Thursday, August 6, 2020

Appeasing the Nazis, then Commie Russia, now Red China

Hollywood history is “Don’t make the dictators mad.” Or, maybe, “We agree with them, so they get to pass judgment on our product.”

“A new report has found that the Chinese government’s influence on Hollywood is posing a serious threat to free expression.
“The 94-page study, from the literary and human rights group Pen America, details the many ways that studios and film-makers continue to change ‘cast, plot, dialogue and settings’ in an ‘effort to avoid antagonizing Chinese officials’ in films including Iron Man 3, World War Z and the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick.”
The 2012 version of Red Dawn originally had the Peoples Liberation Army as bad guys, but the Chinese Communist Party had a hissy fit. Film executives decided North Koreans would make better, and quieter, bad guys, so Norks replaced Red Chinese.

Gun Free Zone says: “Hollywood knows on what side its bread is buttered in terms of numbers of ticket sales so would rather make movies that the CCP approves of than make movies that Americans really want to see.

“First the Nazis, then the Soviets, now it is the Chinese that are turning America’s movies into generic shit.

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