Tuesday, August 4, 2020

‘Cor, Mac! Why’ve you got your arm in the loo?

British man loses penis, has new one grown on arm.

Malcolm MacDonald
News Licensing / MEGA

A British man whose penis fell off due to a severe blood infection had a new one built – on his arm, where he even got an extra 2 inches, according to a report.

Malcolm MacDonald, 45, a mechanic, suffered a horrific infection in his perineum that turned his fingers, toes and manhood black, The Sun reported.

“I had struggled for years with an infection in my perineum but I had no idea what could happen,” the separated dad of two from Thetford, Norfolk, told the outlet.

“When I saw my penis go black I was beside myself. It was like a horror film. I was in a complete panic. I knew deep down it was gone and I was going to lose it,” he said.

He said he was “completely gutted” when his penis “just dropped off onto the floor” in 2014 — but his testicles remained intact, according to the outlet.

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