Thursday, November 11, 2021

‘Students of Color minus Asian’

University of Maryland designations for student populations.

Uh-huh. Reckon the US Census will pick up on that?

I have had a problem with “Asian-American” since the first time I saw the term. “Asian” is pretty much all people east and south of the Caucasus Mountains, right? So Kazaks are Asian. Israelis are Asian. Arabs are Asian. Turks are Asian. Indians and Pakistanis are Asian. I have never heard of a Turk or Kazakh or Uzbek identifying as a Person of Color. Or an Arab making that self-description.

In college, my wife had a friend from Madagascar. The young woman was black. Not brown, not tan. Black. Her features were Caucasian, much like many Sudanese and Ethiopian. She became angry when black students labeled her as “Black.” She was not a Northeast Texas African-American. Her family was upper-middle class Madagascar.

That was off-subject.

The point is, I don’t remember ever reading a poll of “Asian-Americans” on what they want to be called. My guess is “American.”

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