Saturday, November 6, 2021

Biden 85-vehicle caravan disproves climate change, global warming

From Flopping Aces

"The truth? There is no climate crisis. Period. These people do not act as though there is a crisis. Perhaps we should say that there is no crisis for the bourgeoise, only for the proletariat. Not one of these uber-wealthy miscreants would suffer for anything enacted around the world. While you might find gasoline prohibitively expensive they will always be able to afford it. The goal is to burden you with the nonsensical demands of 'green' energy while the cloud dwellers party like it’s 2099."

I have maintained for some time that those people talk only to each other and smile at each other and agree with each other because they are the same. Those people say the same things to news cameras, repeat the same lies because lying is the only way in which to keep each other convinced and keep us in our proper place.





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