Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Former deans disappeared from Yale's Pierson College

Yale group decided to take down and store somewhere photographs of former deans to “prompt conversation on what it means to create common spaces where everyone has a sense of belonging and ownership.”

Hey, it’s Yale, a private school, and they can do whatever they want, but recognition of stupid apparently is no longer necessary at the Ivy League bastion of thought and education.

“The initiative comes amid wider conversations about how the abundance of images of white men around campus affect Yale’s inclusivity. During a ‘Popeyes and Public Art Study Break’ on Monday night, Pierson students will gather with Sam Messer ART ’82, associate dean at the Yale School of Art and chair of the Committee on Art in Public Spaces, to discuss what kinds of values, identities and accomplishments are important to honor in public art. During the event, students will also paint portraits of each other that will temporarily hang in the dining hall. For the time being, Davis said, the portraits of former heads of college will be mounted in the Pierson Fellows’ Lounge, and the college will soon create plaques describing the historical context of each portrait.”

Everybody gets his…their portrait painted and those will be hung, replacing the portraits of (dead white) men who founded the college that now is glad to pass out more and more Supreme Degree of Idiocy papers.


“Usha Rungoo GRD ’18, a resident Pierson fellow, said that she, as a woman of color, has ‘long been uncomfortable’ entering common spaces at Yale filled mostly with the portraits of white men and is glad that Davis has begun a conversation about diversifying public art. She added that she appreciates that the college community has opened a dialogue about the significance of traditionally underrepresented Pierson affiliates.” (Same link.)

“Usha is a 6th year PhD candidate in French Studies and African American Studies. Her work centers on postcolonial literature and culture, more specifically from the Mascarenes and the Antilles. Her academic interests include notions of space and cartography in literature as well as narrative experimentation and formalistic approaches to the novel.”


A “6th year PhD candidate.” Damn, that’s a long time to occupy space in college.

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  1. Yawn - another right-wing snowflake is upset by the decline of white supremacy.
    Hugh Marshall
    Yale Class of 1965