Friday, August 27, 2021

Shouldn’t be surprised. Disgusted, but not surprised

 The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, which runs a monument to 1700s history in Virginia, has created a “Gender Diversity Committee” to create “programs and reenactments geared toward educating the public on LGBTQ history in the colonies.”

The Virginia Gazette reported that their goal is “piecing together a more complete history of LGBTQ people in colonial times” and that “they have made strides in answering their research question: What is the Western population’s view on sexuality and gender and how did they determine who was a man and who was a woman?”




  1. I would love to see a reinactment of a LGBTQ-P+ comming out of the closet at a Sunday church service or Town meeting!
    Either way they tell it, it's gonna be hilarious.

  2. (1) Stoning. (2) Stoning. After a trial, of course.