Monday, March 30, 2015

‘Allah’s Little Whelpers’

By Paul Weston

When three Muslim girls domiciled in England decided to leg it to Syria to enrol in Allah’s Auxiliary Field Mattress Regiment, the left/liberal establishment went into meltdown and started asking all sorts of questions about how such a scenario was able to happen in wonderfully diverse, happy and communally cohesive Britain.

There was one particular question which was never asked however, that should have gone something like this: “These girls have watched videos of beheadings, torture and murder. They have seen a man burned alive in a cage. What kind of savage, primitive, sadistic, evil little excuses for human beings are they, and do we in all honesty want them back in our country?”

Predictably though, such a question was never asked. Instead we had to listen to the caterwauling of the BBC for days on end. Is it the fault of the police? The intelligence services? Our institutionally racist society? Perhaps Jeremy Clarkson’s name was mentioned as well, but if it was I must confess to having missed it.

When Muslims get upset in England, our ruling elites are quick to appease them in a notably different manner than when thousands of native English girls are gang raped and tortured by Pakistani Muslims who are also domiciled in Britain. The different manner of treatment consisting in the main of arresting (or ignoring) the vulnerable native English girls themselves when discovered naked, aged thirteen, drunk or drugged in a squalid roomful of bearded forty-year old Muslim males with their trousers round their ankles and mischievous glints in their soulful eyes.

But, as I say, a rather different manner of treatment regarding Allah’s Little Whelpers off to Syria. A Parliamentary Select Committee was established in record time. The girls’ families demanded an immediate apology from the police for failing to provide a 24-hour personal chaperone service for their delightful daughters, which London Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe duly provided upon bended knee whilst facing Mecca.

All this theatre of English guilt provided a veritable orgy of air-time from the Biased Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) but suddenly the screeching ceased, the wailing waned and the caterwauling was cursorily curtailed. What had happened? Was there no other guilty, white, Christian entity to be dragged through the gutter of redemption? Were there really no further examples of native English negligence with which we could publicly demean ourselves before the Left and Islam?

No, the media silence which descended faster than the drawers of Allah’s Field Mattress Conscripts (AFMC’s) came down to three issues which seem to be terribly embarrassing to Al-Beeb. First, the father of one of the AFMC’s surfaced in a video shouting Allahu Akbar at one of Anjem Choudary’s rallies for peace and good-will as they burned the Stars and Stripes and demanded death to America. Also at the rally was one Michael Adebowale, who went on to garner global Islamic admiration for his tremendous bravery in running down Fusilier Lee Rigby with his car, prior to semi-beheading him.

Secondly, Tasnime Akunjee, the lawyer representing the AFMC’s families at the Parliamentary Select Committee, was revealed to be a dedicated follower of fascism himself and had previously remarked that the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby had lots to do with imperialist oppression and little to do with murderous Muslims. Mr Akunjee had also previously stated Muslims should not cooperate with the British police, which is of course acutely embarrassing to the BBC, who were hounding the police for their “failure” to cooperate completely with the Muslim community…

Thirdly, four more girls from the AFMC’s school, the Bethnal Green Academy in East London (motto: “Learning Is For The Future” — which might lead one to ask why put off until tomorrow what you could learn today…the motto itself is worthy of an entire article about what has happened to British education, but I digress) have since tried to enrol as future Allah’s Little Whelpers in Syria, but their hopes were dashed by the dastardly British police who have relieved them of their passports.

So, lots of questions to be asked. About the school. About the families. About morality. About Islam. About the lawyer. About Tower Hamlets Council. But this is Britain 2015, so the questions will never be asked. This whole sorry situation is the fault of entrenched racism within English society and its institutions, you see.

As such, the BBC will send out crack teams of fearless investigative reporters to track down the oppressors, but should the story turn in a differing direction the BBC will rein in its attack dogs and bring them to Leftist heel with the full support of the British government.

We don’t want this sort of brouhaha on our watch old boy! Can’t we just quietly cover it up and let our children deal with the inevitable instead? We can? Jolly good, nothing to see here…

Welcome to Britain 2015!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Forced to choose between offending or friending Iran, Obama chose to do both

‘The Confused Person’s Guide to Middle East Conflicts’

(It’s not as complicated as news persons and politicians would have us believe. See Genesis, 1 and 2 Kings and various books on Crusades and trade and etc.)

Link at

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thinking of moving from Northern Caucasus to Syria and join ISIS?

‘Advice To Those Who Are Relocating’

That is, relocating to join the holy fight to exterminate history and civilization.

“A Daghestani militant fighting alongside the Islamic State (IS) group has published the first part of a guide for those wanting to travel from the North Caucasus to join IS in Syria.

“Part one of the guide, titled Advice To Those Who Are Relocating, was shared on the Russian social network VKontakte on March 25 by pro-IS accounts and was authored by a militant named Mukhammad Abu Barud al-Daghestani.”

Includes recommendations to travel light and stay cool when questioned by officials.

A chilling remark: "This is your last journey, so don't skimp!"

Underground city found in Turkey

The more we learn, the more we have to admit ignorance about ancient history.

Link at

Amnesty numbers probably low by a third

Everything about American public life operates like a marketing campaign so the facts are flexible.

The most important lesson from that last amnesty is that the numbers presented by the government will be wildly underestimated. When it was passed, the pols said the high number for amnesty was a million. It turned out to be 3.2 million. This was not due to deception. It was ignorance. The people writing these bills rely on lobbyists who lie on spec. Just listen to the current presidential candidates talk and it is clear they don’t know the first thing about the topic.

