Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Want to keep your Social Security

but opt out of Medicare?


“Per the judge’s ruling, senior citizens, over the age of 65, must now enroll in Medicare if they want their Social Security benefits.”


“’If it can be ruled that a so-called voluntary program can be forced upon a class of people, where does that leave other supposed entitlement programs?’

“Where? In government housing, riding high speed trains to our government jobs, is my guess.”


Judge Rosemary Collyer, DC District Court ruled:

"[r]equiring a mechanism for Plaintiffs and others in their situation to 'dis-enroll' would be contrary to congressional intent, which was to provide 'mandatory' benefits under Medicare Part A for those receiving Social Security Retirement benefits."


(I checked Americns for Limited Government -- source for the netright daily link. Said ALG is pilloried at several sites for its beliefs of property rights and individual freedom/responsibility.)

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