Thursday, August 23, 2018

Has Pepperdine rid itself of its Columbus statue?

As we all know, had Christopher Columbus not sailed west from Spain in 1492, the Western Hemisphere would not have been found by any other European and native peoples would be living in the same harmonious level of peace as before, not knowing or practicing war.

“A Christopher Columbus statue at Pepperdine University torn down after student complaints of racism and oppression was supposed to make a trip across the Atlantic to the Old World, where it would find a new home at the prestigious school’s campus in Florence, Italy.

“But it looks like that plan has been sunk.

“Today, about 18 months after that decision was made, it does not appear the private, Christian university has followed through on its pledge to give the explorer a new home.”

The school decided in early 2017 to take down the statue “after a small but vocal group of students demanded its removal…despite thousands of signatures demanding the university keep the statue.”

Ah, yes. The “small but vocal” mob defeats thousands of people who were not present to make noise.

One would think a college associated with the Church of Christ would keep its word. Of course, one would think a Christian college would not give in to a mob in the first place.

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