From Mom to Daughter: Here’s why I don’t work

“The feminists may not like it, dear daughter, but even if I made it to the very top of my profession, even if I drove a fancy company car and went on a slew of business trips, I would feel like an utter failure if any of my kids felt the need to ask me if I loved work more than I loved them.”

Link at maggiesfarm.

Friday, March 27, 2015

From Sgt. Mom

‘I am woman …’

“… hear me roar … and then turn around and whine because some cis-male said something, or looked something, and I feel so … so threatened! Look, girls…ladies … possessor of a vagina or whatever you want to be addressed as this week in vernacular fashion; can you just please pick one attitude and stick too it? Frankly, this inconsistency is embarrassing the hell out of me (sixty-ish, small-f feminist in the long-ago dark days when there was genuine no-s*it gender inequality in education, job opportunities and pay-scales to complain about and campaign for redress thereof). This is also annoying to my daughter, the thirtyish Marine Corps veteran of two hitches. The Daughter Unit is actually is very close to losing patience entirely with those of the sisterhood who are doing this ‘Woman Powerful!-Woman Poor Downtrodden Perpetual Victim!’ bait and switch game. So am I, actually, but I have thirty years experience in biting my tongue when it comes to the antics of the Establishment Professional Capital-F Feminist crowd.

“See – it’s an either-or proposition. Either you are strong, capable, intelligent and have thick enough of a skin or at least a toleration and sufficient understanding of the world in general, and the male of our sex in particular to forge your way enthusiastically through the world, throwing off the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune, the occasional sex-based misunderstanding, the overheard crude joke, the inability of many of the males of our species to attend to details of housekeeping or good organizational order, and their juvenile enthusiasm for sexual congress under circumstances and with co-conspirators which – the less said of that the better. That is the attitude that my daughter and I personally favor; we take no stick, and when someone – male or female tries it, we hand it back face to face with generous interest. That’s what strong, capable and intelligent women do.

“It’s either that or the conventions of womanhood which held sway in popular Victorian culture. That is – one who is too fine, too delicate and too gentle to endure exposure, even by the slightest suggestion to any of the above … like tweeting a picture of two guys overheard making a crude joke and setting off an internet meltdown which resulted in firings, internet shamings, death threats and everything but the burning of Atlanta. Seriously, what Ms Richards overheard and took exception to – essentially complaining to a wide audience that “Ohhh – those awful men were making me feel threatened! Make them stop!” was relatively mild when compared to some of the conversations I overheard (or sometimes participated in) while in the military. I can only imagine the degree of absolute meltdown if Ms Richards had heard some of them … and yes, both my daughter and I have often been the only woman, or one of a handful of women in a sea of men.

“So, strong, capable and equal … or frail, sensitive and desperate for that fainting couch; pick one or the other and stick to it consistently. At the very least, don’t talk like one, and act like the other. It only confuses the guys and embarrasses the heck out of women like me.”

If stupid were a capital offense ...

U.S. Rep Barbara Lee would be in the same Death Row cell as fellow Democratic dufus Hank Johnson, who said stationing more Marines on Guam might cause the island to “tip over.”

The Honorable Gentle Lady from California on March 25 introduced a resolution that will, if passed, have Congressional backing to the idea that GlobalClimate ChangeWarming might cause “food insecure women with limited socioeconomic resources (to) be vulnerable to situations such as sex work, transactional sex, and early marriage that put them at risk for HIV, STIs, unplanned pregnancy, and poor reproductive health …”

There it is, folks. ChangeWarming GlobalClimate will cause an increase in AIDs.

Link at:

Will the resolution pass? Probably not. But Congresspersons spend far too much time on silly statements and irresponsible resolutions.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stevie Nicks

ARLINGTON, Va. (NewsChannel 8) – One of the most successful and recognizable singers in music history has found a higher calling.

Rock icon Stevie Nicks has devoted countless hours visiting and helping wounded warriors and their families heal—both physically and emotionally.

“I am more proud of this than Fleetwood Mac or any of the other things I’ve done,” she said.

Nicks, the Grammy-award winning singer and star of Fleetwood Mac, was in the Washington area Tuesday, receiving an award for her profound and passionate work with the USO.

“Doing this gives me something that the rest of my world does not give me and could not possibly give me,” she said.

Nicks hopes others can someday read the numerous stories of the soldiers she’s encountered, and her devotion to helping these veterans and their families is a feeling she doesn’t expect to fade any time soon.

“I have to always come back here,” she said.

Link at

(Calling roll while substitute teaching a few years back, I was surprised when a girl answered to “Stevie Smith.” I said, “Your parents are Fleetwood Mac fans.” She said, “Yeah, some rock singer.” Now I know they couldn’t have given her a better name.)

We might just get shut out of this war

If the countries involved say, “No, thanks. We got this covered.”

Buy a few more hundred airplanes and an ancillary equipment …

But what happens when the Obama administration makes nice with the Iranian government, and all our sort-of friends are asking, “WTF?”

Obama’s dislike of Israel and all things Jewish has made him incapable of seeing differences between Arabs and Persians.

