Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Three Chechen women ‘scolded’ for practicing sorcery

From Caucasus Knot 

The "Grozny" ChGTRK (Chechen State TV and Radio Broadcasting

Company) has presented the report, in which three women detained by Chechen law enforcers for practising witchcraft, were scolded, as "psychics' battle under law enforcers' supervision." Some Instagram users believe that this sarcasm was inappropriate.

The "Caucasian Knot" has reported that in 2019, Chechen authorities strengthened persecuting the people who were providing occult services. Despite arrests of "charlatans" and their public apologies, the interest in the occult services in the republic does not fade away.

In Chechnya, persecutions of healers and psychics were launched back in 2013, when, amid the fight against magicians announced by Ramzan Kadyrov, dozens of people were detained, and some went missing.

It follows from the report broadcast by the "Grozny" ChGTRK on the Instagram that three women were engaged in hypnosis, healing and fortune-telling.

Some commentators have reproached journalists for the report. "Here, they've found something to do, walking with cameras and showing that," the user ramzan_cherhigov has written.

Let us remind you that the hunt for sorcerers in Chechnya also resulted in persecuting their clients. Thus, on January 17, 2021, Adam Elzhurkaev, the head of the Centre for Islamic Medicine, publicly reprimanded a group of men from the Shali District and a taxi driver who drove them to a witch.
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