Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Dutch justice system loses testikles

‘Dutch man faces court in the Netherlands for insulting Erdogan’

By LAURA CAT 15 August 2018

“A 64-year-old man from Sittard is set to be prosecuted in The Hague on Friday over insulting emails he sent to Turkish president Recept Tayyip Erdogan in 2016.

“In his emails he likened Erdogan to Hitler and called him a “goat f*cker”, according to Dutch newspaper De Limburger.

“’Erdogan, you f*cking goat f*cker, burn in hell.’ he writes in one email in which he included a meme showing Hitler and Erdogan with a swastika between them with the text: ‘There’s no difference’.

“In a second email he said, ‘Erdogan takes the whole world hostage with his pernicious ideas. More than seventy years ago, a similar dictator made exactly the same mistake. I regret the Turkish people with this idiot, you do not deserve better.’

“The Dutch man faces charges of insult, insulting an official, and insulting a friendly head of state. His lawyer refused comment to 1Limburg stating: ‘It is not in my client’s best interest to respond at the moment.’ He will appear in the court in The Hague on Friday.


“An investigation into the Dutchman was launched after the Turkish Embassy in The Hague filed a complaint against the individual.

“Following the formal complaint, the Dutch police found that the man lives in the southern province of Sittard.

“The public prosecutor in The Hague started an investigation against the man who is now facing charges of insulting a friendly head of state.

“The Dutch parliament recently accepted a draft bill to annul the legislation regarding the insult on foreign heads of state, however since it has not been approved by the Senate, the law still remains in effect.”

(One might assume the Turkish ambassador did not file the complaint on his own, but on directions from Ankara.)

Had such laws been in effect 80 years ago, it would have been illegal to write, “Hitler is a bad man,” or, “Adolph is a schweinhund.”

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