“Saudi diplomacy in preparation for yesterday’s air strikes in Yemen is impressive. The Kingdom is reaching out to the Sunni world with apparent success: Pakistan, which only last week rejected any role in Yemen, is now considering a role in the Saudi-led operation against Iran-backed Houthi rebels. Pakistan is by far the largest Sunni state with a strong military and air force, and its alignment with the Saudi-led coalition is of decisive importance. Egypt has sent four warships to the Gulf of Aden to secure the southern approach to the Suez Canal, and may have deterred an Iranian naval presence. The Israel news service Aretz Sheva reports, “’Senior editor of Saudi online paper Arab News, Siraj Wahab, has just tweeted that Egyptian ships forced Iranian retreat from Bab Al-Mandab strait near the Port of Aden.’”

Link at

Question is: Will we allow other countries to fight their own wars?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Should capital punishment cover stupid?

Reportedly from Miley Cyrus:

“da most biewteous thang in da whole wide world iz friendship. yiew choose dem outta all da billion trillion and beyond dey are da onez dat days seem toooo short with.... Yiew wish dey could just go on foreva (that's why sometimes yiew skip da sleepin part) i am layin in da gra$$ lookin up at all da clouds and tryin to even get a lil solaaaa gaze action jusss bein still ... & bein thankful. biewty is all around us and we izzzz so lucky to be on dis planet. (I mean seriously wtf are the chances we all meet da onez we love) Feeling supaaaa blisssssed or maybe I'm juzzzz stoned”

“-- Miley Cyrus speaking in tongues because a dude or something”

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Another reason not to trust American 'news' reporters

Headline: US "Loses" $500 Million In Weapons Given To Yemen, Now In Al-Qaeda Hands

Half a billion dollars in weapons. Lost.

But … the story: ”more than 20 vehicles were taken … from Sanaa’s airport.”

"the Pentagon is unable to account for more than $500 million in U.S. military aid given to Yemen."

“the Defense Department has lost its ability to monitor the whereabouts of small arms, ammunition, night vision goggles, patrol boats, vehicles and other supplies donated by the United States.”

Yemen has received “$500 million in aid from the United States since 2007…”

All that stuff “is at risk” of falling into the wrong hands. Yeah, and it’s at risk of falling into the hands of local camel drivers, too.

All the so-called reporters want to do, though, is give the idea the U.S. gave Al-Qaeda $500 million in M16 rifles and ammunition. Doofuses.

Link at maggiesfarm.

Monday, March 23, 2015

There must be some mistake! I am German!

During discussion in a graduate-level 20th Century England class, Dr. Robin Rudoff said he sometimes wondered what he would have done had he lived in Europe and the Nazis come for him.

Dr. Rudoff lost family to Nazi murderers; how many I do not know. In my two years in his classroom, he never brought up the camps.

When Dr. Rudoff mentioned his question, I said, “You would have survived because someone would have to tell what happened.”

That was not just making nice with the professor; I believe Dr. Rudoff would have written down and secreted what happened in whichever ghetto the Nazis put him, and had he been sent to a camp, he would have left clues or directions to what he wrote.

I then considered what I would have done, and the other three people in the class. What would they have done?

I would have fought from sheer pissoff. A bunch of thugs in charge of government wall me off and tell me I cannot go outside … Somebody is going to pay a price.

A young man in the class, I figured would have fought because it was the right thing to do. He was a somewhat redneck from North Texas, and had definite opinions he did not mind sharing.

Another young man I thought like a British politician of whom someone said, “He is like a pillow. He agrees with the last man who sat on him.”

A woman student, about my age, was in a line connected to what once had been Family somewhere around Tyler. She was related to Dad Joyner, who discovered the East Texas oil field.

Had we all been in Germany 1933-45, she would not have been Jewish.

“There must be some mistake,” she would have said to Gestapo agents who came to arrest her. “I am German. Yes, it is true my grandfather was Jewish, but I am a loyal German.”

She would have walked into the shower telling everyone, “There must be some mistake.”

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Woman goes to kill her son’s dog for chasing her horse

An argument ensued.

Words were exchanged.

A man got between the woman and her son. What happened next …

Hell, it’s Texas. What do you think happened?

Probably the only wheelchair used at Crosley Field

April 24, 1957.

Ejections: Jackie Collum by Stan Landes [Balls and strikes]; Dick
Drott by Stan Landes [Bringing wheelchair to HP]

Wikipedia explains: "On April 27, 1957, Drott was ejected from a game for using a wheelchair to wheel Moe Drabowsky to first base after Drabowsky claimed he was hit on the foot by a pitch."

Attendance that day: 7,212.

Why not institute a net neutrality tax fee?

“The BBC is responsible for more than one in 10 criminal prosecutions. Culture Secretary Sajid Javid reports that 10% of magistrate court cases are for non-payment of the BBC licence fee. Non-payment is a criminal offence, punishable by a fine of up to £1,000. Every week about 3,000 people are fined for non-payment, and about one person a week is jailed for non-payment of the fine.

“Women make up about 70% of those prosecuted and convicted, and half of those jailed for not paying the fine. When people fail to pay other utilities, such as energy companies, they are guilty of a civil offence, not a criminal one, and they cannot be prosecuted and fined for falling behind with their payments. Civil action can be taken for recovery, but without fines and jail terms.

“Several newspapers have had reporters visit magistrate’s court to describe what goes on. They all tell harrowing stories of frightened, distressed people, mostly women, facing fines they cannot pay under threat of imprisonment if they do not. Many are single mothers, many on benefits. They have not paid the licence fee because they cannot afford to. The sum of £145.50 per year is huge for a young mother struggling to feed and clothe children. Many weep in court, unable to pay the fine for the same reason they couldn’t afford the licence fee; they don’t have the money.

