Sunday, August 16, 2020

We need more Trump

The goal of the ruling class is “to erase the last four years and the 2016 election as if they never happened. If think-tank conservatives want above all to get into a DeLorean and go back to 1985, the ruling class wants to cram America into a Prius and force us back to 2015. And then resume the trajectory the country had been on back then, i.e., the road to woke managerial tyranny.

Link at americandigest.

Think of John Bolton, who said he expected Trump to install a “traditional Republican administration.” Was Bolton so dense that he wasn’t paying attention? More likely, his statements, so lauded and applauded by conservative press and TV, were empty of true belief in anything but government as before. Bolton is the personification of a DC swamp dweller. He said the words with which we deplorables agreed, but he meant none of them. The author is wrong in saying the new Republican Party must move at least slightly left. That is like saying Republicans must compromise with Democrats. No. 





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