Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The perils (and humor) of Craig’s List

“Craig’s list is useful, but …, you will lose your faith in humanity dealing with people on there, especially when selling stuff. When buying, either on phone texting or voice I tell them I have cash in hand, here’s hours I’m free to come by and pick up your stuff. The second they start waffling, like, well, I don’t have that item right now, it’s at my cousin’s, I thank them for the time and disconnect. When selling, I swear to dog every nutcase from three states over will look at your listing and get pissed at you for not shipping to them C.O.D. Or they call you up I think just because they’re lonely and just want to talk about your jeep, motorcycle, storage boxes, etc. I’ve got and done good deals, but the ratio of flake/zombie to normal person seems skewed towards idiocy.

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