Tuesday, November 23, 2021

‘What Chinese Colonialism Looks Like in Europe’

From Maggie’s Farm

How European/Chinese agreements work: Sign construction contract with Chinese company; borrow money from Chinese bank to pay contract; watch while Chinese workers get the jobs you thought would go to your people.

Or: “It looks much the way it does in Africa with Chinese companies striking deals and then importing their own factories and a foreign slave labor force to do the actual work. The only difference is that people are shocked when the same thing happens in Europe.”


China has done such a job on Africa and is beginning to make inroads into the Caucasus and in Eastern Europe that at first reading the words “yellow peril” might come to mind. But, rid yourself of that 19th and 20th century thinking. China does what is best for China, without any regard for the countries in which it works. Or, as someone wrote a few years back, when discussing deals, China does not inquire into the individual rights record of a country, only “How much will this cost?” 

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