Sunday, August 5, 2018

The ‘smart people’ want you gone

“Hill's love for America has as its logical corollary a passionate hatred for America's corrupt universities. ‘The biggest breach in this country,’ Hill declares, ‘is not between blacks and whites. It is between the intellectuals and the people.’ Put more succinctly, ’[t]he American professoriate hates America!’ Consequently, the author boldly declares a remedy that would do wonders were it actually implemented: ‘The solution is not just to defund the American humanities and social science departments in current universities, but to also shut them down entirely and rebuild them from scratch.’"

And: “Hell ... hath no greater fury like a far-left-winger rejected for his or her redemptive gestures[.] ... Because if the moral meaning and purpose of your existence as a far-left liberal rests on my suffering and victimization as a black person, then you will need me to suffer indefinitely in order to continue to cull some meaning and purpose from your life.”

Because of his stated beliefs in his second country, Hill “was ultimately denied tenure by his ‘far-left, postmodern, Marxist-infected’ colleagues (despite possessing a sterling teaching and publication record). Fortunately, this essentially ‘racist’ decision for the ‘uppity’ black professor was overturned by the university's president, who was, uncharacteristically, ‘a huge fan’ of Hill's work.”

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