Saturday, January 5, 2019

Brain damage

In March 1986 a vein burst in my brain. I was in a hospital for two weeks, allowing blood pressure and other things to return to normal before doctors cut open my skull and went in and placed a stainless steel, spring-loaded clip on the aneurysm.

I was awake maybe 30 minutes of the two weeks.

While in the medically-induced coma, I drowned a Russian poet. The drowning occurred in a small clearing in a hardwood forest. A stream raced and bubbled across the clearing. There was moss on rocks at the place where I drowned the Russian. I held the Russian’s head under the water until he stopped producing bubbles of his own.

Another time, two Egyptian soldiers captured me somewhere southwest of El Alamein. The Egyptians put me in a GAZ-69. That model truck was similar to the U.S. jeep, but looked more police than army. It had a metal frame supporting a canvas top that covered the cargo area and the driver/passenger area. The Egyptians handcuffed each of my hands to the frame. I was thirsty. The Egyptians wouldn’t give me any water.

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