“Everyone with a TV, except the over 75s, has to pay, whether or not they watch BBC programmes. If people fail to pay for other services, such as a Sky subscription, for example, the service is withdrawn without them being taken to court and fined.”

(Did you read the part that single mothers are prosecuted? The fines mean BBC is taking food from the mouths of children! If this were here, in the U.S. … Oh, the horror! The horror!)

Link at maggiesfarm.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Miller’s tale

A popular pitcher was Robert Lane Gemeinweiser, a.k.k, Bob Miller.

Seventeen years in MLB; six World Series games in three Series, 0-1 record, 2.00 ERA; played for 10 major league teams.

In 1970 Miller played for the Indians, White Sox and Cubs; in 1971 for the Cubs, Padres and Pirates; and in 1973 for the Padres, Tigers and Mets.

With the Mets in 1962 (yes, those Mets), Miller’s record was 1-12. He won his last start of the season.

Overall, Miller won 69 games and lost 81 and had an ERA of 3.37.

He was an integral part of the 1963 Dodgers National League championship team.

Miller died in a car crash in Rancho Bernardo on Aug. 6, 1993.

Stats from

During his career, Miller was traded for Larry Burright, Tim Harkness, Jim Grant, Zoilo Versalles, Luis Tiant, Stan Williams, Buddy Bradford, Tommy Sisk, Johnny Jeter and Ed Acosta.

Hearts and minds – and a fistful of dollars

In 2010 the Pentagon (ours) gave Kyrgyzstan $748,000 to renovate a former state hospital as a “development center for battered women” and “a shelter for up to 55 women and their children.”

The money came from the touchy-feely DoD, that new part that does not recall when there was a War Department and would likely say “Well, that was then; this is now” and be quite correct on the latter part. Indeed, this is now.

Why Kyrgyzstan could not afford to free up three-quarters-of-a-million for its own people … Well, the decision was made in D.C., after all, and like some U.S. states, if Washington is going to give away that much free money, if we don’t take it, Uzbekistan will, having its own women beaten and otherwise abused by husbands/boyfriends.

Everybody who thinks the money was spent exactly as Pentagon planners and press people said, raise your hand.

That’s right.

“For a time, the impressively refurbished two-story building stood empty. Today it accommodates a private kindergarten that earns its owners roughly $47,000 per year, based on calculations using figures provided by the school’s employees.”

To be accurate, the $748,000 came from Manas Air Base humanitarian funds, and not directly from the Pentagon, but disbursement of that amount of money is not normally approved by a base commander only. And, what better opens purses at the Pentagon these days than "shelter," "battered women" and "it's for the kids."

Friday, March 20, 2015

When fake guns are outlawed ...

Ohio State Rep. Bill Patmon (D-Cleveland) wants to ban “fake guns” so police do not kill any more unarmed kids.

That’s not what the outcome will be. Patmon’s bill would kill more kids, because a police would not have to wonder if a kid had a real gun or a BB gun. By law, the gun would have to be real.

When fake guns are outlawed, kids will have real ones.

Link at maggiesfarm.

Kill the kulaks!

“I recently read that there are only 1 million Americans with net worth of $5-25 million, and only 142,000 Americans with over $25 million in net worth. There are so many millionaires in NYC, you would think it's normal and end up with a distorted view of life.

“All inequality statistics could be solved by confiscating all of these wealthy assets. However, it would not even put a dent in American's debt to China. Another problem is that those people would go out and do it again, so best just to take their money and houses and stuff and then kill them, and kill their kids too just to be on the safe side. Kill the kulaks.

“Maybe better just to confiscate the wealth of old people who lack the energy to make money again. Hey - there's a policy to campaign on.”

At maggiesfarm.

(Millionaire Americans are not exactly kulaks. Not even in the same neighborhood, not the same oblast. It’s Potemkin comparison.)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hey! Speak German, like other civilized people do!

So in an Austrian school an Albanian student gets into an argument with a Macedonian cleaner, and somehow a Turk is insulted.

What is a school mistress to do to better relations and keep the peace?

Everyone will speak German. Not “may” or “should.” Will.

“The notice was circulated on social media with many students expressing their outrage, with some comments saying it was ‘dictatorial’ and ‘completely the wrong approach’.

“The rule also applies to breaks between classes and even to telephone conversations students have with their parents - if they are within earshot of other students.”

Wah, wah, wah. We should be able to speak any language we want. And you may. When you are not on campus. You are in Austria. Speak German.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Team Obama backed the wrong horse -- Twice

Battleground Israel Turns Out Like Battleground Texas

By: Erick Erickson | March 17th, 2015 at 10:18 PM |

Team Obama poured amazing resources into Battleground Texas to help Abortion Barbie, Wendy Davis, win and to turn Texas blue. Arguably, the Obama team had so many resources directed at Texas that they weakened themselves elsewhere. But they had a tremendous media operation and their acolytes in the press wrote hagiographic story after hagiographic story on how awesome Battleground Texas was.

The media even lumped Battleground Texas’s money with Wendy Davis’s money to build the narrative that she was financially competitive with then Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. It all went down in flames. Reporters who were openly cheering for Battleground Texas put a pillow over it and held down till there was no pulse.

And then they did the same in Israel.

A bipartisan investigation in the United States Senate is now uncovering evidence that Team Obama used federal tax dollars to try to influence the Israeli election against Benjamin Netanyahu. Team Obama went to the mats to defeat Bibi. Not only that, like with Battleground Texas, Battleground Israel also produced a media narrative that Netanyahu was in serious trouble.

