Tuesday, June 29, 2021


 A good enough movie. Good guys kill two dozen, three dozen Russian mafia types; eight, 10 cars are wrecked, blown up, burned. Good guys win in the end. Big time.

The trailer mentioned “from the producer of John Wick” films. You figure that might mean what it does mean. All three films, we get bad Russians who get their just desserts.

One of the times Christopher Lloyd fires a shotgun, he blinks his eyes. That means he is not all that familiar with firearms – guns, if you prefer. Many actors, men and women, do the eye blink of surprise when the gun shoots.

Mel Gibson did when shooting a smiley face in Lethal Weapon. It was like, “Surprise! Even a blank cartridge is loud.”

And in Nobody, the main character, Bob Odenkirk, 58, goes up against the chief bad guy, Aleksey Serebryakov, 56. Hoorah for older guys.

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