Sunday, August 9, 2020

Thinking while in line for TSA screening

AGENT: May I see your ID and boarding pass?

TRAVELER: Yes, of course. (Pulls wallet from back pocket, opens, and hands ID and pass to agent.) Here you are.

AGENT looks at documents: You know this procedure would go better if you had these in your hand before you arrived here.

TRAVELER: You are right. I was thinking while I was standing in line.

AGENT: Thinking is not a good thing here.

TRAVELER: I was thinking that when things get back to normal, some people won’t know what to do. They will get to the boarding gate, and when the agent takes the pass and says, “Thank you,” some people will say, “Aren’t you going to check my stuff?” The agent will say, “Do you think your luggage needs checking?” The traveler will say, “Well. I don’t know. That’s your decision. Someone might have put something in my luggage while I wasn’t looking.” The agent would say, “Do you think someone put something in your luggage?”

AGENT: You are holding up the line, Sir. Please move to metal and explosives detection.

TRAVELER: Yes. But I was just thinking about how smoothly and calmly things will go when we are back to normal.

AGENT: Yes, Sir. Please move to metal and explosives detection.

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