Thursday, December 1, 2011

World AIDS Day

I passed through the living room; local news was on TV, something to do with local noting of world AIDS day, in which the infected are (something – Not “celebrated,” but something) and the AIDS dead are remembered. In the first 25 years of AIDS, 25 million people died world-wide. A million a year, average. A terrible number. In the great flu pandemic of 1918/19, 25 million died in the first 25 weeks, 100 million during the course of the infection (or 50 million or 60 million. Estimates vary.) There has not been a World Flu Day. Maybe it’s the touchy-feely latter 20th century/early 21st that caused tears for the AIDS dead. Most people will not say those 25 million AIDS dead might not have died had men kept their dicks where they belonged, or to be more frank, out of where they did not belong.

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