Monday, August 23, 2021

The truth

Here is the thing about Bidenistas and Afghanistan: Whatever happens there, they do not care. Taliban takes the whole country, kills any woman caught without a male relative escort outside her home, the Bidenistas do not care. Beheadings of all men without a beard? The Bidenistas do not care. Westerners killed on sight? Infiltration of every country bordering Afghanistan? Same-same. The Bidenistas do not care. 

Afghanistan has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter, with Antifa, with any Progressive plans. The border with Mexico must be opened. All peoples of color must be allowed into the United States, to become registered voters and wards of the state. Wind and solar will produce the electricity needed by Americans, and if there is not enough, Americans must surrender their vehicles and devices until what is produced is sufficient.

We are enemies of the state.

“Thousands of Americans are trapped in Afghanistan and the Taliban are crowing about their victory over the world’s lone superpower, but far-Left ‘journalist’ David Rothkopf wants to make sure we keep our head and focus on the really dangerous threat out there. Rothkopf tweeted Friday: ‘The Taliban, all of them together, plus every Al Qaeda fighter in the world, do not pose the threat to the United States that Trump or Trumpist extremists do. Let’s maintain our perspective.’”

There you have it. Muslims murdering Americans are not as dangerous as Americans who support Trump.



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