls in the world – they’re loyal and fun, but when they get mad, they’ll try to kill you.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Lilly Steinschneider

By Gergely Kolba | Nov 24, 2018 | Special Hungary

She was only 20 years old when she first flew with an aeroplane. She was not ashamed of wearing a leather jacket, boots and a pilot’s helmet — a young and strong woman who served as a nurse during World War I. She is Lilly Steinschneider, the first ever Hungarian airwoman.

She was born on 13th January 1893 in Budapest in a wealthy Austrian-Hungarian-Jewish family. Her father Bernát Steinschneider was a wealthy owner of a quilt factory, and her mother Irma Wohr had Czech origins. According to parish registers, Lilly was the second child born in the Steinschneider family. She had a brother called Hugó Steinschneider, but there is not much known about him. The family’s life-long duty was to provide quilt covers for the House of Habsburg in Austria. The first eighteen years of Lilly’s life remain a mystery, but historians assume that she finished secondary school as any other regular student back in that time.

The summer of 1910 was the most significant in Steinschneider’s life. The annual International Aeroplane Festival took place in Budapest where the young girl fell in love with flying and aeroplanes and decided to dedicate her life to become a pilot.

After her successful motor vehicle exam, she started to learn how to become a pilot. Coming from a wealthy family Steinschneider was not affected by financial difficulties and with the support of her father she could go the distance. First, she travelled with famous pilots to see how to fly an aeroplane. She succeeded in the first part of her pilot exam in Wiener Neustadt, where her teacher was Karl Illner, Austria’s most famous aeroplane pilot. The second part of her exam was on 15th August 1912, where besides Karl Illner, Lieutenant Kirsch, the leader of the Imperial and Royal Aviation Troops, and Captain Uzelac were also present. After the successful exam, Steinschneider and Captain Uzelac flew together up to 1800 meters. Her performance and her insight into flying astonished many people.

On 6th October 1912 in Nagyvárad, she took off with her plane, which was her first public flying after her exams. After her safe landing, the 2000 people who gathered together to watch Steinschneider’s flying gave her an amazing ovation.

“Beautiful flying. Steinschneider spends 31 minutes up in the air and lands beautifully on the ground. The crowd rushes towards her aeroplane, puts Steinschneider on their shoulders and brings her to the aeroplane hangar where her master, Karl Illner jumps into her arms and kisses her wildly. People jump over the cordons and request an autograph from the young woman. That’s why Pál Teleki (prime minister of the Kingdom of Hungary) hardly can get through the crowd to congratulate.” – wrote local newspaper Nagyváradi Napló on 8th October 1912.

In 1913 she took part in a competition held in Budapest where she won the first prize in the category of the fastest pilot and second prize in the category of long-distance flying. While landing with the aeroplane she accidentally hit a sand mound, which broke her plane. Luckily, she did not get injured.

Steinschneider’s carrier was interrupted by World War I. She wanted to join the Imperial Forces as a pilot, but her father did not approve of her idea. She served as a nurse during the war. In 1914 she got married to Count Johannes von Ronspergheim and moved to his estate in the Czech Republic.

After the war ended, civil aviation became prohibited, which meant that Steinschneider did not have the opportunity to fly anymore. In 1927 she gave birth to her first child Maria Electa Thecla Elisabeth Christina Helena Sophia.

In 1939 she and her daughter moved to Italy from the Czech Republic to avoid the terror of Nazi Germany. They lived in poor circumstances.

One of the most famous and outstanding Hungarian women died at her age of 86 in 1977, although some historians state that she died two years earlier in Geneva. But one thing is for sure: a street in Wiener Neustadt, where the first Hungarian airwoman took her first exam, was named after Steinschneider.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Blacks are inherently violent…

...but whites don’t care, as long as urban reservations keep violent blacks in their place.