On election day in Israel, the American media continued to push a “too close to call” narrative long after Netanyahu had declared victory and long after the Israeli media agreed. But Battleground Israel persisted into the night with the story that it was too close to call.

Congratulations Prime Minister Netanyahu on your win. Battleground Israel will now, hopefully, get in line behind former congressman Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) and reimburse the American taxpayer for a misuse of government funds.

How to become gluten intolerant

"I would literally explode if I ate gluten now."

"Gluten killed Gandhi."

Would you like an educated discussion of race relations with your coffee?

More stupids from the CEO who believes his coffee-dispensing employees can carry on a discussion about anything.

“This Ended Poorly: Black People Attempt to Tweet Their ‘Real Talk’ About Race At Starbucks' Executive; He Blocks Them, Then Deletes the Account”

Ace nails it:

“I got news for you, idiots: Schultz' idea of a conversation on race is one upper-class white progressive chatting with another upper-class white progressive about a Dickens of a story he heard on NPR.”

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

So is the problem cell phones, students out of control, or the entire NYC school system?

‘Student snaps “up-skirt” photo of teacher after phone ban lifted’

“It’s outrageous to have a kid take an inappropriate cellphone picture of a teacher,” a Dewey teacher said Monday. “This is something that should never happen.”

Two parts of above sentence: (a) no kidding?; (b) see a.

The teacher’s “peeved parents even showed up at the school, threatening to sue the city.” What? The teacher’s parents showed up at the school? The teacher’s parents.

Houston, we have an answer, and it is … New York City.

Link at

Dad builds Bulldozer for his kids

Link at

Another reason not to go to Starbucks*

“CEO Howard Schultz is encouraging baristas (or ‘Partners’ as Starbucks calls their employees) to initiate conversations about race with their customers.”

(How long a conversation is the barista required to engage in? Starbucks management does realize it is peddling caffeine, doesn't it? Ready for a looooong exposition from some customers?)

* Reason 1: Starbucks coffee is way too expensive.

I am allergic to stupid

Up at Columbus over the weekend, and on Saturday, Casey’s GF Melissa said we should go look at free puppies. So we did. The woman in charge of the free puppy display was talking about one she took in not long ago, its health problems and how she took care of it. “Now,” she said, “it’s being trained as a gluten-alert dog.”

Gluten-alert dog. What does it do, snatch bread from the hands of hungry children?

From search for “gluten allergy dog.”

Fish odor allergy. “My employer requires disability paperwork before they will decide if they will tell fellow employees to stop brining fish to work.” (What about possible fish odors on clothing? Will the allergy victim then have those clothes banned and/or destroyed?)

Home schooled. “Hi, our daughter is six years old. You don’t offer any service animals for younger children? Our daughter is currently homeschooled because her allergist feels it’s too dangerous for her to go to school. I believe a service dog might open the possibility of going to school, if she were able to have one with her. She has life threatening allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soy, wheat and eggs.”

(Next, of course, is having the school ban all those things.)

(There also was a letter from a parent who recently moved into a peanut-growing area, and she complained because her son is allergic to peanuts. Here’s your card.)

(More searches turned up sites related to dogs with allergies to gluten, peanuts, milk, whey, etc. and etc. So do those dogs qualify for an allergy-detecting dog, or maybe an allergy-detecting human?)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Postal Code (and solitaire score) 76169

Plaza del Parque, 76169 Santiago de Querétaro, Qro., State of Mexico.

Near the plaza are: Fiesta Americana Queretaro, a Costco and a Starbucks.

See for yourself:,+76169+Santiago+de+Quer%C3%A9taro,+Qro.,+Mexico/@20.6144686,-100.3911797,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x85d35b1f12060a5d:0xabda7b1903bb5d8e

Running nearby is Corregidora Norte. There also is a business called Surburbia. And Sport City and a CINEMEX.

The official name of the town is El Oro. According to Wikipedia, the town has an alternative Nahuatl name – Teocuitlapilli – which means “what comes out of the gods” or “sacred excrement.” Do I believe that? I have no reason to disbelieve, except a wondering about people naming their town “god’s shit.”

Nahuatl is the more formal name for Aztec, describing the language of the conquerors of Central Mexico before the Spanish came along and conquered the conquerors, freeing native bands from the Aztec, but generally enslaving all peoples from Northern California to southern Chile, except for the area of Brazil, which Portugal had the honor of taking.

The municipality has a population of around 32,000.

Popular antioxidant with multi-million-dollar sales – doesn’t work

“Our findings show that one of the major anti-aging antioxidant supplements used by people can’t possibly act as previously believed. … Dietary supplements cost a lot of money to patients throughout the world – money that would be better spent on healthy food. What’s more, the hope for a quick fix makes people less motivated to undertake appropriate lifestyle changes.”

Well, you know, there are studies and there are studies, giving people option of believing this or that. The key is, people want “a quick fix.” That’s why a Progressive’s first thought is “Congress needs to pass a law” prohibiting or mandating whatever a Progressive’s thought is on any subject.

A general rule, passed by Paul the big apostle in the First Century CE, is, “Moderation in all things.” Not just in consumption of food and drink, in all things. Especially in new laws.

Link at

Monday, March 9, 2015

Environmentalists need to take responsibility …

… for the movement’s own mistake.

