Tuesday, November 23, 2021

You brought your lunch to school, you must eat outside

From Valor Guardians

“Pictures of Normandale Elementary School in Edina [Minnesota] show students eating their lunch outside with hats, coats and mittens on.

“’Since the beginning of school, I learned that essentially if you brought a lunch from home, you were eating outside,’ said Carissa Palm, the mother of a third-grader at the school.

“Palm’s daughter frequently brings home lunch, although Palm says she won’t be anymore after realizing her daughter was still eating outdoors in November.

“’I felt silly for not realizing that she was sitting outside when it was 36 degrees,’ Palm stated.

“Edina Public Schools says outdoor lunch is an element of its COVID-19 mitigation strategy and says it is optional.

But 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS found it is not optional at all schools.

“At Normandale, if you bring cold lunch — like Palm’s daughter — you eat outdoors.”


Because of COVID, BLM, Democratic madness and other means of repression, parents are paying more attention to what goes on at schools. Administrators, school boards and teachers have run things for such a long time that they believe themselves above supervision or questioning. School boards are elected and can be un-elected. Pay attention, too, on rulings from the federal department of education, state school boards and state teacher organizations.


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