Thursday, October 21, 2021

US ship lost because of inept officers, plus sailors untrained in fighting fires

From Gun Free Zone 

“When a fire broke out aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Bonhomme Richard in July 2020, its sailors did not know how to react and its leaders didn’t take control, a Navy investigation found.

“The 400-page report, officially released on Wednesday, found that 36 individuals, including the ship’s commander and five admirals, were responsible for numerous errors and breakdowns that followed after the vessel was purposely set on fire while it sat pier-side in San Diego.”

The Navy also determined cost of repairs is more than the ship is worth. Just last week an attack submarine collided with something under water in the Pacific. Two years ago, at least three naval vessels were involved in collisions with other ships. In 2005, the USS San Francisco, an attack submarine, hit an underwater mountain while traveling at more than 30 knots southeast of Guam.

Skills require training, training, training and more training, plus command emphasis on tasks required to keep a ship on the upper part of the water. Comments on all of the Navy’s recent failures point to command emphasis on events designed to please civilian politicians and civilian “activists.” Identity politics -- gender, racial and sexual identity -- are stumbling blocks to individual and crew proficiency. Ships are dangerous enough simply by being. Additional, unnecessary dangers through "looks good" classes are criminal.

Note that the ship’s commander and five admirals were responsible for “errors and breakdowns.” We are waiting for the results of punishment boards and courts-martial.



  1. However, the USN appointed transexual Rachel Levine to four-star admiral the social justice warriors have a leader, and the other "minor" problems will fade away. Sad, but true

  2. CraigT: It's complicated. Except it isn't.