Sunday, September 29, 2019

Columbia University bans band from athletic events, cuts funding

“Three days before the football home opener, Columbia Athletics announced in a statement that the Columbia University Marching Band will be prohibited from performing at all future athletics events.

(Sounds like the university is cracking down on anarchist performances, which can become, or are planned as, decidedly un-PC. Somebody in the university got offended at something the band did. That’s the way things are: Offended person files complaint, university caves.)

The Columbia University Marching Band “first performed in 1904 as a regular marching band before transforming into … scramble band chaos …  After that switch in the 1950s, the CUMB and university officials clashed for numerous reasons in New York.
“Dubbed ‘The Cleverest Band in the World,’ pranks and irreverent jokes pulled over the years at football games included forming the image of a topless woman (two sousaphones gracefully became the nipples), protest images during the Vietnam War, portraying the consummation of same-sex marriage in the 1990s, and adding a musical section called the ‘miscie,’ which basically means band members invent instruments using everything from spare tires to toilet seats.”

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