Monday, October 6, 2014


My wife and I drove the 20-plus miles to Pine Bluff Arsenal and had Priscilla’s ID renewed.

In the previous post, I mentioned calling Military ID and speaking with a young soldier. For accuracy, I must correct the “young soldier” part. The man who answered the phone was M. James Harvey, RAPIDS Site Security Manager, and former Air Force NCO. Mr. Harvey has not been yearwise “young” since I also was of that age. And, as Air Force, Mr. Harvey is not a former soldier. As I suspected, though, he is former military. Mr. Harvey also is quite professional in his duty performance as well as friendly in demeanor and manner.

And the other two offices who said my call was important? Neither has returned my call, although both said they would.

The difference between a former military person and a wholly civilian-types.

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