“Race relations in America, with regards to blacks, have always been about a series of gates. Blacks who can behave themselves pass through the gate from the ghetto to the suburbs. Blacks with something on the ball can enter into the managerial class, assuming they are willing to accept their symbolic role in the system. The violent and stupid, in contrast, cannot pass through those gates, so they are penned up in urban reservations guarded by the police.
“Whites in America, have come to terms with this by never thinking about it. Liberal whites invest their time in fantasies like structural racism and white privilege, while normal whites just ignore it. Blacks, on the other hand, are keenly aware of this reality. For those able to pass through those gates, there is a need to obscure this reality, but also a deep resentment for it. You’ll note that black anger at white America comes from those able to pass through the gates, because they know the underlying assumptions are true.”
Back in the Bad Old Days (and in many ways, they really were), every town and city had an area where “they” lived. Those places were, in polite conversation, designated by a direction, North Side, East Side, South Side, West Side. In not-so-polite, but reality-based, conversation, those places were known as “Nigger town.” Those areas were configured by run-down houses, dirt streets, no street lights, trashed yards, broken down cars and all the other regiments of poor.
The same areas exist today, but we have grown too well-mannered to talk about them.

If a Muslim beats his wife... it domestic violence, or child abuse?


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Congressman ready to order your death

 “Last week a congressman embarrassed himself on Twitter. He got into a debate about gun control, suggested a mandatory buyback—which is basically confiscation with a happy face sticker on it—and when someone told him that they would resist, he said resistance was futile because the government has nukes.

“And everybody was like, wait, what?
“Of course the congressman is now saying that using nuclear weapons on American gun owners was an exaggeration, he just wanted to rhetorically demonstrate that the all-powerful government could crush us peasants like bugs, they hold our pathetic lives in their iron hand, and he’d never ever advocate for the use of nuclear weapons on American soil (that would be bad for the environment!), and instead he merely wants to send a SWAT team to your house to shoot you in the face if you don’t comply.
“See? That’s way better.”

One of the best reads on why gun confiscation will not work. Unless those ordering confiscation are ready for millions (that's millions) of dead Americans.

First Temple tax weight found in Jerusalem

By Amanda Borschel-Dan

“An extremely rare, minuscule biblical stone weight inscribed in ancient Hebrew script with the word ‘beka’ was discovered in rubble taken from excavations at the foundations of the Western Wall.

“’This is a word that is used both inside and outside of the Bible. You don’t need to ask too many questions, just open the Bible and see it. It’s very simple. You can see beka written in the Bible and what it was used for, and there you have it,’ (archaeologist Eli Shukron) said.

“’The Bible, the artifact found close to Solomon’s Temple, north of the City of David, the Temple foundations – everything is connected,’ said Shukron.

Bugs, snow, snakes confuse self-driving cars

By Jack Hellner

“Soda cans can confuse the sensor, bumpy roads can mess up navigation, and snow and frost can reduce effectiveness. Self-driving cars aren’t that good in the dark either, and they have trouble spotting things close to the ground. Bugs on the windshield also confuse the sensor.

“I am having a lot of trouble thinking of anything else that could go wrong.

“I believe self-driving cars and trucks will be ready and safe to go for everyone the same time that bureaucrats and politicians can control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity forever, not to mention, the huge global economy, if we just hand them trillions of dollars.”

Link at maggiesfarm.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Fire! Got snowballs?

‘Russian Cops Put Out Fire With Snowballs’

"Two traffic police officers have been commended in the Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk for averting a tragedy when they rushed to help put out a fire armed with nothing more than snowballs.

"First Lieutenant Yevgeny Lunin and Lieutenant Pavel Istomin were on patrol in the village of Kuragino when they witnessed heavy smoke rising out of a garage next to a house, police said in a statement Monday.

"They alerted the fire department and helped facilitate the evacuation of residents before the flames spread.

“'The guardians of law and order continued to hurl snow at the burning fence and garage gates before firefighters arrived,' the Krasnoyarsk regional branch of the Interior Ministry said.

"The fire started after a car parked in a garage short-circuited, it said.

"The statement added that the two traffic police officers would be awarded for helping to avoid the tragedy."

Israel says ‘No’ to UN migrant order

By Paul Dijks

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Tuesday that Israel will not be signing the United Nations’ global migration pact set to be signed next month in Marrakech, Morocco, Israel must protect its borders.

