Monday, October 25, 2021

One of these days

Here in west central Florida, when the lights flicker for part of a second, everything goes down. Lights come back on at the end of that part of a second, but TV, internet sometimes and PC/laptop go down and you have to restart. 

All in the blink of an eye.

In Arkansas, the general guide was: one or two blinks, no problem; three blinks, power is gone. The same held in Texas. Still all in the blink of an eye, but the mind gets ready for “Everything down.”

When the power goes out in an eye-blink here, I always have the thought (a fast one, to be sure) that one day computers and TV channels and phones will not come back up. Well, TVs will reboot within seconds, and the same message will appear, on every channel, read by the calming voice from a  person of non-selective gender.

“The National Emergency Agency has declared a Special Event. Do not be alarmed. Because of a direct threat to our Democracy, the National Emergency Agency has authorized the shutdown of television, internet and telephone traffic. This necessary, emergency action will not affect your household power or normal day-to-day activities. Your grocery stores will remain open and with normal goods. The same goes for fuel stations, all methods of interstate and intrastate commerce and traffic, hospitals, physician’s offices, city and county water treatment -- all will remain open. Almost all aspects of your daily life will be unaffected. However, pending study and enquiry into providers, all internet and electronic telephonic communications have been suspended. A list of providers will be provided fifteen minutes following the conclusion of this broadcast. The National Emergency Agency asks that you remain in your homes until further notice. Control of all television channels has been centralized until further notice.

“This has been an official notification from the National Emergency Agency. This message will rebroadcast for the next thirteen minutes.”

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