Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas doesn't slow thieving lobbyists

On Monday and Tuesday, Mrs. R. received demands for money from the following thieving lobbyists:

Denise Singleton, National Senior Action Council.

Peter J. Thomas, The Conservative Congress Foundation.

Edward F. Coyle, Alliance for Retired Americans.

U.S. Sen. John Thorne (R-SD), National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Floyd Brown, White House Watch.

David Almasi, American Criminal Justice Center. (Mr. Almasi’s letter proclaims “This Is Your Final Warning” for the sixth or tenth time this year.)

Floyd Brown (again), White House Watch.)

Lew Uhler, National Tax Limitation Committee.

Dr. Jerome Corsi, The Tea Party Campaign.

Dr. Ralph Reed, Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Ed Cates, The Senior Citizens League.

Matt Davies, Political Headquarters 2014 (formerly Political Headquarters 2013).

Wand Powe, American Federation of Senior Citizens.

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