“Why did the bottled water market take off the way it did? One reason is that environmentalists kept trying to scare us with stories about how our tap water was ‘dangerous.’ So in addition to arrogant reason, the doctrine of unintended consequences has shown up for duty again, as a chief reason for the bottled water boom was the bobble-headedness of environmentalists. One of the environmental complaints now is that plastic water bottles are ending up in the ocean, etc. Well they should have thought of that before setting out to scare us about tap water, eh?”

Link at

(Maybe “mistake” is the wrong word, but it fits. Not a fan of bottled water, I have several carry-around plastic containers/more-than-bottles, which I fill with tap water.)

‘Will this tired conga beat never end?’

“’Nonwhites cannot be racist’ is a transparently nonsensical statement. It’s a freeze-dried and vacuum-sealed bag of pure bullshit, one of those innately fraudulent Newspeak mantras that bother me more every time I hear them—you know, obvious lies such as ‘alcoholism is a disease,’ ‘rape has nothing to do with sex,’ and ‘race doesn’t exist, but racism is rampant.’ It’s an idea that makes no sense, which may be why its proponents feel compelled to constantly hammer you in the head with it until you finally relent merely because your head hurts.”

(Relent? Nope. Not old man, hard-headed me. If you dislike someone because he is --choose a race-- you are racist. Doesn’t matter if you have political power.

(When visiting a rehabilitation center a dozen years ago, I heard a man say, “I have a disease. You don’t criticize people who have cancer. Why do people criticize me for my disease?” When the moderator asked for comments, I stuck up my hand and said, “There comes a time when you have to take responsibility for what you do.”

(That is what my wife drummed into our kids. “You cannot always control things, but you can always control your reaction.”)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

How to stop bullying

Bullying = sexual assault and beating of homosexuals.

“In Maine, some coaches are using their positions of authority to teach athletes how to be strong role models in an effort to stop bullying before it occurs.”

The coaches begin anti-bullying instruction by teaching boys “about … aspects of dominant traditional masculine culture and how it contributes to sexual violence.” After all, most bullying is by boys and directed against girls.

It isn’t? You mean girls can be bullies, too? Are you sure? Can’t we just learn to all get along if we rid schools of overly-masculine things like recess, swings, teeter-totter and monkey bars? And contact sports. Certainly those contribute to bullying.

Here’s the deal. The country has a perceived increase in so-called bullying because of internet access to “social media,” because so-called news reporters decided there is an “epidemic of bullying,” because school-age boys and girls have no men guiding and influencing their lives, and because a boy today can go from pre-kindergarten through high school graduation and never have a man as a teacher.

Too many no-account men knock up women and then walk away. And too many women fall abed and open their knees with no regard for cause and effect. C&E is a life rule. Cause – you opened your knees. Effect – you got pregnant and now you have to raise a kid all by yourself because the no-account SOB you opened for does not give a damn about you or any offspring, and he never will.

Simple rules: Men, keep it in your pants until you are married. Women, keep your knees together until you are married.

Simple, yes. Difficult, you bet.

But, Cause and Effect rules.

What started this rant was a notice at a Cactus League game on Saturday, that the Milwaukee Brewers sponsors an essay contest on how high schools are preventing bullying. I figured the Brewers were not doing that on their own, and I was right.

‘MLB joins nationwide attempt to stop bullying’

Oct. 17, 2013: “This is Spirit Day, and MLB and its 30 clubs are again taking a united stand against bullying and to show support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.”

“Spirit Day began in 2010 to take positive and powerful actions and commemorate young LGBT lives lost to suicide. Each year, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation organizes hundreds of celebrities, brands, landmarks, sports leagues, faith groups, school districts, colleges and universities to speak out for LGBT youth on Spirit Day, and this marks the second consecutive year that MLB and its clubs have played a role.”

What else could we expect from an organization that has an “ambassador for inclusion”?

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ringling Bros. caves -- Another touchy-feely scam of PETA lies and deception

NFL and MLB teams file HL marriage support statements with the U.S. Supreme Court. (HL is Homosexual/Lesbian; I refuse to go along with the co-opting of “gay.”)

MLB has an ambassador for inclusion.

And now we will have circus posters without elephants.

A circus with no elephants is entertainment/business headed for quick death.

“Ringling Bros. Circus Caves to Moonbats, Drops Elephants”

“With every passing years, bossy moonbats erase a little more of our world. One of their countless long-term jihads has been against the use of elephants in circuses. As usual, they are getting their way.”

Link at

Ringling Bros. museum is not far down the road from my house. How long before PETA closes that or turns it into a museum of human cruelty?

Following some story on football injuries, my wife said, “Soon they will cut out tackling and go to touching.” Yep. And then American football will be no more, and all the Bolshevik Swedifiers will have us like Europeans, which has been a goal since 1917.**

Tie-in with the Reds (commie Reds, not the Cincinnati ones): The Bolsheviks won because of focused ruthlessness. If something gets in your way, destroy it. PETA-type organizations operate with the same philosophy, while those attacked usually try to rely on logic and common sense, which means “Loser” when fighting ruthlessness.

** Europeanized in a political/economic sense, because there must be inclusion for every other group. Except “Asian-Americans” when considering SAT and ACT scores.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Maybe it was a Mossad aerial shark. Or, a Zionist death ray

Since 2002, 15 Turkish pilots have died from crashes involving the F4 Phantom. The latest incident was on Feb. 23, when two F4s went down not long after takeoff.

Someone or some thing is at fault. Bad maintenance, bad flying.

Or …

“Turkey suspects Israel of being involved in the crash of the two F-4 fighters of the Turkish Air Forces, Milliyet newspaper reported March 6.”

