Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Josephine, Texas

Most of Josephine is in southeastern Colin County, with a small part in Hunt County. The area is blackland prairie. There are few trees to break line of sight, but a tank or other armored vehicle could find hull-down cover or concealment in dips in the rolling prairie. 

As of the 2000 census, Josephine’s population was 594. That number jumped to 812 in the 2010 census. Estimated population in 2019 was 2,094, an increase of almost 158 percent.

One of the things Josephine has going for it is it is a ways from Dallas. About 35 miles. Caddo Mills is southwest. Dallas Skydive Center is on the northwest edge of Caddo Mills Airport.

Racial makeup of Josephine is 93 percent white. Hispanics or Latinos make up about 11 percent of the population.

Josephine was founded in 1888.

Josephine has a fireworks ordinance, updated as of May 13, 2021.

With such increased government regulation of citizen entertainment and approaching (at the time) Independence Day, I thought maybe the date of the amendment fell on a Friday. Nope. Last May 13 was on a Thursday. The city council ducked a fastball on that one.

The 2020/2021 budget is here:




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