Friday, January 25, 2019

Mamas’ mistakes killed in robbery attempt

By Kaley Johnson
Police shed more light on the deaths of two men in Fort Worth who were shot in a Home Depot parking lot in far south Fort Worth, saying the shooting might have occurred during a robbery.
Zyshonne Dunkley, 20, and Olynthus Davis, 19, died from gunshot wounds on Jan. 17, police said.
Police believe Dunkley and Davis were attempting to rob someone in a car in the parking lot when the person or people in the car shot them, Detective C. Watson with Fort Worth police said.
“It appears that they were shot by who they were trying to rob,” Watson said.
Zyshonne? Olynthus? When the mothers gave those names for birth certificates, somebody should have said, “Why don’t you just take them straight to the police department and have them arrested, because that is their only future.”

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