Friday, December 21, 2018

Kosovo apologist: It’s not our fault!

Failure to join Interpol blamed on…Serbia! And…And secret international backers!

“The government may well be corrupt, incompetent, and staffed by many senior figures with links to criminality and violence but one might ask, ‘who enabled such people to come to power after NATO’s intervention and who supported them ever since?’

“The current political elite could not have maintained their stranglehold over Kosovo without the support of various powerful international backers who chose to turn a blind eye to their “state capture” in return for their unwavering deference, and a series of concessions that have led Kosovo to gradually become something of a vassal.

Here’s a suggestion: If you are going to blame others for your problems, at least tell their names.

And, it’s the Balkans. Nothing is ever anybody’s fault.

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