The Prime Minister said in a statement: “I instructed the Foreign Ministry to announce that Israel won’t participate [in the Marrakech gathering] and won’t sign the migration pact”.
He further states: “We have a duty to guard against illegal infiltrators.” The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is due to be formally approved at the 11-12 December meeting in Marrakech.
The United States earlier pulled out of negotiations, as did Hungary, in July. Other nations that have announced refusal to sign include Austria, Australia, Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Croatia.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Army’s 1919 cross-country trip

Washington, D.C., to San Francisco.

A turned-over truck around 3:30. Lots of civilians standing around. Some help soldiers righting the truck.

Mud at 5:10. Slipping and sliding.

 Brevet Lt. Col. Dwight D. Eisenhower was in the convoy. Forty-seven years later, President Eisenhower signed the National Interstate and Defense Highway Act. Interstate highways were to be used for rapid movement of soldiers, vehicles and equipment. The highways were constructed to serve as landing strips for fully-loaded military transports.

That convoy would have been a good road trip for a historian. When my time machine is completed...

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Pfc. Nicholas J. Gojmerac’s remains identified

Pfc. Gojmerac was killed during the Battle of Bairoko, July 20, 1943.

“The Battle of Bairoko was a battle between American and Imperial Japanese Army and Navy forces on 20 July 1943 during the New Georgia Campaign in the Solomon Islands during the Pacific War. In the battle, U.S. Marine Raiders—supported by two U.S. Army infantry battalions—attacked a Japanese garrison guarding the port of Bairoko on the Dragons Peninsula on New Georgia. The day-long assault on well-prepared Japanese defensive positions by the Americans was unsuccessful. After calling-off the assault, the Americans withdrew to nearby Enogai. The American forces remained in the Enogai area until the end of the New Georgia Campaign. The Japanese used Bairoko to resupply and reinforce their troops who were guarding an airfield at Munda Point on New Georgia. After the U.S. and its allies successfully captured the airfield, the Japanese evacuated New Georgia and abandoned Bairoko on 24 August.
“Total American casualties were 49 killed, 200 wounded, and 10 missing, the vast majority of them suffered by the raider battalions. PFC Gojmerac is one of the missing.”

From the same site:

“Distinguished Service Cross
“The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, July 9, 1918, takes pride in presenting the Distinguished Service Cross (Posthumously) to Private First Class Nicholas J. Gojmerac (MCSN: 351802), United States Marine Corps Reserve, for extraordinary heroism in connection with military operations against an armed enemy while serving with Company Q, FOURTH Marine Raider Battalion, in the early part of the engagement at Bairoko Harbor, New Georgia, Solomon Islands, on 20 July 1943.  Hearing a wounded comrade in the front lines cry out for help, Private Gojmerac, with complete self-sacrifice, crawled out to him through extremely heavy rifle, machine-gun and mortar fire, administered first aid and dragged him to safety.  While removing the man, Private Gojmerac was seriously wounded.  The outstanding heroism and skill displayed by Private First Class Gojmerac on this occasion reflect highest credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of the United States.  He gallantly gave his life for his country.  General Orders: Headquarters, U.S. Army Forces in the South Pacific Area, General Orders No. 531 (December 26, 1943).  Action Date: July 20, 1943.”

Pfc. Gojmerac was assigned to Company Q, 4th Raider Battalion, 1st Marine Raider Regiment.

Robot vacuum cleaner a different experience

My wife bought one a couple of years ago. Here are some of the things I learned about the thing.

·  *   It does a better job of vacuuming than I ever did. Could be the robot has a better vacuum system than the handhelds my wife and I owned over the years, or maybe it lingers longer. OK, I do a faster job of vacuuming then the robot. But it doesn’t have other things to do, like read a book or post on a blog or watch a baseball game on TV.

·  --     The robot is loud. Much louder than an ancient, handheld style. Don’t think you will successfully watch TV while the robot bulldozers through the living room. You might want to activate Closed Caption while the thing roars around.

·   --    Dogs do not like the robot. Our two put up with it, but they don’t like it. When the robot gets close, they leave the room. The dogs eventually go to every room in the house, but the robot keeps dislodging them.

