Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lieutenant's intelligence test

Stlolen from Cliff Chambliss, who posted it at the 11th Cav site:

Many years ago while assigned to Fort Benning, Ga., I came across this one:

Lieutenant's Intelligence Test

This is a timed test
Be very specific in your answer

1 Sergeant
3 Soldiers
2 ropes 10' long
1 rope 25' long

1 100' Antenna Mast
1 pre-dug hole 6' deep.

get the mast erected vertically in the pre-dug hole.

Go. (Scroll down for correct answer)

Look at the soldiers and say:

"Sergeant, Get that pole up."
Get out of the way.


  1. LOL. I got it right. That was too easy.

  2. Last might Mom and I were driving back from Texarkana and I told her about the LT intelligence test, but not the answer. She said, "Put a sergeant in charge." Reinforces what I already knew: I married the most intelligent woman in the world.