Sunday, December 23, 2018

When we beat the Japs on Dec. 23, 1941

‘U.S. Tanks Batter Japs North of Manila’

‘80,000 or More Nipponese Attempt Major Invasion, But Meet Sharp Setbacks’

“Huge American coast guns, lining the Lyngayen Gulf shore in emplacements long prepared for just such an invasion, blasted constantly at Japanese naval and transport ships as well as enemy footholds on the beaches.”

In other news that day:

‘Chinese Report British Drive Part of Japanese Off Island of Hongkong’

‘MacArthur Anticipated Pattern of Japanese Attack’

“Malaya – British set Japs back in fierce jungle fight; report air victories.”

“More soldiers – President signs bill extending draft ages; men 18 through 64 begin registering next month.”

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