Sunday, September 25, 2011

What would Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain do?

“Williams ‘quoted two lines from Romans; then he made some very broad statements,’ Herman said. ‘I feel uncomfortable saying exactly what he said because I'm sure it's gotten twisted in my mind since then, but, after he read the verses, he started preaching his beliefs, I believe it was within one or two minutes that we decided to walk out.’"

(Here’s the problem: a. the preacher read from that bible thing, and then b. he started preaching his beliefs. Heaven forbid … Oops. Lord help us … Oops again. OK. Try: Somebody in a chapel service had the audacity to read from the bible and preach?)§ion=1&id=6

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(Back in the 1970s college days, many of the longhairs proclaimed Jesus as a rebel against The Establishment. The religion established in his name, though … Well, that’s an altogether different thing. Also, statements by students and by college officials sound … stupid. The college does not teach direct speech.)

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