Friday, October 28, 2011

Honesty arrives late in life

“When I was started out as a writer I took credit for draft evasion where I shouldn't have. I washed up in Canada with some vague idea of evading the draft but then I was never drafted so I never had to make the call. I don't know what I would have done if I'd really been drafted. I wasn't a tightly wrapped package at that time. If somebody had drafted me I might have wept and gone. I wouldn't have liked it of course.”
—William Gibson, interview with io9, June 10, 2008.
But when stuff is on the internet …
“ …at age 19 left the United States for Canada in order to avoid the draft for the Vietnam War.”

… it becomes fact

“Gibson became part of the counterculture in the mid-1960s, traveling the U.S. and Europe before moving to Toronto, Canada to dodge the Vietnam war draft.”

(Of course, if one was “part of the counterculture in the mid-1960s,” one must have avoided the draft or fled the US or some such.)

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