Monday, November 20, 2017

Chicago, take note

“The St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office is investigating the parish's fourth murder this year after authorities said a 25-year-old Metairie man was shot dead Sunday morning. The man, identified by authorities as Anthony Fletcher, was found lying in a driveway in Destrehan.”

Her it is, almost December, and St. Charles Parish in bad, Old South state of Louisiana, has had its fourth (4th) homicide of 2017. St. Charles is in Southeast Louisiana, a couple of counties over from Mississippi. In the last 10 presidential elections, the parish has voted Democrat two times, in 1980 and 1996. Demographics of the 2000 census show the parish population as 72.4% white and 25.23 African American. About 9.3% of families and 11.4% of the overall population lived below the poverty level.

As of today, 609 homicides have been reported by the Chicago Police Department. The total for all of 2016 was 791.

From 2010 census figures, Chicago’s population was 2.695 million. That is a drop of about 1 million from the 1950 population.

Demographics from the 2010 census show: 45.0% White (31.7% non-Hispanic whites); 32.9% Black or African American; 28.9% Hispanic or Latino. Metro Chicago’s poverty rate in 2016 was 12.4%, down from 13.3% in 2015.

Comparing a rural Louisiana parish and big-city Chicago is not altogether apples and oranges, with one part of the country recording four (4) homicides and another with 609 … There must be a reason.

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