Saturday, September 28, 2019

I got blocked by Facebook police

I had the temerity to comment on a protected class. Facebook police blocked my comment on a story by a Florida teacher organization, claiming Florida families are being short-changed because dastardly Florida legislators don't pay Florida teachers enough money. I did some checking and learned Florida public school teacher salaries range from $41,200 to $71,400, with an average salary of $54,394. My entire comment:

"Equating success of families to teacher pay. Florida teacher salaries are $41.2k - $71.4k, with average of $54,394, according to The highest I ever had as a solder was $2,200 a month, gross."

Facebook police immediately responded: “We don’t allow people to use misleading or inaccurate information to get likes, followers or shares.”

The response from Facebook police took less than 10 seconds. Boom. Blocked.

Here’s the thing, Facebook police: I don’t care about likes, followers or shares. Statements and opinions were made in a supposed news article; I simply wanted to add some information to a one-sided argument.

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