Saturday, March 16, 2019

Orban speaks truth, which angers EU elitists

Europe’s peoples should “see and understand that Europe will have no free life without its Christian culture”, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said during a state celebration of the anniversary of Hungary’s 1848 revolution in front of Budapest’s National Museum.

“Unless we protect our Christian culture we will lose Europe and Europe will no longer belong to Europeans,” Orban insisted. He added that Christianity was equally important for a free Hungary and warned that “all of us would lose our freedom in a liberal empire”.
“Nobody can be free if they are subjects of an empire rather than children of a free nation. Europeans can only be happy if they can decide on their own fate and on the future of their nation”, Orban added. The ideal of freedom “is rooted in Christianity because all people and all nations are equal before God,” the prime minister said.
Orban welcomed Polish participants in the celebrations, and said that “without Poland Hungary would not be free and Europe could not have been re-united”.
“When they attack Poland from Brussels, they attack the whole of central Europe, including us, Hungarians”.
“Our message to the empire-builders seeking to extend their shadow over central Europe is that they will always need to consider Hungarian-Polish ties,” he said.
“Each year we renew our oath to God that we will insist on freedom and reject subordination; the nation’s common oath means that each Hungarian will stand by other Hungarians and all Hungarians will stand by Hungary,” Orban said.

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