Wow. The Israeli air force has a well-earned reputation, but to bring down two Phantoms over Turkish air space? Last year Egypt blamed Mossad-trained sharks for deaths in the Gulf of Aqaba. Maybe the Phantoms went down to some sort of Zionist death ray.

Oh, no! The Zionists have found the Ark!

Relief is only a border crossing away

Some South Ossetians prefer Georgian doctors.

"The leader of Russia-backed South Ossetia worries that Georgian doctors are undermining the breakaway entity’s health.

"During a cabinet session of the de-facto South Ossetian government held March 2, Leonid Tibilov, the president of the self-proclaimed republic, expressed concern about the number of South Ossetian residents traveling to Georgia to seek medical treatment."

(South Ossetia says it no longer is part of Georgia. The Georgian government disagrees and lists South Ossetians under national health insurance. Russia props up South Ossetia, but not well enough in medical care.)

Neanderthal drill sergeant

Casey, my youngest, is 34. Earlier this year, he completed three years as a drill sergeant at Fort Benning. An incident last year brought home his age.

On a rifle range, Casey was teaching a concurrent class on disassembly and assembly of the (whatever the standard combat rifle is these days).

“One trainee had finished disassembly, except he hadn’t removed the buffer spring from the buffer,” Casey said. “So I told him he had one step to go. I said, ‘Look at the thing that looks like a Slinky.’ He looked confused. He said, ‘I don’t know what you mean, Drill Sergeant.’ I said, ‘Look at the thing that looks like a Slinky.’ He shook his head and said he didn’t know what I meant.”

At that point, Casey suspected a realization.

“I asked the rest of the platoon if anybody knew what a Slinky was. What I got was shaking heads and a lot of ‘No, Drill Sergeant.’”

Same as the old boss

Like the coming Cuba deals, the “pending Iran deal is similarly about money. The usual suspects on the professional Right are trying to make it about Obama the Muslim or Obama the Jew-hater. Obama is most certainly pro-Muslim and he hates Jews, but that’s not what it is about. It is about money. I have a friend in the region who works in the oil and gas sector. He reports that American firms are sending top level delegations to Tehran in anticipation of a deal. The head of Ceva Logistics was just in Iran trying to cut a deal. They are a prime for Halliburton and Schlumberger.

“The American Left is not Marxist. That strain died out in the 50’s. As David Horowitz has explained in great detail, the modern Left rejected the old commies early on as has-beens and opportunists. The modern American Left is very comfortable with global capitalism. They made their peace with it in the late 80’s and have since evolved into a movement Mussolini would easily recognize and envy. In some respects, the Clintons get away with their shenanigans because their coevals envy their prowess. Obama and the Wookiee hope to follow their model and become super-rich after his term in office is complete.”

(It’s not just the oil companies. All multi-billion-dollar firms have an in with politicians, Republican, Democratic, Independent. And, as police and old journalists know, a primary rule is “Follow the money.”)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Can't anybody, anybody, stick with what he said?

“Dr. Ben Carson on Wednesday walked back from comments he made saying being gay was a choice, noting in a Facebook post that his ‘choice of language does not reflect fully my heart on gay issues.’"

CBS News says Carson apologized for “’hurtful’ comments.”

My feelings are hurt. I am offended by Carson’s back track.

No, I am pissed off that a supposed possible maybe Republican presidential candidate took a passive Progressive Liberal Democratic Feel Your Pain Emotion and apologized for something he said he believes but obviously does not.

Hola, viejo! We are from the government, and we want your guns.

Nacogdoches, Texas, Zip Code 75962. The oldest town in Texas. Also site of an 1832 battle between local militia and Mexican army force of cavalry and infantry. Mexico was in turmoil for much of the 1820s and 1830s, with central government adherents and federalist supporters at odds and often in battle against each other.

Here is an overview of the battle:

“The Mexican army commander in Nacogdoches, José de las Piedras, after reviewing all that occurred during the Anahuac Disturbances, had issued an order that all residents in his area surrender their arms. … The city officials of Nacogdoches resisted the order and soon organized a militia.”

So, whenever some guncontrol leftwingnut says he’s OK with you owning a shotgun or a rifle for hunting, remember he’s most likely full of wet gunpowder and he will be most happy when only cops and soldiers have guns, and he’s not sure about cops and probably we’d be better off without soldiers because everybody knows the Pentagon gets more than 50 percent of the federal budget and if we’d just sit down with people who don’t like us and admit we caused the problem to start with … Well, the world could live as one.

(That “more than 50 percent" business? A high school ex friend posted that on Facebook, and after checking, I posted a riposte, giving chapter and verse that his claim was not factual. He made no reply, nor did he remove the inaccuracy. In another post he did say he remembered in high school that I had a sense of humor. I replied that I remembered in high school he had some intelligence.)

Nacogdoches is where David Crockett joined the Texas army, after entering Texas at Jonesborough (or Jonesboro) on the Red River, a long ride northwest.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hell in a handbasket

Baseball today:

No separate umpires, American League and National League. No presidents of the two leagues; the commissioner will make decisions, thank you. Automatic ejection for arguing balls and strikes. No running into the catcher. No catcher blocking the plate. Instant replay challenges on safe or out. Automatic ejection for arguing replay decision.

So, players, managers and coaches cannot argue safe or out, balls or strikes.

Included this year in spring training games -- Clocking batters and pitchers to speed up the game.

Was a time one of the most American things about baseball was, it was a game not determined by time, but by results.

