Saturday, June 12, 2021

Orbán: Kneeling on soccer field foreign to Hungarian culture

From Daily News Hungary 

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday said the practice of players kneeling on soccer fields to protest against racism was foreign to Hungarian culture. 

“I don’t sympathise with this kneeling thing in the slightest,” Orbán told a press briefing.

The prime minister said there was no place for kneeling on sports grounds, “sports is about something else.” 

Orbán said the act of kneeling in Hungary was reserved for prayer, showing patriotism and marriage proposals.

“In all other cases this is foreign to Hungarian culture,” he said. 

He said the practice had been introduced in countries with a history of slavery, adding that “these burdens of the past should be processed by the nations they concern.” 

Countries that do not have a history of slavery cannot help them with that, he added.


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