·  --    It is funny when the robot faces a problem and must ask for human help. “Waltzee requires assistance.” “Waltzee is now lopsided. Please place Waltzee on a level surface.” The thing even tells us when its dirt/lint tray is full.

These things were invented and sold for people who work out of the house. If you are at an office or operating a front-end loader, you don’t hear the robot.

One of these days, a manufacturer will introduce a model that takes care of itself. The new model will have legs to lift the device out of the patio door slider, and it will empty the lint tray on its own. Eventually, the robot vacuum cleaner will decide day and time of cleaning.

I don’t want one of those.

Friday, November 16, 2018

The California ignored by news until fires begin

Chico is leaving it all on the field

By Vanderleun, on November 14, 2018

Near closing time in the men’s Clothing Clearance Corner on the first floor of Penney’s at the Chico Mall, a young girl is replacing the piles of tossed clothing left by the numbed shoppers from Paradise frantic for cheap basic clothing. Some of them are camped in tents somewhere close by the mall; for how long nobody knows. But this young, quietly lovely girl is putting the Clothing Clearance Corner back in apple pie order as the store’s dismal day closes. I take my few finds from the Clothing Clearance Corner and, leaving, say, “That seems like a thankless task.”

“Not at all,” she replies. “Not at all.”
“Really? Why the hell not?”
“Hey, I do this job every day in this store. It’s my assigned task and usually its okay but I only do it for the money because it gets really monotonous, meaningless.”
She’s a student, I perceive.
“But today those people really needed these clothes in this corner because of the price. And tomorrow more people like that will really need them too. And so I want to make this the best I can for them. So I’m going to put it all back on hangers and arrange them by size. It will be right by the morning. You better go. We’re closing. Thank you for coming in.”
Just a young girl working late in the Clothing Clearance Corner. Doing one of those little jobs; one of those jobs that actually make the world turn. She was leaving it all on the field.
At the ends of the neighborhood streets, I see people setting up tables and I see the people of the neighborhoods coming out onto the main streets and putting out whatever they have to give there for the taking if needed. They are literally leaving it all on the field.
At the Elks Lodge after I picked up some bedding and a few new pillows and looked out over acres of goods being laid out for the taking, from flats of pet food to cribs and playpens (someplace safe to rest your baby that is not on your hip). As I was leaving to see the East Avenue Church scene an Elk (My late father was a member of this lodge up until his death in 1972); a brother, I say, of my father waves me over and opens the back seat of my car and puts in two cases of one liter bottles of San Pellegrino . The Elks are leaving it all on the field.
In the 24-Hour Walgreens Pharmacy on East Avenue, the pharmacists have been working overlapping shifts since the fire swept over Paradise last Thursday. These people and their back up staff work seemingly rock solid for hours on end. They fill and file and dispense medications which people from Paradise do not have with them. This is a demanding and thankless and exhausting task. And yet — I am the witness — they have been doing this without letup. Many have come in from surrounding towns, from Redding, to help and to keep the medications needed by a town of 30,000 displaced into a city of 80,000. Yes, the Walgreens pharmacists are leaving it all on the field.
Today, after the banking holiday of Monday, there was what can only be described as a run on the banks. Not a hostile or panicked run on the banks but just an overwhelming number of people needing to get their money straight in one way or another… such as “My ATM Card and My ID were melted in my wallet when my pants burst into flame.”  Please understand that today in Chico that is a  reasonable statement. And the bankers all showed up looking cool and formal and professional and competent and moved the vast lines of people through with all hands on deck and cleared up a myriad of money crises. One banker I spoke with came up from Santa Rosa on his day off to help the team. He was a sharp dressed man. He and the other bankers were leaving it all on the field.