And now … The new envelope, please.

Major League Baseball has an ambassador for inclusion. Billy Bean.

Inclusion. Players of color? Dominican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Korean, Japanese inclusion?

Nope. Bean’s job is to “provide guidance and training related to efforts to support those in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community throughout Major League Baseball.”

OK, Bean was appointed last July by Bud Selig, the worst commissioner MLB owners ever hired, spurred partly by Selig’s inclusion in the club of owners. Selig owned the Milwaukee Brewers when he was (a) named interim commissioner, and (b) when he was named commissioner. Among Selig’s accomplishments: Having his own team moved from the American League to the National League; and several years later moving the Houston Astros from the National to American League. Why did Selig not just move his Brewers back to the American League?

Ambassador of inclusion.
There are events in this world when I know it is time for me to shuffle off this mortal coil.

Ambassador of inclusion.


Hey, watch this!

(Or, Hold my beer a minute.)

Zip Code 75932 belongs to Burkeville, Texas. The Sabine ATV Park is near Burkeville.

You can go here

for pictures in and around Burkeville, or here

for pictures of the ATV park. You will see pictures of people doing dumb things, about what you would figure, putting four-wheelers together with people, mud and water. Lots of stuck four-wheelers.

Taking a four-wheeler through a moderate amount of water and/or mud is a fun thing. But why in the world would somebody want to drive an ATV off into water or mud that quite possibly is over the engine intake or even the top of the vehicle? Just to see how deep the water is? Hell, wade off into the water and find out. A four-wheeler will not get stuck or inundated if it’s sitting on the bank. Seems to me shoes or boots full of water are a lot easier taken care of then a drowned four-wheeler. A lot less costly to fix, too. You can get new shoes or boots at WalMart, but WalMart doesn’t fix swamped four-wheelers.

I first learned about Burkeville in early 1965, a month or so more than 50 years ago. Some other soldiers in my AIT company at Fort Polk, La., said they had been to this little town across the border in Texas. Like me, they were Texas boys, and, like me, needed a Texas fix to kind of get rid if six months of Louisiana.

The next Saturday afternoon, I went to Burkeville with several other Texas boys, as well as a soldier from Philadelphia and one from Cleveland. What we found was Burkeville had a few dozen young ladies who knew all the stories and lives of local high school boys and who enjoyed the attention paid by another bunch of young men only a couple of years older.

There were many Saturday afternoons and nights spent at burger joints and such. Seeing and talking to Texas girls was a good thing.

Archaeologists find ‘lost city’

Archaeologists have just completed the first ground exploration of the ruins of a previously unknown city deep in the tropical rainforest of Honduras.

The survey also revealed this was not just a single town or temple complex: The entire valley was once densely populated by people. The explorers are calling it a lost civilization.

The only way in and out of the site was by helicopter. Benenson says the expedition hired three ex-British special forces soldiers to rappel into the brush and hack out a space for the helicopter to land. “There was absolutely no other way to get in or out,” Benenson says. “The ocean was probably 50 miles away through one of the densest jungles any of our people had ever encountered, filled with way too many snakes of a highly deadly nature.”

(The more discoveries, the more we realize huge gaps in the story of human history. Land clearing in the Amazon jungle has uncovered dozens of towns and evidence of terrain modification for agricultural use, including clear cutting centuries past.)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A ride to Khiva

British army Capt. Fred Burnaby on traveling from Kasala to Petro-Alexanderovsk in January 1876:

“The result was, I found that for myself, whose only personal luggage consisted of a change of clothes, a few instruments, and my gun, and for my Tartar servant, I could not do with less than three camels and two horses.

“It will be easy from those few details to imagine the preparations when General Perovsky had to make in the year 1839, when he attempted to take Khiva in the winter, and why he failed. Intense frost, heavy snowstorms, and want of provisions compelled him to retire when only half-way from Orenburg, having lost two-thirds of his men, nine thousand camels, and an immense quantity of horses, from illness, cold, and hunger –the expense of the expedition amounting to six and a half million roubles. The sum for those days appears a large one, but it is not so if we consider that the invading column consisted of three and a half battalions of infantry, two regiments of Ural, and four sotnias, or 750 Orenburg Cossacks, besides twenty-two guns and a rocket battery. In all, four thousand five hundred men, accompanied by a large intendance, and, in addition to horse transport, ten thousand camels, with two thousand Kirghiz drivers.”

(So, even Russians can be defeated by winter.)

Or, maybe the 1839 campaign was less a disaster than Burnaby described:

“In November 1839, General Vasily Alexeevich Perovsky (1794–1857), commander of the army garrison at Orenburg, marched from Orenburg to Emba (present-day Kazakhstan) and on to Khiva with a detachment of some 5,000 men, 10,000 camels, and 2,000 horses. His object was to extend Russia’s frontiers at a time when Britain was entangled in the conflict that became known as the First Afghan War (1839–40). The campaign was a disaster. Lacking warm clothes, short of fuel, and poorly armed, Perovsky’s troops faced one of the most severe winters on record. Without fighting a single battle, the detachment was forced to turn back at the beginning of February 1840. Perovsky arrived in Orenburg in May, having lost 1,000 men and most of his camels to cold and disease.”

Every source other than Burnaby says Russian dead totaled 1,000. Of course, the dead do not care whether they were twenty percent or sixty-seven percent of Perovsky’s total.

In Burnaby’s day, an Englishman could go anywhere he had the funds and wherewithal to go. Not all such returned to England, but the world was theirs for exploration.