Thursday, August 19, 2021

And they think this will get them more votes?

Hungary opposition party opposes fireworks and an air show on St. Stephen’s Day, August 20, because those forms of celebration are “by no means green, environmentally sound or sustainable.” 

From Hungary Today

The opposition party is LMP, Hungary’s Green Party.

In a year, party co-leader Mate Kanasz-Nay said, the Greens will be in power, and will initiate a new order of social justice, elimination of child poverty, raising the wages of social workers, increasing the family allowance, and will give young people easier access to housing.

(Well, Mate, when you control parliament, you can announce to the people of Hungary there won’t be any more fireworks for any holiday. Not one. Ever.)

“The new government, he said, will take action to slow climate change, focus on renewable energy, stop the Paks II nuclear power plant project, close the Mátra power plant, and establish solar plants and wind farms.

Another headline: ‘Prepare for Hungary’s “Best Ever” St Stephen’s Day Celebrations.’

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