Monday, August 17, 2020

This goes on every night

In Portland and Seattle, especially, gangs stop traffic, drag out drivers and passengers, throw them the ground and beat them.

Mayors and governors do nothing, except handicap their police and demand President Trump give them blank checks.

The author calls one Portland beating “the official Reginald Denny moment of 2020.” The beating of the man and the woman was nowhere near the intensity or damaging as perpetrated on the truck driver in East LA in 1991. Of course, if you are on the receiving end, there is no measurement. The man and the woman were beaten because they were in BLM’s self-designated hood, they were white, and they were in a pickup.

In April 1968, President Lyndon Johnson sent the Army into every city undergoing riots. Johnson was a Democrat. Now, President Trump even mentions consideration of using federal forces, Democrats go bat-spit crazy.

Bat-crazy Democrats should surprise no one. Democrats see riots, looting, beating of bystanders as expressions of disappointment by the downtrodden. You don’t get any crazier than that.

Well, maybe in one respect: Democrats believe riots, burnings, looting and beatings will cause middle-class voters to see things their way. That is crazy.

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