Monday, November 22, 2021

Today Is Monday

I cut my hair this morning. Second time DIY. Seems OK on the front, all even and everything. The back, I don’t know. Feels even, except for small patch shorter than the rest.

I butchered my eyebrows. It is difficult to trim eyebrows while wearing glasses. Not possible. So, I gave it a shot out of focus. Looks like it, too.

I told my wife of my adventures. I said, “I thought maybe you could later do a repair on my work.” She said, “Oh.”

I’ll just let it go, leave everything as it is. I can’t see any of it.

After the haircut debacle, I went to the kitchen and put on coffee. I keep some of my drugs in the kitchen. The instructions say “Take with food.” After shaking out the pills from two bottles, I reached for the empty glass near the sink.

It wasn’t empty. It was, in fact, full. But not for long. The spilled water missed access to the countertop plug in.

Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day.




  1. That's why I just put a #1 guard on it and buzz it all. Not much to deal with on top anyway. I'm lucky enough to be nearsighted instead of farsighted despite my age, so I can get by when trimming my eyebrows. I just have to get real close to he mirror.

  2. Five or so guards came with the clipper, but I haven't figured our which is what. I didn't use a guard this time, but I will from now on. A "Let's try this one" operation. And a buzz, yes.

  3. Each one should have a number embossed in it. As a general guideline, a #1 is an 1/8". A #2 is a 1/4". A #3 is 3/8", etc. Multiply the number times 1/8" and you know how long it will leave the remaining hair.

  4. Thanks. I will take closer look at the guides. My wife said she is going to ask a retired hair dresser in the neighborhood about coming to our house once a month. I think, no. The cost is likely to be $50 or so. Takes me about 30 minutes.

  5. Dont worry about the back. Who cares what people behind you think.