Friday, October 15, 2021

Place your bets now!

CORRECTION: My use of an 800 number was my Boomer mind at work. The FoxBets link requires downloading an app. Fox Sports also ran an ad "Play free for $50,000." 

Original post.

In the bottom of the first inning of tonight's Houston-Boston ACLS, Fox Sports popped up an ad advising all fans to call an 800 number to FoxBets and wager $100 that the Red Sox starting pitcher would strike out seven or more Astros batters.

Fox Sports guaranteed a $350 return on the $100 wager if the pitcher is successful.

MLB Corp. says gambling on baseball games is against the rules. Any person associated with major league baseball may be banned for life if MLB determines he/she/they has/have bet on a baseball game. Except when MLB takes money from gambling companies and says it's OK, as long as a bettor follows MLB gambling rules.

As suggested a couple of days ago, Pete Rose needs to sue. MLB banned Rose from anything to do with baseball after MLB determined Rose bet on games as a player and as a player/manager. The monkeys are now in charge of banana storage.

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