Friday, November 26, 2021

Mosaic of Achilles and Hector found in Rutland

From The History Blog

Mosaic depicts several scenes from the fight at the walls of Troy. “This is the first mosaic depicting Achilles and Hector ever discovered in the UK.” Four panels cover 36 by 23 feet. The last panel “proves that the source was not actually The Iliad, because Homer’s account of the death of Hector has Priam ransoming the body with a cart full of rich gifts after he begs Achilles to think of his own father and have mercy. Before that plea softened his heart, Achilles had said he would never give the body back not even for its weight in gold. The story of the scale with Hector’s body on one side and a pile of gold on the other comes from a lost play by Aeschylus (Phrygians, or the Ransom of Hector) now known only from marginalia and fragments.

Large villa was in use between the 3rd and 4th centuries. Other ruins have been noted by overhead devices.




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