Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Rain and rain and etc.

We have had a wet summer. In the last two months, there were three days with no rain.

A new, shallow pond developed just south of the house, at its fullest perhaps six inches deep and 60 by 40 feet across. With the new pond, unfamiliar birds began to appear. Water standing in a new area brings bugs and other nutrients to the surface. We have seen different swimming birds (three new kinds of ducks) and more wading birds than before.

A funny thing, though. The new birds are in pairs. One male and one female. One set of big brown ducks had four offspring. Two ducks not so large had one hatchling. A pair of black wading birds had four babies.

Hmm. More rain. Birds of different kinds in pairs, one male and one female.

If I wake up one morning and find a big boat floating on the big pond…Well, I guess I’ll go buy a boat of my own and hide it in the garage. Just in case.

Yes, God told Noah he would not again destroy the earth by flood, but some lowland inundation is not out of the question.

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