Saturday, November 4, 2017

The NFL makes it so easy to drop the hammer

Jed York, CEO of the San Francisco 49ers: “It seems insane to me that a citizen can buy something like that (meaning a gun),” concluding that a ban, “is something that is common sense.”

The 49ers and the Philadelphia Eagles will be “making donations to push for a full federal ban of bump fire stocks, suppressors, and, ‘armor piercing bullets.’ The 49ers said that they would be partnering with organizations across cities like Oakland, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, New York City, and Portland to push gun control on both a local and national level. The nearly half-a-million-dollar donation would also be used for anti-gun public service announcements in those communities.”

(The story does not mention “Hundreds of Millions” as indicated by the headline, but NFL owners seem to see nothing wrong with pissing off a lot of fans.)

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