They all were leaving it all on the field everywhere in Chico. From Penny’s in the Mall to the Birkenstocks Store downtown on Broadway. In big jobs, and in small jobs, there was a long train of people working at the top of their game no matter what their game was. It has been days of this now in Chico; days of there being no big jobs or small jobs but only the unremitting effort the people to help their fellow citizens no matter what.
And since none of the Acronym Agencies have really shown up yet, this has all been done without any real government organization. Instead, it has been like watching a spontaneous Humanitarian Olympics rise up out of the town itself; and once started it has become as self-organizing and self-sustaining as the fire itself. Today as I moved around Chico I saw a town, untouched itself by the flames, rise up to restore and rebuild the lives of their fellow citizens of Paradise; lives that the fire had stolen. And by the end of the day, you could feel, palpably feel, that Chico knew it would win. Chico was leaving it all on the field.
Tomorrow? Chico will do the same.

(Note: Vanderleun’s home was burned in the fire.)

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Czech Republic will not sign UN migration treaty

Ian Willoughby
The Czech government has, as anticipated, refused to participate in the United Nations Global Compact for Migration. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš confirmed this on Wednesday morning, a week after he and the foreign minister, Tomáš Petříček, said Prague would not sign up to the treaty, which is due to be approved in the middle of next month. 
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement saying Czech priorities, such as differentiating between legal and illegal migrants, had not been included in the document.
 The Voice of Europe notes:
"The Czechs follow in the footsteps of the United States, Hungary, Australia, Bulgaria and Austria."
The government of Croatia also has indicated it will not sign the treaty.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

An American story

Jacob and Marie Kinsley walked from Moody’s Diner, into the November Galveston night, headed for their automobile, which was parked beneath a palm tree not five meters away, when a man stepped from a crouch between two decorative azalea bushes. The man pointed a pistol at Jacob. “Hand over your money, old man,” he ordered.

“What?” Jacob said, feigning confusion, stalling for time.

The man stepped toward Jacob and pointed his gun at Marie. “I said, hand over your money, or I’ll shoot the old lady.”

“Yes, yes. Of course,” Jacob said. “My wallet is in my back pocket.” He reached back with his left hand, while holding his right hand in the air. “Please do not hurt my wife.”

Marie looked at the robber, and then at Jacob.

“Hurry up!” the robber demanded.

“Yes, yes,” Jacob said. He wore a tan cotton windbreaker. Older people often need additional warmth from effects of an ocean wind. “I’m getting it.” He eased his hand over the handle of his .38-caliber revolver in the holster at the small of his back, then quickly pulled the revolver free, bringing it up and firing two rapid shots into the robber’s chest.

The robber gasped, and then fell, his backside striking the sidewalk, and then the back of his head hitting the hard pavement.

Neither Jacob nor Marie had noticed two people leaving the diner, nor had they seen the four people walking toward them, across the parking lot. At the sound of the two shots, the six people stopped in their tracks. The three women screamed, while the three men shouted words both ill-mannered and somewhat blasphemous. And then all six drew camera phones from pocket or purse and began recording the event unfolding, for posterity, or to show during conversation at work the next day.

The robber’s gun fell from his hand when his head hit the sidewalk. Then, he began gasping for breath. Jacob went to both knees to the robber’s right side. He saw the robber's shirt fluttering at one bullet hole. He pushed the gun out of reach and then looked up when Marie said, “I called Nine-One-One.” She glared at the bystanders. “They seem busy right now.”

“Good,” Jacob said. He looked at the robber. “We have bad news, and we have good news. You have two bullet holes in your chest. One has produced a sucking chest wound. The good news is, the army taught me how to help you.” He reached into his trousers pocket and brought out a small knife. “I am going to cut your shirt open.” He did just that, cutting the fabric from below the wounds, all the way to the top of the shirt. “Marie,” he said, “would you access your flashlight app and give me some light to work by?”

“Of course,” Marie said. Bright light shone on the robber’s chest. Both Marie and Jacob saw blood bubbling from one of the holes. Marie said to Jacob, “The operator says an ambulance is on the way.”

“You hear that?” Jacob said to the robber. “That is good news. Now, you are lucky in that before leaving our RV for dinner, we took our dogs for a walk. We carried poop bags. My wife has the bags in her purse.” He smiled. “They are empty, of course.” He looked up. “May I have a bag?”

