Sunday, November 14, 2021

Hey, let’s be like China and cover our mountains with solar collectors!

From Gun Free Zone

“They destroy a mountain range.

“They scrubbed the life from a mountain rage and glazed it with photovoltaic cells.

“They made the world an uglier place.

“This is infinitely more of an abomination than a natural gas facility that emits plant food.

“And you know that none of the mountains the elite vacation on will be glazed.

“They will put this in Appalachia and other places where the poor live and work so that we have no green spaces to enjoy, just the giant carbuncle of green energy monstrosities disfiguring our land.”


Elect and elect and elect Progressives and your “trip to the mountains” will be to a museum with photographs and videos of what used to be and a government-approved explanation on “Why the New Way Is Better.”



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