Thursday, August 5, 2021

Virus 'double-edged sword' for American left

 Leftists get to order people around, but virus shredded promises of free health care for all Americans.

“Politically, if you were the American left, Corona is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it has completely wrecked every major issue you have stood for for the last 40 years. Open Borders allowed the disease to be brought into the country. Unfettered illegal immigration in large part was the vehicle that brought it here. The government-run sector of the health care system has failed miserably (so much for Universal Healthcare!). The professional bureaucracy which laid claim to 'expertise' that was unavailable anywhere else, and from which it drew it's authority, is now something akin to an enemy of the people. The ideals of the Green Movement in which high-density urban living and mass transit were the twin engines of saving Mother Gaia have proven to be the great enablers and facilitators of epidemic.

“The sword's other edge, however, has been useful in destroying democratic norms to keep the incompetent shitheads who allowed this to happen firmly in power and to extend their authority further.”

So. The author says the Delta version of the covids is not a variation of COVID-19, but a separate disease, “genetically distinct” from the varieties of last year. He claims that the Chinese released more than one disease. If that is true, there should come another flu sometime this year, or perhaps in a year of calendar luck for China, killing those people China does not need.




  1. From the author:

    What I have been told by two medical authorities that I trust (one of them is an immunologist for NIH)is that the "variants" all have the same genetic makeup, varying only in small details. I should perhaps have not used the word "distinct", please forgive me.

    Now, what these learned people have also told me is that there are measurable and perceptible differences between "variants" that are not NECESSARILY a result of the natural process of mutation as a virus passes through a population. That, it is possible that we're seeing a spectrum of viruses.

    It might be foolish to believe that a single virus, and that virus only, escaped the lab. Given that Chinese facilities share the same record of safety and ironclad management that their Soviet forebears did, it is simply due diligence to assume this may be the case. Furthermore, some of the "variants" show signs of possibly being targeted towards specific populations, although I must admit that I did not understand the science.

    What surprises everyone is the persistence of this/these viruses, and this may account for the contradictory and unusual response -- people who supposed to know what to do don't seem to know what to do, and keep repeating the same actions for lack of any other useful solution.

    1. Beg pardon, that should be "a spectrum of engineered viruses from a common source".

  2. There is a "flu" every year. Last year they called it COVID-19 and thus there was no regular flu. This year will be no different. The seasonal flu will be relabeled to support the totalitarian goals.

  3. A government should not confuse its citizens. What we have seen from the owned scientists and the government is that neither knows what it is doing and has delivered too many shots in the dark, hoping to be right somewhere.