“Here you go,” Marie said, handing a plastic bag to her husband. “The operator wants to know how he’s doing.”

“Oh, he’ll be all right,” Jacob said. “He’s bleeding a little, but the wounds are not through and through.” He flattened the bag and placed it over the wound. “Now,” he said. “That should stop air from going in. Otherwise, you might get a collapsed lung. We don’t want that.”

The robber looked at Jacob with frightened eyes.

Jacob said, “The EMTs will do a better job when they arrive. They’ll take you to a hospital, where you will be treated at taxpayer expense. After treatment, you will be questioned by the police. Most likely, you will be charged with several offenses. My guess is you are a frequent flyer in the criminal justice system, so, among other things, you will be charged with felon in possession of a firearm. Folks in Texas take that pretty seriously. I would suggest that you take whatever deal the state offers.” He gestured at the crowd of camera-users. “As you see, there are a whole lot of witnesses, almost all of which will be glad to let the police use their videos.” He smiled. “What will count most against you, though, is the testimony of your intended victims, my wife and me. Two law-abiding citizens on their way home after dinner.”

When the robber made no response, Jacob said, “One more thing. Don’t pick on older people. We are no longer fast enough or strong enough to whip somebody like you in a fight. So, we’ll just shoot you.”

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Kurds capture ISIS documents

YAKITI, Syria – After two days of fighting against ISIS in this northwest Syria town, the Kurdish Defense Committee released a partial play list captured at an Islamist radio station, WKIL-U.

A KDC spokesman said there had been rumors of such a list, but until not, one had not been captured.

The list of songs included:

Ain’t No Woman Like a One-Eyed Goat

Something in the Way She Moos

Midnight at the Oasis (Take Your Camel to Bed)

Pony Time

Reindeer are Better than People

Sheikh MacDonald Had an Orgy

My Little Donkey

Bessie the Heifer

The KDC spokesman said capture of the play list will enable intelligence officers an increased insight into the mind of a typical ISIS terrorist.

Local ISIS officials could not be reached for comment.

Monday, November 12, 2018

How conservatives and progressives differ

(This is a thought piece, so I won't mention conservative logic v. progressive feelings.)

Conservatism vs. Progressivism
What’s the difference between a conservative and a progressive?  Here are three examples. 
#1 Conservatives and progressives have different views about individuals and communities.  Conservatives ask, “What can I do for myself, my family, my community, and my fellow citizens?“  Progressives ask, "What is unfair, what am I owed, what has offended me today, and what must my country do for me?"

The traditional American ethic of achievement gives way to the progressive ethic of aggrievement.  As opposed to a variety of individuals making up one American community, progressives seek to place individuals in a variety of competing communities.  The first creates unity.  The second, identity politics. 
#2 Conservatives and progressives have different views about diversity and choice.  For progressives, different ethnicities and gender identities are welcomed but a variety of opinions and ideas are not.  Just look at two areas of public life dominated by the left.  On college campuses, free speech is under attack.  If you’re a conservative working at a social media company or using one of their platforms to share your views, you may find your job eliminated or your account deleted.  And when it comes to choice, progressives love the word but they don’t want it to apply to our decisions on education, health care, and even how and where we live out our religious faith.  
Conservatives take a different approach. Parents, not the ZIP code they live in, should choose a school that is best for their child.  We all need health care, but we don’t all need the same kind or same amount.  And while people should be free to live as they choose, no one should be forced to endorse or celebrate those choices if it violates their religious beliefs.  Conservatives say people should have choices.  Progressives say one political solution fits all. 
#3 Conservatives and progressives have a different view of we the people.  Whether it’s the Second Amendment, immigration, or putting limits on abortion, if we the people don’t pass laws progressives approve, they turn to judges, executive orders, and government bureaucrats behind closed doors to overturn the will of voters.  
Whatever one may think about the wisdom of hiking the minimum wage, banning plastic straws, or removing controversial historical monuments, conservatives believe voters closest to the issues should be the ones making such decisions for their communities, not lawmakers in Washington or a panel of judges five states away. 
To sum it up, conservatives believe in individual rights, not special rights.  Conservatives believe in allowing Texas to be Texas and Vermont to be Vermont.  And conservatives believe we the people can vote with our feet about where we want to live and under what laws we want to live under.  

Bulgaria says ‘No’ to UN migrant order

“It started with the US withdrawing in July, then Hungary was next to follow. As of right now, the list of countries bailing on the disastrous Migration Pact is increasing by the day.

“Austria, Australia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland so far have withdrawn, while Switzerland, Belgium and Italy are questioning if they will also withdraw.
“Today, the Coalition Council has stated that Bulgaria is not going to join the UN Global Migration Pact either. The Council’s decision states that this document jeopardises Bulgaria’s national interests.”

Given that the majority of “migrants” are from radical Muslim countries, how is it that “progressive” people cannot see that, except for the U.S., the refuseniks are countries that suffered under Muslim occupation for centuries?

To those “progressives,” President Trump is a racist who wants to keep the U.S. white. Read the words, progressive people. Listen to the words. We antis maintained civility during the Obama years of Make America Nothing. We spoke in the 2016 election.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

A busy year for catcher Ginsberg

Myron Nathan Ginsberg (nicknamed Joe) spent 13 years in Major League Baseball, catching for seven teams, including the 1962 New York Mets.

In those 13 years, the New York City native had a batting average of .241. He struck 2 home runs and batted in 182. He walked 226 times and struck out 135 times.

Ginsberg’s first game was on Sept. 15, 1945, with the Detroit Tigers, against the Washington Senators. Ginsberg went to bat four times, got one hit and scored one run. The Tigers won the game 4-2.  His final game was on April 15, 1962, against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Mets lost the game 7-2. The game was the team’s fourth of the season and its fourth loss. The Mets would not win a game until April 23, defeating the same Pirates 9-1.

Ginsberg’s busiest year, administratively and movement, covered two months in 1960. On April 18, he was released by the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles then re-signed Ginsberg, only to again release him on June 15. Three days later, the Chicago White Sox signed Ginsberg. The South Siders released Ginsberg one year and three days later.

Army’s 1919 cross-country trip

Washington, D.C., to San Francisco.

Twenty-five-minute film.

A turned-over truck around 3:30. Lots of civilians standing around. Some help soldiers righting the truck.

Mud at 5:10. Slipping and sliding.

Brevet Lt. Col. Dwight D. Eisenhower was a member of the mission. As president, he signed the National Interstate and Defense Highway Act in 1956.

That would have been an interesting road trip. More than 3,000 miles, from Washington, D.C., to Oakland, and then by ferry to San Francisco, done in only 56 days.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

What if …

The plowed under fields of the one age become the birthing ground from which will sprout the life of the next age. For example, imagine if in the next election, all white Americans decide to sit it out. Whites don’t run for office, participate in the debates or follow the action. Whites stopped voting. Fox News would have Ben Shapiro debating Tariq Nasheed about how the gay black guy is more conservative than the one-legged, transgender lesbian of color, but they will do so as a pantomime to no one.
If whites turn their back on the rest of the people living in this land, those people will spin themselves like tops trying to get whites to reengage with them. That’s because what we think of as culture is purely a white thing. That flicker of life is an ember carried from one white culture to the next, that ignites the fire of what follows the dying present. If whites turn their back on all this, they will not be looking into a void, but into a mirror. They will see themselves and their power to create. This scales up to a new culture being born.

What we have to put up with from Florida politicians

Florida Ballot Question 1-12:

Do you agree to raise property tax exemptions on a new casino that restores voting rights to convicted felons who vape indoors, requiring the Florida legislature to make retiring judges drill for oil more ethically, all the while forcing the Florida College System to prohibit dog racing on high-speed rail?

__Yes          __No

The 2018 ballot included parts of the above as amendments to the state constitution. Hidden in the amendments were: establishment of security organizations at county level, prohibition of vaping indoors, ending dog racing and some even dumber expansions of state and county government. And the informed, intelligent Florida voters approved the amendments.  I was an informed, yet dumb, voter and voted "No."

The Broward County Syndrome extends well beyond South Florida.